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Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Shandong science and technology   Author:Wu Hongxia Li Honge Liu Guiying Liu Xihua   Pages´╝Ü428  

Nursing is a highly technical comprehensive application of science, in the protection and enhancement plays an important role in the cause of human health. In 2010 the Ministry of health promulgated a new "nursing technical specification and nursing service standards", the hospital at all levels are in for how to improve the service level, the implementation of nursing connotation, provide more human care services to patients. In order to make the nursing clinical line plan, in the nursing work system to do their work, standardize nursing behavior, hill. East Province Binzhou Central Hospital TB nursing department in referring to a large number of relevant materials and data, the organization you care experts, combined with his own clinical experience, developed a "clinical disease the routine nursing Handbook". This book is designed to make each nursing staff more orderly implementation of nursing measures, to guide nursing staffs to seize the clinical features of disease observation, nursing, nursing education. The book is divided into six parts, including the Department of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, intensive care nursing routine content. Mainly introduces the concept of each disease, clinical features, mainly introduces the general care for the patient and the nursing key points, including psychological care and health guidance, fully embodies the idea of human-oriented nursing. The book is comprehensive, concise, focused, strong operability, easy to master, is a standard reference book clinical work and nursing teaching.
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The first Department of internal medicine disease nursing routine first chapter cardiovascular nursing routine section 1 general nursing routine second day cardiac insufficiency third angina pectoris fourth day fifth day sixth day of hypertensive myocardial infarction arrhythmia in seventh day of rheumatic heart disease with eighth section ninth viral myocarditis in tenth section, eleventh section of pericarditis of infective endocarditis in second chapter respiratory department of internal medicine disease care routine section 1 general nursing routine section second of acute upper respiratory tract infection in third acute tracheal bronchus Guan Yan fourth chronic bronchitis, fifth bronchiectasis sixth bronchial asthma seventh spontaneous pneumothorax eighth pneumonia ninth obstructive pulmonary emphysema...... Second surgery nursing routine third nursing obstetrics and Gynecology routine fourth pediatric diseases nursing routine fifth nursing of Otorhinolaryngology of conventional sixth ICU care routine
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