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Date of publication:2007-11   Press: Guangdong science and Technology Publishing House Limited   Author:Lin Zhenghong   Pages:236  

Dr. Lin Zhenghong, Taiwan Kaohsiung Medical University Master of pharmacy, Chinese international acupuncturists, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine medical doctor degree works are: "a study on" Chinese entry, "Huang Di Nei Jing", "a study on the pulse learn to pass", "near Lake sphygmology learn to pass", "graphic acupuncture science on", "A-B Classic of acupuncture and moxibustion a study on", "prescription", "stick out a mile to learn TCM insight into obesity and hyperlipidemia", "99 Kinds of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine", "Introduction to graphic diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine", "Treatise on entry to learn is through", "Jin Kui chamber a study on", "continued the 99 traditional Chinese medicines on the entry", "doctrine of seasonal febrile disease theory is a".
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The theory of traditional Chinese medicine from the sub Yin and Yang and the five elements theory, whether in the diagnosis or treatment, the total cannot do without the five line "reinforce each other" principle. Clinical medication, by the disease is complicated and changeable, the ancients in preparation for the one or two party, rarely simple prescription., usually must according to "reinforce each other" principle to the dispensing. In addition to considering the indications of drug and outside, also have to consider the change of four five Mei and lifting, can be a variety of different drug compatibility. The main purpose of compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the curative effect not only on the child, the same stone "can also reduce the side effects of drugs. The clever, as a professional painter, although only a few basic colors, can be adjusted to draw the myriads of changes, true to life likeness works: otherwise, on general terms, using dozens of color painting, their works will still appear fresh and dull. The main difference in rhyme, the allocation of color holding ability, compatibility of Chinese medicine, and so. In other words, if we can fully grasp the resistance, even a few drugs, also through the combination of different, for the treatment of various diseases. This can be from the ancient famous doctor, such as Zhang Zhonglei, Chen Shiduo and other medication experience confirmed. Drug for two people to ordinary, Jianpi but Poria, acetabular surgery: phlegm medicine is no more than half of Xinjiang, Platycodon grandiflorum; Qing Yan medicine is nothing more than paeonol, gardenia, medication, not many, is not new in order to be different, but the syndrome differentiation, the dose and drug proportion with the permit adjustment an antidote against the disease, therefore, can treat kinds of difficulty miscellaneous disease, this point and some like to use a few strange medicine doctor is different. Then, should be how to hold Chinese medicines?
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The first chapter illustrates 1 solution of 2 pesticide resistance heat clearing drugs 3 Temperature Science and medicine 4 Xiaoshi drugs 5 Qi medicine 6 dampness medicine 7 Huoxue medicine 8 phlegm medicine 9 rheumatism, resuscitation, Pinggan Xifeng, cathartic 10 11 yang yin tonic medicine 12 astringent medicine case example second chapter third chapter each on a drug, diaphoretic 1 talk about the lobster sauce 2 mulberry leaves 3 Schizonepeta 4 Asarum 5 perilla 6 viticis 7 burdock 8 Angelica two, heat clearing drugs 1 dyers woad leaf 2 TCS 3 Scrophularia 4 Rhizoma imperatae 5 CLR 6 Cacumen Platycladi 7 Cassia to 8 Radix Paeoniae 9 honeysuckle 10 by 11 lophatherum gracile 12 Viola 13 from 14 cork 15 dandelion 16 Lu Gensan, stomachic 1 Divine Comedy 2 four malt, warm in medicine 1 Alpinia 2 cloves 3 leaves 4. Five, Qi medicine 1 Xiebai 2 Zhishi 3 Betel nut 4 5 Qingpi aloes 6 sandalwood six, Lishi 1 plantain 2 Perrin 3 Bixie 4 rush 5 red adzuki beans 6 Polyporus seven, blood activating drugs eight, phlegm medicine nine, rheumatism medicine ten eleven, Qi, sedative medicine twelve, thirteen, yang yin tonic medicine fourteen, fourth chapter "and astringent medicine, Zuo," @##@ compatibility principle Classification according to the indications, traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into the solution table, heat, blood, phlegm, regulating qi, tonifying about 18, if the selected 6-10 commonly used drugs from each category, a total of approximately 108 - 180, the average number is 144. That is to say, in clinic, at least to hold 144 kinds of drugs, can be called. Clinically, some doctors like drug use rare strange, there is the one's own knack in, also no ground for blame; however there are also kick up a cloud of dust, to demonstrate its medicine too profound to be understood wood: even people using the ordinary people do not understand the resistance, it exaggerated the efficacy of certain drugs, the Tianshan snow lotus, Cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum, Niu Zhangzhi modified hiss force a ready-made panacea, circulate erroneous reports, caused a lot of constitution is not applicable, after taking the emergence of various abnormal still do not know. Know ye not, any Chinese medicine, not compiled is cold, hot, even although the level of Ganoderma lucidum, still partial drying, licorice for Mei Gan, after service is also easy to stop thirsty temper. That is to say, the Department of traditional Chinese medicine any side effects, without compatibility to mitigate the side effect, long service or multiple single ambiguous drug, eventually there will be. In order to further explain changes in compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine after the book as an example, the most common forces Siwu Decoction, detailed description of rehmannia, angelica, peony, Ligusticum chuanxiong mortar composition, can with the compatibility proportion of different, resulting in the overall resistance to dry (Angelica sinensis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, excess), or to the greasy (radix rehmanniae, mortar), if usually Shao excessive physical comparison hot taking partial to the symplectic dry Siwu Decoction, prone to mouth parched and tongue scorched, temperature is not affected by the supplement and other symptoms: similarly, if taking too greasy Siwu Decoction, the spleen and stomach weak, water wet stagnation, also can appear anorexia and other side effects. Also, with Xuefuzhuyu Decoction 力例, if according to the patients symptoms, adjust blood activating drugs and Qi medicine proportion, or qi stagnation blood stasis syndrome can be treated with relative bias. This book "after the 99 commonly used traditional Chinese medicine following ambiguous entry" one book, then I added 99 commonly used Chinese medicine, in particular to strengthen its four five Mei and lifting interpretation, if the reader can appreciate the mystery, more widely to master all kinds of Chinese medicines.
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