Maternal and neonatal nursing service manual

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Higher Education Press   Author:Fei Xiuzhen   Pages:88   Words:106000  

"Maternal and neonatal nursing service manual" is a reference book for domestic workers. On postpartum women and neonatal care, the contents of the book described detailedly, want to help this book to the readers of the daily work.
the book is divided into two chapters (Chapter 9), respectively, introduced the "maternal care" and "neonatal nursing"Two aspects. "Maternal care" of normal puerperium maternal physiological and psychological characteristics were briefly introduced, layout, on postpartum family environment of postpartum women care and breastfeeding method were introduced in detail. "Newborn care" article introduces the newborn physiological characteristics, neonatal feeding, care of the newborn disease screening and vaccination and etc..
book written by Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University.
Catalogue of books

The first maternity care
the first chapter puerperal knowledge based
the first day postpartum physiological changes.
A, the reproductive system of the
three circulatory system, urinary system, digestive system of
four > second puerperal women's psychological change and the adjustment of
A, puerperium psychological changes of
two, puerperal mental adjustment of
second chapter maternal care
the first section puerperal general nursing.
A, to create a good post partum recuperation environment
three ensure maternal proper rest, proper activity help maternal
four, keep the maternal body clean
five to encourage the timely, maternal urination defecation
second breast general nursing.
A, select the appropriate nursing bra
three breast clean, correct milking method
four, common breast problems
third maternal care matters needing attention
A, maternal influenza
three, maternal maternal diarrhea on smoking and drinking
four, postpartum lumbago nursing
third chapter
the first day postpartum puerperium dietary preparation
a, Before two days postnatal diet
two, puerperal dietary regulation of
second day postpartum examination.
A, postpartum visit
two, postpartum health check
third day postpartum contraception.
A, postpartum menstrual recovery time
two, postpartum sex life matters needing attention
three, lactating women methods

second neonatal care
the first chapter of neonatal
the first section newborn concept and classification, the concept of
a newborn
second neonatal classification of normal newborns and physiological characteristics of
A, general evaluation of
respiratory system three, the blood circulation system
five genito urinary system, digestive system
seven temperature, enzyme system
nine, skin and mucous membrane immunity of
ten, nervous system
third neonatal special physiological state.
A, physiological jaundice
two, physiological weight loss of
second chapters other physiological phenomenon of neonatal feeding
the first breastfeeding.
A, the benefits of breastfeeding
two, mother milk
three, promotion of breast feeding is critical to the success of
four, neonatal right to connect with
five posture, on-demand breast-feeding
six, promoting lactation method
seven, breastfeeding note
second artificial feeding.
A, milk powder preparation method
two, milk yield calculation of
three, vitamin and auxiliary food add
four, milk with cleaning
five, artificial feeding precautions when
third risks of artificial feeding.
A, first lactation before adding drinks risk
two, artificial feeding the risk
third chapter of neonatal nursing
the first neonatal growth environment.
second neonatal nursing daily
A, umbilical cord care
three eye care, skin care
five hip nursing, sleep care
third day newborn common nursing problems and processing of
A, thrush
three, diarrhea in neonatal lupus
fourth chapter universal vaccination and screening for the disease.
the first neonatal vaccination
A, children vaccinated
two, newborn Infant vaccination type
second neonatal screening for
A, newborn screening for
two, discharge with the anti
fifth chapter neonatal early education
section newborns.
two, the concept of
four touch points, notes
five, operation step
second neonatal swimming.
two, swimming on neonatal
three, newborn swimming note
sixth chapter neonatal daily safety
A, neonatal feeding when the security
two, newborn bath when the safe
three arms, neonatal safety
four, daily safety

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