Family nursing

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: Economic Science Press   Author:Ke Fengli   Pages:144   Words:128000  
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One, family care and basic knowledge of
household sanitation
the family diet health

two family medicine, common health care technology,
body temperature measuring

measurement of human blood pressure measurement of human pulse
patients commonly used supine and activities of
diet nursing care
disinfection and isolation technology
cold fomentation technology,
oxygen inhalation therapy.
three, common symptoms of fever nursing


diarrhea abdominal pain, loss of appetite

constipation consciousness paralysis

convulsions incontinence
four, the nursing of the common diseases.
cerebrovascular disease, acute coronary heart disease

obstructive emphysema with bronchial asthma.

hypertension of pulmonary tuberculosis in peptic ulcer

diabetic glaucoma rheumatoid arthritis
viral hepatitis cirrhosis

aplastic anemia anemia in heart failure

epilepsy leukemia plaster fixation in nursing care of patients with paraplegia nursing

nursing care of patients with fracture of
tumor patient care
Five, the sudden injury first aid nursing
the emergency measures to be taken.

poisonous insect bites heat stroke emergency rescue

foreign body of respiratory tract burn and scald, emergency
soft tissue injury emergency
fracture emergency
shock emergency
six, the elderly daily care
old? Daily nursing @##@ daily life care
nursing care of senile dementia patients.
bedridden elderly patients nursing.
the elderly health massage and passive joint motion
seven, pregnancy, maternity and children's day care
pregnant women's daily care
of maternity nurse daily
in children To the community and family directly or indirectly promote nursing knowledge and skills, but also a very important work in twenty-first Century, care for, editor Ke Fengli organized the preparation of the "family nursing", hope it can care for family and community help.
"family nursing" the main content: basic knowledge of home care, including family environment health, diet health and science of family medicine; health care technology common; nursing care of common symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, abdominal pain, the common diseases; nursing knowledge? Explain, nursing like the flu, gastritis, cerebrovascular accident; nursing emergency injuries, including hemostasis and bandaging method, artificial respiration and chest compressions, poisoning first-aid methods of daily nursing knowledge; the elderly; nursing knowledge of pregnancy, maternal and child.
this book explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand, is scientific and practical, can be used as a nursing home and hospital nursing and health care books read reference books.
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  •   Very suitable for popularization of knowledge, entry level, but more suitable for home patients and non emergency situation, practicality than imagine slightly lower a little Oh ~ but is already enough.
  •   So can see, as the necessary family.

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