• The new progress of neural trauma

    The book is divided into five parts, including more than 800 abstracts from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord and peripheral nerve injury in basic research, clinical treatment, research and development of new drugs and the social and economic aspects of a concise description of the content, novel, involves include foundation, nerve injury clinical, drug development, pre hospital,

  • Psychopathological model

    "Psychopathology" model: each concept is a recognition of reality and neglected other aspects. From this we can see them as a fragment of a recognition system...... Perhaps the most famous of Bio Medical Model of critics is the psychiatrist Thomas Sass. He pointed out that mental illness is an absurd,

  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (on)

    "Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (up)" content brief introduction: hypnosis long-standing, most of the world's oldest national appeared in witchcraft, on the pretext of prayer genie, treatment and other activities, is the origin of hypnosis. After about two thousand years of evolution, scientific hypnosis gradually formed, its nature and purpose,

  • Music therapy in children with intellectual disabilities

    "Mental retardation children music therapy" is introduced by "Orff music therapy for children with intellectual disabilities" the whole process of training, including: improvisational music activities game type, training methods and language combination, combination of music and body movement method. ,

  • Manual of mental rehabilitation practice

    "Psychiatric rehabilitation practice manual" included the mental rehabilitation of common mental disease, clinical manifestations and recognition, the foreign community based mental rehabilitation intervention and domestic heavy, psychiatric rehabilitation professional requirements and basic training, clinical reasoning and mental rehabilitation plan guide. ,

  • Nursing of psychiatric diseases

    "Psychiatric nursing" introduces the psychiatric nursing, nursing, basic nursing skills, common symptoms of psychiatric nursing, accident prevention and treatment, psychiatric patients with somatic diseases, mental nursing in the treatment of diseases, all kinds of nursing care of mental illness and psychiatric nursing technical operation etc.,

  • Clinical neurological department of Internal Medicine

    Clinical neurological department of internal medicine, "clinical path management series: clinical pathway" neural Department of internal medicine clinical pathway is application of evidence based medicine, the comprehensive multidisciplinary and multi professional clinical interventions "disease care planning standards", is the hospital management further refinement, and gradually into the embodiment of single disease management. "Clinical path tube,

  • Social psychiatry

    "Social psychiatry" content is composed of two parts. General involves social psychiatry overview, research tools, mental disorders epidemiology, etiology and social consequences, the sociology of prevention and treatment strategy and service evaluation; in the monograph on at home and abroad are mainly social spirit,

  • XQ guidelines

    Anxiety disorder prevention guide masses, "XQ guidelines: anxiety disorder prevention guide public the" by Wu Wenyuan et al. "The heart: the original version of guidelines guidelines for prevention and treatment of the" public anxiety disorders, mainly for the specialist to write, to diagnosis and treatment for anxiety disorders, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, and provide better services for patients with anxiety disorder comes round to see a doctor,

  • Mental health knowledge of 100 Q

    With the development of society, economy and improvement of people's living standard, people expect to health is also on the rise, not only concerned about the physical and physiological health, pay more attention to the mental health. Mental illness is one of the main problems that harm people's health, it is a kind of place in the brain disease, mainly for thinking, feeling,

  • The treatment of mental health and disease in women

    "Treatment" mental health and disease in women is a professional reference book on women's psychological health and psychological disease treatment. The book consists of three sections and 20 chapters, about plus million characters, detailed introduces the standards of mental health, psychological evaluation, psychological counseling and psychological therapy, the female physiological, psychological characteristics, children,,

  • Tumors of the central nervous system of modern non operation treatment

    "Nervous system tumors modern non operation treatment" is divided into two parts in general and the theory, the non operation treatment method as the main line, describes the radiation therapy, tumors of the central nervous system of chemical therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine therapy etc.. At the same time, details of the non operation therapy of common tumors in the central nervous system,,

  • Cases of child behavior disorders set

    By the new and diverse case, author Christopher A.kearney comprehensive depiction of the complexity of childhood disorders. Diagnosis and treatment of the cases show that the case -- on the expression of each obstacle for the demonstration, rich and detailed case material revealed behavioral barriers to their children,

  • The Chinese neuroscience and Social Science Interdisciplinary Research Progress

    "The Chinese neuroscience and Social Science Interdisciplinary Research" a collection of outstanding research achievements by the end of 2010 Chinese scholars in social science and cognitive neuroscience cross the field, covering neuroeconomics, decision neuroscience, neural marketing, neural industrial engineering, neural information system,

  • To guide the treatment plan of child psychology

    The third edition, "to guide the treatment plan of child psychology" (Third Edition) with examples, explain profound theories in simple language the child psychotherapy theory and technology, especially focuses on the detailed presentation and analysis of the case, is an instructive book. The book is divided into four parts, the first part is introduction of children's psychological treatment, mainly discusses the children,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorder

    "The diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders" devoted to anxiety and anxiety related disorders. Is divided into six parts: firstly, introduces the anxiety (fear) emotional reactions and their causes, the most common kind of human performance, mechanism and function, and how to distinguish between normal and abnormal anxiety. The second part, introduces the anxiety and avoidance,

  • Natural therapy of anxiety

    "Natural cures" anxiety starts from the etiology and pathology, diagnosis and classification of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine treatment and understanding of anxiety disorders, the natural treatment of anxiety, cupping, scraping, massage and herbal medicine, sticking, fumigation, acupuncture, diet, sports and music, the key to highlight its operation method at the same time, the coke,

  • Xijing clinical department of Neurosurgery work Handbook

    Xijing clinical department of Neurosurgery work handbook,

  • Mental disorders - marital Health Guide

    Mental disorder, ISBN:9787811160284, author: Zhao Guifang,

  • Neural and mental localization diagnosis

    "Neural and mental positioning diagnosis" content system is comprehensive, the book is divided into three aspects: neural -- Spirit location based, neural localization diagnosis diagnosis, spirit. In order to help clinical doctors confirm the diagnosis direction (orientation diagnosis), defining lesions (diagnosis), clear the nature of the lesions and the reason (,

  • Psychological and mental care

    "Fudan excellence twenty-first Century secondary occupation education nursing textbook series, psychological and mental care" for nursing excellence twenty-first Century Fudan secondary occupation education textbook series. The book is divided into 11 chapters, including introduction, psychological process, personality, mental health and psychological development, psychological stress and psychosomatic disease, psychological evaluation, lin,

  • Neurologists Handbook

    "Neurologists manual" is a practical manual clinical work, mainly has the following characteristics: a wide coverage, basically have a common clinical disease were included, for some diseases such as cerebrovascular disease, headache and dizziness, multiple sclerosis and increase the writing space, to expand the range of disease, special added,

  • Self Hypnosis

    A person lying on the chair, the hypnotist's gentle slow language pour out their own secret, this is perhaps the most people's idea of hypnosis. What is the hypnosis? How to enter the hypnotic state? People can self hypnosis? These questions will crop up in our minds. "Self Hypnosis (psychological treatment for his,

  • Neuropathy diagnosis

    "Neuropathy diagnosis" based on the diagnostic thinking and diagnosis technology, the neuropathy diagnosis and differential diagnosis from a broad perspective, it aims to cultivate the basic skills of the clinical diagnosis, orderly and standardized. The correct diagnosis is based on clinical facts as the basis, the theoretical neuroscience as the criterion, the theory closely linked,

  • Psychological counseling and treatment of school system

    "Psychological consultation and treatment of school system" in accordance with international schools of psychology structure, combined with the actual needs of psychology in China, selecting method and technology have clinical effectiveness, absorbs related research results at home and abroad, a comprehensive summary of important genre and context of counseling and psychotherapy field, specifically elaborated the domestic,

  • Department of Neurosurgery disease diagnosis standard

    "Standard" Department of Neurosurgery Department of Neurosurgery disease diagnosis is a clinical works, is divided into 8 chapters, systematically, comprehensively introduces the overview of the Department of Neurosurgery disease, epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, classification, examination, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, especially the summary diagnosis at home and abroad, the latest,

  • Neurology (Fourteenth volumes)

    The book consists of 36 chapters, introduces the structure and function of skeletal muscle, muscle disease diagnosis technology, detection methods include clinical, electromyography, muscle strength determination of biochemical index, muscle histochemistry and immuno pathological, imaging, immunology and gene diagnosis and its clinical application. Focusing on the various muscular nutrition,

  • Central nervous system disease proteomics

    "The central nervous system disease proteomics proteomics in detail" is a learning system based on human nerve disease research monograph. The book closely around the theme of the relationship between protein and diseases of the central nervous system, from the basic theory and method, the technology of proteomics protein sample,

  • Bad behavior and mental disease

    "The main content of bad behavior and mental disease": with the rapid development of our society, bad behavior and habits, psychological pressure, social maladjustment problems have become the national health, family happiness even if is an important cause of disease. In order to improve the health and quality of life, clear,

  • Manic depression and creativity

    "Manic depression and creativity" one book, is an in-depth to explore the relationship between the manic depressive and creativity of the two works, the author of this book to make efforts, should be viewed as a reminder and exhorting people to self cognition, self and develop a beneficial attempt to self personality traits. Different from the usual medical and psychiatric diseases,

  • Cici Fuss crazy

    Recognition and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a kind of neurosis misery index is high, without professional treatment, patients with comorbid depression easily, appear even Dutch act. This book leads the reader to quickly enter the OCD patients and family members of the inner world, can have a clear understanding of the etiology and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, how effective the treatment, in order to solve this,

  • How to return to a normal life

    "How to return to a normal life: introduction to get rid of addiction recast life": whether you is in addiction whirlpool unaware? If you are suffering from addiction and be at a loss what to do? Only know addiction "preexistence and present", we can de cage bird, fish into the water, get rid of the trouble and rediscover the addiction,

  • Neuropsychiatry

    The authors of the book with the clinical experience of psychiatric, neurological rich, and refer to the relevant information at home and abroad, a detailed introduction of the aged brain aging, neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological, psychiatric disorders caused by mental nerve agents and body, with mental disorder based neural disease and brain science, nervous and mental diseases,

  • The perspective of autism

    "Perspective of autism: local family of empirical research and overseas experience" is a Book of preliminary achievements in social China Academy of Social Sciences and the Department of sociology at the Peking University, some researchers at 2010-2011's annual "autism" family situation on the basis of the research related to the summary output. Research of this subject,

  • Neural clinical and imaging system diseases

    The book is divided into introduction; disease and image, the main contents include: the diagnosis of neurological diseases ideas; nerve points of differential diagnosis of diseases; part of the neural system disease diagnosis treatment and emergency treatment. ,

  • Concise neurology

    "The main content:" the concise neurology books flooding as the tide of, but to find a simple and practical, easy to carry the neurology is not easy. The authors begin to contact the neurological department of internal medicine from 1984, after more than twenty years of experience, just realize some neurological. In order to make,

  • Basic knowledge of analytical Department of internal medicine and typical cases of nerve

    The main content of the book including: brain dissection; diagnosis of nervous system diseases; cerebral edema; intracranial pressure; rehabilitative treatment of severe cerebral vascular disease; pulmonary complications associated with cerebral vascular disease. ,

  • Handbook of clinical neurologists info

    "Manual" clinical neurologists info to the diagnosis and treatment of differential diagnosis, various neurological diseases as the main line, systematically, accurately describes the basic theory, clinical neurologists necessary basic knowledge and basic skills, help to improve thinking, the doctor's clinical ability of diagnosis and treatment. All,

  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (below)

    "Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (2)" content brief introduction: hypnosis long-standing, most of the world's oldest national appeared in witchcraft, on the pretext of prayer genie, treatment and other activities, is the origin of hypnosis. After about two thousand years of evolution, scientific hypnosis gradually formed, its nature and purpose,

  • NLP therapy

    Your daughter to worry about can not find a job after graduation, no appetite; your friend and her husband quarrel, make to divorce; your niece was bitten by the dog, the dog has to see that out of control...... When these conditions occur in your side, but again and again to treat a person with sincerity conversation must be of no avail, what should you do?,

  • Department of neurosurgery operation

    Department of Neurosurgery Department of neurosurgery operation, "operation" (Hardcover) revision from the first edition, introduced the basic theory and operation method of operation treatment of Department of neurosurgery. Including traumatic brain injury, intracranial tumor, intracranial infection, cerebrovascular disease, cranial nerve diseases, spinal and spinal cord disease, sympathetic nerve and peripheral nerve disease,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia after stroke

    Dysphagia after stroke is very important in the diagnosis and treatment of complications, "" diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia after stroke with dysphagia after stroke were elaborated. Anatomical structure, including swallowing organs and swallowing swallowing physiology, pathophysiology, and make the best use of television fluoroscopy images,

  • Diseases of nervous system

    "The modern medicine clinical experience, pure, diseases of the nervous system" is a "modern medicine clinical experience. The" pure "diseases of the nervous system", the book is a summary of clinical experience of modern Chinese medicine. The book is divided into 21 chapters, the concrete content includes trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, Green Barre syndrome, syringomyelia, tremor ma,

  • Correction of Abnormal Psychology Handbook of practical diagnosis

    Treatment manuals, abnormity diagnosis practical psychological ISBN:9787532073481, author: Fu Anqiu,

  • The reform of medical education textbook series

    Neurology, "medical education reform textbook series: Neurology Neurology" goal is to cultivate medical students theoretical knowledge and clinical practice, for future clinical work and continue to study to lay a good foundation. At the same time also to corresponding national qualification examination requirements for medical students into qualified clinicians,

  • Doctors talk magic heart medicine

    "Doctors talk about demons heart medicine: on mental illness and health seeking misleading propaganda." the correct content: "heart disease medicine for the heart, heart by heart medicine." "Doctors talk about demons heart medicine: on mental illness and health seeking misleading propaganda." the correct author is a pioneering work in the mental health of more than fifty years of "heart medicine", as,

  • Neurological department of internal medicine doctor asked 1000

    "Neurological department of internal medicine doctor asked 1000 (Fourth Edition)" is the author of Hu Weiming, Wang Weizhi according to the science and technology progress and the main target segment foreign works, modify, cuts in the third version of the content, and add 100 more integrated into. Publishing it to constantly update their knowledge, and strive to the series full,

  • Psychiatric violence management skills and skills training manual

    "Psychiatric violence management skills and skills training manual" summed up the Hebei hospital and Hongkong psychiatric nursing peer cooperation, specialized training for psychiatric violence and risk management, and applied to clinical practice experience. Foundation of our hospital in recent four years learning and the promotion of psychiatric riot skills and techniques on the experience,,

  • Neurological department of internal medicine disease cases analysis

    "Neurological department of internal medicine disease cases analysis" to neurological department of internal medicine common case for reference, select typical cases doctors themselves by the rule, based on "authenticity, practicality, scientific", from the aspects of case description, examination, diagnosis, treatment, discuss the clinical thinking, discussion and analysis of several are explained in detail each disease,

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