Strategy of children's psychosomatic problems

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Illustration: Children's psychological and psychosomatic disease characteristics: China reforming and opening makes people's life level is increasing, the nutritional status of the children is greatly improved, the young soul new information into a riot of colours of the great number of children, promote children's physical and psychological development and gradually mature early. And we're on the psychological development of children's cognition, thinking, some traditional education mode and the advanced conflict phenomenon, so that children in the growth and development (physical and mental) appears a lot of problems, many educators and parents feel be at a loss what to do in the face of these shaped color color problem. In these problems the children psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders accounted for a considerable proportion of the. A children's psychosomatic illness, psychosomatic medicine is a discipline of mutual relationship between disease devoted to the study of psychological factors and physical factors, the. Psychosomatic medicine and psychology as a discipline, really into the scientific development period, so far only 100 years of history. Some scholars of psychosomatic medicine is divided into broad sense and narrow sense two. Generalized psychosomatic medicine to psychosomatic unity, on clinical subjects all disease occurrence, development and control law; and the relationship between the study of biology, psychology, sociology factors in the process of human health and diseases. A narrow mindMedical means limited to pathogenic factors of psychosomatic disease, pathogenesis, clinical diagnosis, treatment and prevention; study of psychological factors in occurrence, development and prevention process. This book is involved in the narrow sense of psychosomatic medicine under the concept of common psychosomatic problems and diseases in children.

Bai Honghai, medicine and philosophy bachelor, master of health administration, PhD, associate professor of medical psychology, psychologist, health management division. Now the vice president of Shenzhen Polytechnic School of medical technology and nursing, Deputy Secretary General of national medical occupation education psychology school discipline committee, Guangdong Province Mental Health Association, director of professional committee of the school, psychological advisory committee. Has long been engaged in the work of psychological consultation, consultation and treatment of mild to moderate abnormal psychology has a wealth of experience, especially in the maintenance of psychological health, psychological disease prevention, a love marriage family adolescent problems of cognitive behavioural therapy, child care has deep attainments. Has published more than 40 academic papers and popular articles in national newspapers, 8 provinces, editor in chief of Department of psychology, pediatrics teaching materials, won the Shenzhen city outstanding scientific achievement award.
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Along with the progress of the society, the production and the improvement of living standards, human disease spectrum has undergone tremendous changes, the common infectious disease has given way to the psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders, also with the modernization process, the accelerated pace of life, competition pressure and increasing. The current health problems and energy issues, population issues, environmental and ecological problems are recognized as four major global problem in twenty-first Century. "Everyone is health, health for all" (Health for All, All for Health) is WHO (WHO) presents to the world's slogan, "health" here includes four connotations: the healthy body. The healthy psychology. The good social adaptation. The moral good. The mental health of the equivalent to 50% of the content ratio. Remember to write often write friends last wishes "I wish you good health!" , but now it has been changed to SMS "wish you health!" The. Why? Due to the increasingly rich material life in today, people care the health has been basically solved, but the problem of mental health is becoming increasingly serious display. Childhood is a critical period to form a personal psychological and personality development. Their mental health is related to their future growth, development and personal destiny, future. Prevention and treatment of mental health of children, the cultivation of good psychological quality and psychosomatic disease, mental disorder, whether it is the past, now, or in the future development of human progress and society has far-reaching significance. Because aristogenesis excellent education has always been an important policy in our nation, is the basis for improving the population quality and quality of. Therefore, Pediatric Psychosomatic Diseases and mental disorders is a serious problem we must face, understanding and prevention of it has become a pressing matter of the moment we.
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The first chapter of children's psychological and psychosomatic disease characteristics section of children's psychological characteristics and influential factors of second children's psychological characteristics and influential factors of third children's psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders of pathogenic factors and Countermeasures of the second chapter of behavioral problems of children first day second day third day enuresis, stuttering headache fourth breath holding fifth finger sucking section sixth sensory integration dysfunction seventh conduct disorder children Tourette syndrome eighth section third chapter first day eating disorders anorexia nervosa bulimia and second obesity third pica fourth nervous vomiting fourth chapter sleep disorder first night terrors in section second section third in the fourth quarter nightmare difficulty sleeping and insomnia, the fifth chapter only child psychological problems of children with defects the first section child syndrome second defects in children's psychological problems in Chapter sixth, chapter seventh children ADHD children first anxiety neurosis second day third day fourth day depression, phobia disorder fifth day sixth day seventh day of hysteria neurasthenia infantile autism chapter eighth typical psychosomatic disease of respiratory system first section - section second pediatric lung bronchial asthma Yan Di Chapter nine typical psychosomatic diseases of the digestive system the first abdominal pain in children second infantile diarrhea third infantile constipation appendix a child age stages and evaluation of the physiological and psychological characteristics of two neuropsychological development in children before the age of three three in the development of children's movement of four baby food supplement of five children's growth chart of six Conners parent symptom questionnaire (PSQ) report of seven children's social anxiety quantity (SASC) of eight Sarason test anxiety questionnaire of nine adolescent life event scale (ASIES) of ten symptom checklist 90 (SCI-90) of eleven Family Environment Scale (FES) reference postscript nip in the bud, and promote the healthy @##@ children physical and mental "Strategy" children's psychosomatic problems to the overall view, from the biological, psychological, social, ecological perspective systematically introduces clinical psychological characteristics and Countermeasures of concepts, issues related to children's psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders, pathogenic factors. Rich in content, informative, the system structure clear, organized level clear, fluent in writing popular. The child care worker, pediatricians, kindergarten teachers, children's parents and other interested readers, has high practical value and reference significance.
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Modern medical model has told our key health is prevention, not cure. Governance is the table, anti is the. The reader should be kept firmly in mind and build up everything to "nip in the bud" concept in reading this book. Children are the key to prevention, to draw the most healthy beautiful pictures on the piece of paper. Don't wait to draw the wrong, try to brush painting is dirty and change, so will inevitably leave traces, even regret. We should constantly remind ourselves: as a parent, teacher, a child care worker I noticed the child's mental health? How do I go to prevent children there is this problem? This is the author of the pamphlet. If we have the awareness of prevention, the children's psychosomatic health have high hopes, the editor is not rack one's brains in vain. Wish all the children health, psychological pleasure!

"Strategy" children's psychosomatic problems editors: childhood is the key period of forming one's mental development. Their mental health is related to their future growth, development and personal fate. 'br' children's psychological development, the cultivation of good psychological quality and psychosomatic disease, mental disorder prevention. It has profound significance for the development of human progress and social. 'br' children's psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders is a problem we have to face the grim, understanding and prevention of it has become a pressing matter of the moment we.
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