Morita's treatment of social phobia

Date of publication:2008-7   Press: The Fourth Military Medical University press   Author:Shi Wanghong   Pages:290  

Inferior to encourage people to success. Humanitarian Witt Pokou points out, there is a kind of spiritual in everyone's heart, with the spiritual, people can accomplish many great deeds. This spirituality is the potential in each person's heart is to maintain a force, personality, against foreign invasion force. It is the people's "dignity" and "personality". People in order to maintain their dignity and personality, the demands on themselves to overcome the inferiority complex, self defeat. Therefore, embarrassing factors can often be a springboard for the development of their own. One's real value, depends on the self set trap beyond the out, but can really save us, only our own. The so-called "God only help those who help themselves". Not born strong, strong not weak

Shi Wanghong, born in 1966, PhD, Professor of psychology at the The Fourth Military Medical University, Department of clinical psychology, master's tutor, Japan, visiting professor of Kyushu University, Tokyo Jikei Medical University senior visiting scholar. Author of "conquer yourself -- it", "easy to say goodbye to Morita therapy of depression -- Morita regimen", "social phobia" and other works of Morita therapy. The main research direction: Morita therapy, psychological treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia.
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Good interpersonal relationship is the social prosperity: the premise of stability and development, an important content of harmonious interpersonal relationship but also to build a harmonious society. With the development of reform and opening-up, we increasingly rapid pace of life, competition intensified, the interpersonal aspects of the emergence of many new problems. For example, China has entered the era of adult only children, many parents for their children to expect too much, too much investment in children's education, and ignore the cultivation of the children social skills, frustration tolerance, psychological quality. In the face of great social pressure, some young people overwhelmed, resulting in weariness, keep close at home, away from home, Internet addiction, and suffer from mental illness. Social phobia (social phobia) is a kind of common mental illness, it has serious harm to people's
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The first chapter of social phobia social phobia of the origin of the concept of the second chapter of social phobia classification chapter third social phobia epidemiological data of fourth chapter social phobia factors and mechanism of the fifth chapter, the sixth chapter of diagnosis of social phobia social phobia treatment chapter seventh social phobia prevention -- on the inferiority and beyond social phobia of Morita therapy in eighth chapter ninth chapter of Morita therapy in Japan phobia of Morita's theory on the tenth chapter of phobia pathogenesis eleventh chapters discuss with Professor Morita on how to treat patients of phobia twelfth chapter a Japanese social phobia patients experience the thirteenth chapter professor Shi Wanghong the fourteenth chapter @##@ group Morita therapy This book is about the social phobia of a new monograph. After years of painstaking research, composed of two parts, a total of 14 chapters, written. Part one is an overview of social phobia, discussed the origin of social phobia concept, the classification, epidemiology, pathogenic factors and mechanism of data, diagnosis, treatment and prevention; next is Morita therapy as social fear of disease, the human phobia of Morita therapy and Japan, analyzes the theory of Morita the pathogenesis of social phobia, review the essence of Professor Morita in the treatment of phobia, mainly introduces the author himself in the domestic development of Morita group therapy, and put forward in the application of the Morita therapy on the insight. The theory and practice of complement each other, full of philosophy, the social phobia patients, psychologists and Morita
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If you're afraid of or avoiding contact with people, blush, dare not see people eat, L3 symptoms and distress, may wish to open this book. This is concentrated on the study of Professor Shi Wanghong Morita therapy and social phobia years seriously the readers of China's first book on social phobia monograph. Action can change the character. The practice of Morita therapy in life, truly "let nature take its course, as the", will make you calm, smile to the ups and downs of life.
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