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Ye Jincheng, a professor at the Hong Kong Polytech University, doctoral tutor, Hong Kong Polytech University in 2005 has been awarded the most outstanding teaching award. Professor Ye in the international authoritative psychiatry, sociology of academic journals published more than 80 papers, as well as the 24 international academic journal editors and review more publishing books on social work and mental health of the international copyright. Professor Ye now many overseas and Hongkong social service agencies, professional consultants, also led the mainland institutions, universities and hospitals to provide multiple clinical psychiatric rehabilitation services in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Xiamen. Professor Ye was the professor of Yunnan University and Xiamen University. Gao Wanhong, female, the Han nationality, born in 1967, master of psychology and social work, doctor of philosophy, Hong Kong Polytech University social work. He is currently a professor with the Department of social work, Yunnan University Institute of Public Administration Society, young backbone teachers of Yunnan University, master of social work professional person in charge, master tutor, research on the health and development of Yunnan vice-president, Yunnan Province Red Cross psychological assistance center expert, Yunnan University college students' mental health center supervisor. The main research areas: mental health, social work, social work, social work education. In the past 5 years he has published more than 20 papers, published 3 books, chaired the National Social Science Foundation Project 1.
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The copyright page: illustration: that the development of Chinese mental health services face the challenge of the future Chinese mental health service opportunities and challenges the author: one is a large number of patients with mental disorders in China's population of 1300000000, there is a huge demand for services; two is the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with mental disorders are affected by the policy factors; three is between the legislation and policy formulation of mental health services in the height of the centralization and the concrete implementation of mental health services in the area of highly differentiated, the reason lies in the area of China has great differences in geography, culture and social background; four is China lags behind in the development of relevant mental health legislation and respect for human rights the mental patient etc; five is the West about mental illness treatment and rehabilitation mode not localization, especially psychological social model, such as the psychological treatment and psychological counseling. Looking back at the current situation, professional and mental health needs, the relevant agency services and capital, mental health professional quantity and quality, mental health legislation, psychotic family care, psychologist and psychotherapist, obviously affected by the above challenges. In the next part, the author tries to expound the specific challenges and opportunities. Study on the challenges and opportunities related to demand that the Chinese mental health service demand is growing fast, and is difficult to meet the huge demand. The prevalence of mental illness was 13.9 ‰. According to the estimates, China has 17500000 people in patients with mental disorders, including schizophrenia in 8450000 patients. They are in need of better, the modern mental health service quality, including psychiatric hospital beds, outpatient psychiatric and corresponding psychiatric service. The prevalence rate of mental illness was 23.52 ‰ calculation (12 provinces and areas of psychiatric service cooperation committee, 1988), Chinese neurosis 39400000, they are most in need of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and psychiatric outpatient service, solve the problems of psychology and life stress and tension. The incidence of psychological problems was 7 ‰ -14 ‰ calculation), about 3000000 of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems, they also need psychiatric outpatient treatment,Mental health education and provided by schools and other institutions of psychological counseling and treatment services. The lifetime prevalence of 19.46 ‰ estimate, 25300000 of the elderly have mental problems. 48600 people have Alzheimer's disease, they need the senile psychosis, clinics, nursing homes and other mental health services. Add up the data, estimation in China there are 11300000 mental health or mental illness, they undoubtedly need inpatient, outpatient treatment, psychological counseling, psychotherapy and other types of mental health services. Obviously, this huge demand is difficult to be satisfied. This need is also due to the mainland provinces, area (city) the differences in the cultural, social and economic aspects and more complicated. The underdeveloped regions in Western China, the mental disease recognition rate is still low, many people still do not know what is mental disease. Along with the growth of population and the acceleration of urbanization, urban living pressure increasing, China has mental health demand was rapidly growing trend. With the one-child policy in China, the growing aging population means that the number of elderly patients with mental illness is growing, all of the mental health policy makers and implementers challenge with great to meet China's huge mental health service needs.
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The first part of article future Chinese mental health service opportunities and challenges facing Ye Jincheng's mental health difficulties and challenges of current problems Jiang Xunqing urban community mental health and Countermeasures: taking Chongqing city as an example, Liu Binzhi of the Chinese culture and the psychological counseling and psychotherapy relationship a preliminary understanding of the Gao Wanhong to the psychological consultation in universities model of reflection -- a "failure" case Reflections -- Yang Wanqiu psychiatric patients in urgent need of community rehabilitation service -- Qi Xiaoyu psychiatric community rehabilitation in grass-roots experience -- Taking Hangzhou "gongliaozhan" as an example of research - Ma Liang Chen Huajuan hospitalized psychiatric patients' mental health and social support of Gao Wanhong Wu Jun for a long time hospitalized psychiatric patients to return to the family difficulties analysis of K hospital case study -- Mu Jing of player of game of network of depression and behavior preference analysis -- Liang Zhizhong Wang Yingchun Jiang Hongyan Xu Xiufeng second intervention article mental hospital integrated intervention model of social work's basic framework -- a case study of Tong Min psychiatric service Workers role -- a case study of Kunming M hospital as an example of Liu Fang from the perspective of social work students mental health service practice -- Taking Yunnan as an example, Gao Wanhong Wang Yonghua H in the labor-intensive enterprises employees mental health service action research - Guangdong Dongguan Y factory as an example, Li Jie social work intervention of dementia the elderly care practice and research progress of Li Yanhua group work in senile dementia services practice -- Li Yanzhong Wang Huilai on schizophrenia psychological intervention case study -- Yang Yuyu third educational articles of psychiatric social work practice in domestic situation - the young how to prepare for social work students in mental health practice: a Hongkong -- Liang Shiming @##@ teachers monologue. With the development of modern mental stress and mental disease is increasing, the national mental health service becomes more and more important. "Mental health service in China: challenges and prospects" is the Chinese scholars views on mental health service in China, fears, expectations and vision. First is to look at the Chinese mental health services and planning more macro; then the description and reflection of mental health services to some regional China or a specific service object, reflection and intervention on the mental health of each group the contents, methods and process; the last is in practice education on mental health social work. Hope "mental health service in China: challenges and prospects" publication can cause more attention and discussion and action, make mental health planning, service in China can respond to the growing in the prevention and treatment of mental illness, rehabilitation and recovery of the huge demand.
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"Mental health service in China: challenges and prospects" by Ye Jincheng, Gao Wanhong editor, hope "mental health service in China: challenges and prospects" publication can cause more attention and discussion and action, make mental health planning, service in China can respond to the growing in the prevention and treatment of mental illness, rehabilitation and recovery the huge demand.
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