The new concept of stroke prevention

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Professor Zhang Qinyi, the new concept of "prevention of stroke? Read CEA" is more than a thousand cases of CEA clinical experience, and hundreds of essence, knowledge of stroke prevention. The author will be her true story meanders, in combination with the specific practice, publicity on stroke prevention knowledge of science, reasonable explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand language, presents the view there is evidence. Therefore, the new concept of "prevention of stroke? Read CEA" reliable, credible, amiable, readable. Believe that the stroke prevention of popular science readings will increase people's stroke prevention and control knowledge and positive impact on promoting stroke prevention and control work in our country.
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Zhang Qin Yi, Beijing An Zhen Hospital, Professor of cardiovascular surgery, famous carotid endarterectomy (CEA) experts, the stroke group the Chinese leader, "team leader stroke screening and prevention and control project" experts. Graduated from Xi'an Medical University in 1984, the United States in 1998 to study, study and research CEA. After returning home, has created the center, the first hospital of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, cerebral vascular disease, stroke and stroke group network, and established using CEA as the core technology of cerebrovascular disease prevention and treatment in the base 10 provinces. In 2009 of the same China study of geriatric care will cooperate to build "stroke screening and prevention engineering", the preparation of the CEA operation standards and training materials and "surgical treatment for ischemic cerebrovascular disease".
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Stroke screening and intervention project -- a neglected national health project the first chapter (disease) -- a serious threat to human life and health of a stroke, worse than death two, the mother was stroke claimed the lives of three, side of the family has been tortured, well-known painter four stroke five a lifetime regret, will only cry six stroke patients, a health secretary story -- stroke the seven stroke is not far away from you, not sparing WHO first officer eight, Ariel Sharon's stroke into a vegetative state, regret for life nine, the depth of history concerns ten, stroke prevention -- in defence of the largest family wealth of second chapters (from) -- most stroke can the cause of human organs, three key and stroke related two, disease found in intracranial, accident in the neck of three stroke patients, most can be found in four, atrial fibrillation causes cardiac stroke -- a pair of sisters in distress in the heart the story of five, the closure of a patent foramen ovale (PFO) can cause of cryptogenic stroke six, stroke risk factors can not be ignored in seven, stroke attack knew the third chapter (Law) -- to create the miracle of life operation CEA, conventional brain The wind prevention means two, 3 hours, three fatal stroke of four common drugs, antithrombotic drugs -- five century classic aspirin, statins -- help you manage lipids in six, excite people's mind coordinates seven, 50 years grinding sword eight, CEA in nine China air plant, CEA has created a miracle of life ten, nine interpretation of CEA -- effective removal of stroke risk is not the dream eleven, CEA twelve, CEA suitable for operation process in thirteen, carotid artery stenting (CAS) prevention of stroke, heart fourteen closure of a patent foramen ovale (PFO) plugging operation fifteen, wind in the telemedicine sixteen, stroke rehabilitation treatment group in which seventeen, China the hospital can carry out CEA eighteen, CEA speech -- listening to patients say nineteen, CEA solution -- listen to the experts say the fourth chapter (TAO) -- prevention is more important than treatment, control cerebral stroke risk factors, screening is two stroke prevention key three, screening include main inspection items four, stroke screening to adapt to the crowd five, can not be ignored to prevent recurrence of stroke six, membership service -- link, doctors, hospital patients, prevention and treatment of cerebral stroke stroke seven common Misunderstanding eight, base -- sparks of fire, will become a potential nine, armed joint operations -- Pyramid model fifth chapters (win) -- project screening and intervention, China stroke stroke prevention and control status two, China stroke prevention and control system and the developed countries the gap (for example, to USA) three stroke screening and intervention project introduction of information feedback,
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The copyright page: illustration: treatment of ischemic stroke, although the ultra early thrombolytic therapy (stroke within 3 hours after implementation) can significantly reduce the mortality rate and disability rate, but due to many reasons, even in developed countries such as America and Europe, timely thrombolytic rate is still quite low. In recent years, China's rapid rise in the proportion of ischemic stroke. In the prevention and control of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease of the previous work, pay more attention to screening and control of hypertension in our country, but the narrow attention carotid artery plaque on the one of the important causes of ischemic stroke caused by insufficient, even during a routine physical nor carotid screening program. Therefore, a lot of stroke patients are not detected early and effective intervention. At present, USA has completed the screening network mobile stroke, every year to carry out the carotid endarterectomy (CEA) in 200000 cases, the mortality of stroke decreased greatly, but the present only a few hospitals to carry out this operation, years of operation only 100 cases. Analysis of the clinical data of the scholars in our country shows that about 40% of stroke patients, outpatients in recurrent cases, such as the base lesions that stroke is not removed or be controlled, will again or repeatedly appeared stroke. In recent years, our experts found in stroke screening and intervention pilot, many patients due to carotid artery stenosis caused by stroke symptoms, such as paralysis, aphasia, hearing loss and even loss, caused by ischemic eye eyesight drops apparently, in carotid stenosis, are improved or restored. Brain necrosis patients have shown even in magnetic resonance imaging, in relieving carotid stenosis, the loss of function and recovery of the miracle.
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The new concept of "prevention of stroke, interpretation of CEA" Editors: promote the latest medical science and technology achievements, closely related with the health of each in the elderly, bring the gospel to the patients with stroke, for all filial sons and daughters, help patients family problems, for the state government, to be in the tens of thousands of wind damage with their fellow.
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