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Psychologist and psychotherapist commentate be puzzled from the book. With the series of concise, to question and answer form.

Like war, killing these should not appear in the human language, vocabulary, abuse the word often greet our eyes. In the academic circles in recent years began to have the corresponding attention to abuse this topic in psychology, education, medicine, social. But the current domestic related works are still relatively rare, so the book translation will provide a psychologist and psychotherapist about abuse for the reader's perspective. Abuse is closely related to the cultural background, expressed as far as possible faithful to the original text in the process of translation, in part because of cultural and professional background causes domestic readers is not easy to understand some of the translation to some extent. "Abuse" is "counselors and psychotherapists commentate be puzzled from the book" one of the characteristics of the series, with concise essentials, to ask a answer form, six book chapters in total 44 issues. The counselors and psychotherapists have answer case abuse problem in the course of practice, the common question, explores the core problem of masochism surviving adult and child abuse counseling field, discusses the applicability to the abuse case counseling theory and the corresponding method, the definition of abuse, ethical issues in counseling, abuse the children and their adult survivors as effect caused by impact, counselors will be in the treatment of abuse cases and how to cope with these impacts. Also include some special problems, such as the associated with self injurious behavior problems, depression and memoryRecovery, dissociative reaction, in the therapeutic relationship dynamics problems. The translator is the leading member of the website, through the network collaborative lilac court in translation. The Hu Lianxin translation of the original book order, Zhang Heng translated the first chapter first asked, Zhang Hui translated the first chapter of the remaining sections and second chapters, third chapters, fifth of Huang Bihong's translation, the six chapter, the fourth chapter forest Chinese translation. Hu Lianxin finished the draft, and the preparation of the index, in the release process has failed to one one for the original translator. The translation is never the most perfect time, some of the content seems not to find the appropriate way of expression, night even a sentence translation with insomnia. However, as mentioned in the text, counselors should not perfect for keeping tolerated and even accepted, I have not quite understand. Yet I have a day in the middle of the night 3, four o'clock came in from the office after the Moon Lake, Lake wind, the moon like a hook, suddenly feeling to life itself can not be perfect, the treatment is simply impossible to completely eliminate all of the symptoms, the same can not be perfect. The book not only applies to the national occupation certificate for counseling psychologist, the consultant psychotherapist, and is also suitable for each consultant pediatrician, workers in children and adolescents. Professional psychology, interested in abuse field mental health professional, professional social work and other related majors from Quiz Book benefited a lot. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Zhang Xiaolei and my professor Huang Gang a few years to let me in the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical College Center for children's growth behavior in child psychotherapy practice, let me have some practical experience in the field of child abuse psychological treatment, these experiences are of great help to me to translate the book. A special thanks to my students and friends, although not one one mentioned your name here, but it is your encouragement, your smile, your sunshine, let me in the translation of this book was a dark when you regain faith in humanity. Due to the stress level is limited, mistakes can hardly be avoided, please readers to criticism. The Department of psychology at the Guangdong Medical College in the fall of 2007 @##@ Moon Lake Hu Lianxin There are many books about sexual abuse, compared to the past years of sexual abuse largely ignored, denied and twist, it is a huge change. However, perhaps with respect to sexual abuse, people pay less attention to physical abuse and emotional abuse. Although the corporal punishment of children is appropriate, debate continues, but the reality is frightful to the ear of a considerable number of children also suffer from these three types of abuse in a body. There is no clear line between these three types of abuse. Such as sexual abuse inevitably include physical and emotional abuse; and when the sadist on children's physical assault, the children keep silent way will be harmful to children's mental health and sense of self. Despite the existence of purely emotional abuse, but most emotional abuse is not isolated; physical abuse is often associated with the child's language of defamation and malicious criticism. The definition of "abuse" is very difficult. Any one definition is inevitable and age related or because of the limitations of the times and widespread doubt, examine and debate. Child abuse is not our products now this time unique, although now define the behavior of the corresponding abuse. For example, child physical abuse has only recently been defined as abuse, first proposed this definition is Kempc, Kempe abuse has been widely concerned had been in the works mentioned in the physical abuse in children, he said "on the abuse of children's books in the past 100 years no one involved, no matter is the family or the community, the past people ignore the child abuse problems. Until the child abuse is recognized as a cancer of society, our culture began to pay attention to and understand." (1978:16) special situation is, people have long believed that "kid" is reasonable. Of course, a little intense degree and extent of damage resulting may be controversial, but to "play" the act itself, in many cultures are considered a reasonable behavior for child care. And full of violence, torture and lack of control of violations of the world in the play and the play is common, so sad. Physical abuse can be defined as the nociceptive behavior intention on child body, usually caused by damage, including bruises, burns, internal injury, poisoning and limb breakage. However, some physical abuse carefully planned, leave no obvious mark, or only when in close examination can be found. Some children often in the dark was fixed for a long time of bondage, or head down suspension. Such a treatment is not easy to leave traces of obvious damage, especially when the sadist consciously avoid leaving visible scar cases. Compared with some forms of torture, physical abuse can be carefully planned and cold. A typical case of physical abuse is the parents for some reason to slap your child, occasionally because parents in stress or emotion under control and unreasonable ". The old-fashioned reason often believe in "free parenting" theory insist, who insisted that the child is for the right to spank a child good. Because of this mode of education make children's emotion experience and emotion to reduce distortions, obviously this method of education child word is absolutely can not be accepted by us. However, there is no doubt about this way of education, the debate will continue, every year there will be many children continue to be torture, disability, death of their parents. Should not be forgotten or ignored "physical neglect" damage and consequences. There may not be enough food and clothing for children, maintain children's basic clean, warm, caring, even to such as nutrition is also difficult to meet the basic needs. People often think that these are more common in low income families, but the clinical experience shows, that is not the case. Professional and wealthy families can and do in this respect is serious for child neglect. Such neglected hidden more skillful, and more difficult to be aware of. The definition of a difficult sexual abuse is whether must have real contact can be defined as sexual abuse, or must also contain non direct contact events. Another difficulty is the problem of age discrimination. The shutNote is the problem of the older child abuse in young children, but the age gap must be the extent to which it can be judged to be for others abuse? For example, a 10 year old child, his peers behavior is defined as abuse, is defined as a "not hurt the important essentials game", or "exploratory behavior" (see question 2.6)? The following is my own work in the definition of sexual abuse: defines whether the abuse of force, the authority and the violent power control is a vital difference point, whether to meet, in the victim does not understand the situation, adult or older children torturers using its physical ability and advantage abuse, bullying of young children. Because the young victims, even if not explicitly opposed, and there is no concept of abuse. Such sexual satisfaction including sexual behavior directly or vagina and anus friction, with too much familiarity, masturbation, or not in direct contact with the improper offense: not for children in need but to watch children's locker, torturers meet bath, toilet; forcing children who witness adult sexual intercourse or watching porn video. The key lies in the persecution of children as the independent object, meet the problem based on the needs of children, ignoring the rights and feelings, bullied child abuse. (Walker, 1997:59) emotional neglect and emotional abuse can have many forms of expression: can be cruel to kill or maltreatment of children's pet, or such threat words and deeds; deliberately monster stories scare children, and wake the baby at night as a monster. Equally damaging, but more taboo is constantly against child: tell them to look very foolish; implying that their ideal not only crazy and unrealistic; the children as the home for all the wrong scapegoat; ignore or refuse to do their children; children's ability to command the impossible. The latter may be literally command, such as a child of 3 years old to take care of his 6 month sister-in-law in the mother go out; or let my mother happy, such as psychological level of command. De Zulueta (1993) defines emotional abuse as a "rude child forms consistently negative attention, including repeated criticism, contempt, or promise, rejection, lack of care performance". Here is an example of an emotional abuse, from childhood and young adulthood has been his father despises young man, his father has been watching over him, not to any space of the game, do not let their play, and criticized everything son do, although at the same time the Father also say this for the care of his son ("this is because I love you, you have to understand" -- sadistic chant!). Because the son in the father's description of the Nothing is right.: everything is flawed. Finally, the son also believes he is a natural waste and mentally retarded. And deeply depressed mother (not surprisingly mother also suffered the same treatment and son) did not do any intervention. Comparison is like trying to define them as complex impact on different abuse. As mentioned above, in part because of abuse is usually a cup of mixed a variety of nasty behavior. Moreover, the work will encounter too many variables, given the book some answer will cause new problems: for example, the battered child age, the batterer's relationship with the children, gender, maltreatment by time, there is no effective intervention, the lives of children in the other support. In our clinical work experience, all childhood abuse in adulthood have shown a perceived conflict childhood and adulthood, but these factors in the process of conflict between this perception plays a different role, and determine the number and types of damage (Walker, 1992). For the different effects caused by the abuse, should be combined with the relevant background of the Hun solution.
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The first chapter abuse survivors began Consulting: issues and questions 1.1 how to determine the definition of abuse? Different effects on battered survivors in sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse aspects? The 1.2 children are affected by the age difference between abuse caused by abuse? In addition, when the problem of identity is not at the same time, such as a sadist for mother or father, relatives or strangers, homosexual or heterosexual, effects of abuse caused by a difference? 1.3 in the consultation on adult clients, which presents the problem is most likely to prompt clients childhood had been abuse leads? How can I help him to reveal this problem? 1.4 at the beginning of psychological consultation on a battered clients, what I need special care and attention? 1.5 in the consultation process, the factors what dynamic problems of special or treatment that I should pay special attention to? 1.6 I have a new clients, because the childhood had serious abuse referred to here. Now she felt very difficult and I discussed the problem, though she knew she wanted to and I talk about abuse. This makes us very nervous and pain. How can I help her to trust me? 1.7 how can I determine the end abuse survivors consulting time? The second chapter abuse survivors concern a client 2.1 I worried that he would work in the abuse of children, because when he was young priest abuse. He said, battered survivors will in the future of cruelty to others is as everyone knows. He was very worries justified? 2.2 I have a client in the childhood abuse, once, she is now a very anxious mother -- always worried about his daughter will be your spouse abuse, while in the rational case, even she knows that this is not possible. How can I help her, to make her believe her spouse? 2.3 I have a male client, he is often uncle abuse, when he was an adult, every time he tries to tell his parents that he encountered things, his parents did not believe. It seems to me to tell him someone is his trust is very important. I did this, right? How can I help him to understand his parents reaction? 2.4 one of my clients say, she felt when she was very little has been subjected to abuse, but so far, I have not found conclusive evidence of the abuse -- no corresponding memory, no such things said to her, etc.. How to face her idea? I should respond to what? 2.5 I have a had battered clients, after months of treatment, she suddenly decided to go see her sadistic person. I intend to respect her thoughts, but I feel that she is sure to be further hurt. And a sadist meeting will help victims out of the psychological shadow? 2.6 sometimes clients pointed out, in the game they are older children "abuse" clients of these behavior is abuse and can't be sure, I'm not sure, then children between what kind of game is abuse? The third chapter abuse on adult survivors of 3.1 it is said that those with eating disorders, alcoholism or drug addiction problem clients may have been battered history, this statement correct? 3.2 when these battered survivors grew up to become parents, abuse behavior once will produce what effect on them? Will affect the next generation of children? Consulting have what help? 3.3 abuse can lead to depression and schizophrenia? What is the difference between depression and division two, how can I identify clients with these situations? 3.4 I have a client signs, she has multiple personality disorder, I need to know what? In the face of such clients I should be how to deal with?...... The fourth chapter treatment attention problem fifth chapter sixth chapter of abuse provisions service practitioners and supervision @##@ references. "Abuse" of the core problem of masochism surviving adult and child abuse counseling field, the author has a wealth of experience in the field, he will usually pay attention to from as practitioners, training and supervision of the identity of the angle discusses related problems. These core areas including the theory discussion and the applicability of the method, the definition of abuse, ethical issues and questions, abuse of children and adult as survivors, psychological counseling professionals in this field is affected by how the subject of maltreatment at work and how to cope with these impacts. Also include some special problems, such as the associated with self injurious behavior problems, repressed memory recovery, dissociative reaction, treatment of dynamics problems in a relationship. "Abuse" list of problems often implies a dispute, can evoke strong emotions. Thus each answers to the authors are after thinking it over carefully, as fully as possible, the text tries to rigorous, and the answer is based on the work experience in this field.
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