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Date of publication:2007-11   Press: Ancient Chinese Medicine   Author:Zhang Donghai   Pages:280  

Zhang Donghai, male, Miao, born in April 1954. Longshan County in Hunan province. Xiangxi Zhang 氏苗 medical orthopedics successor. Incumbent Hunan Province Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi Longshan County national orthopedic hospital dean, Longshan County CPPCC Standing committee. The main community part-time positions: Deputy Director of Institute of ethnic medicine professional committee members, according to Miao Medicine Committee of experts China national medicine of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Institute of Hunan Province, member of the Hunan Provincial Association of Chinese folk medicine professional committee. Zhang Donghai is 15 years old with his father to study medicine, in the nearly 40 years of orthopedic medical activities, there are more than 40000 cases of orthopedics patients after he carefully treatment and rehabilitation. In the inheritance of ancestral Miao medicine bonesetting academic innovation at the same time, also the traditional Miao medicine diagnosis and treatment of bone disease, summed up the "manipulative reduction," Berlin bone setting powder, small splint fixation, herbal staging oral blood circulation, relieve pain, bone regeneration, Miao medicine of invigorating liver and kidney, Shujin Tongluo and, method of treatment bone disease recovery strengthens the function exercise "five in one of Miao nationality medicine. Research results "of Miao medical bone setting manipulation plus Berlin bone powder in the treatment of bone diseases," won the award of progress of science and technology of traditional Chinese medicine in Hunan province and Xiangxi Autonomous State Science and technology progress award. Also has in the academic journals, more than academic conferences published more than 20 academic papers or exchange. Has won the national, autonomous prefecture of Xiangxi in Hunan Province, Longshan County unity advanced individual, many meritorious alumni, won the outstanding members of the CPPCC Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, county labor model, such as the honorary title of the top ten hospital dean.
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The first chapter is introduction section of Miao Miao history has a long history, about five thousand or six thousand years ago the Yanhuang era, Miao ancestors "Yin Ma the Yellow River" and the "Central Plains", boarded the stage of history of Chinese civilization, become an important member of the big family of the Chinese nation, but also the creators of Chinese civilization. The Miao ancestors and the ancient hero Chi You, and Yan, Huang Di was later is revered as the nation's three big human ancestor. Miao has a long history, dating back to about 5000 years ago Chinese period. At that time, China's the Yellow River, the Yangtze River basin there are three of the most powerful tribal alliance -- Yan Di, Huang Di and Chi You. In "records of the historian records Wudi" between Huang Di and Yandi's battle. In "yizhoushu, taste of wheat" recorded between Huang Di and Chi You of the battle of Zhuolu. Led by Chi You, Huang Di and Yandi tribal alliance Jiuli tribe alliance for their respective interests have a war, in the "fight for territory in ancient Central China", Chi You Huang Di was killed in Zhuolu, a part of the tribe members in the Yellow River basin, fusion in Huaxia later. A part of South to escape, to cross the river to the south, into the "left Dongting Basin, right Peng Li", after years of live and multiply, and formed a powerful tribal alliance, known as the "yellow" or "three seedlings states". "Miao" is following the Jiuli tribe alliance, made up part of the Miao people's new powerful tribal alliance, the tribal leader is Huan pocket, in his later joined the alliance under the command of Yao and shun tribe. In Da Yu's successor, Miao Yu under the rule of the Dukes became. In Yao, Shun, Yu times, "Miao" also oppressed, war with each other, so that the "yellow" unable to get up after a fall, gradually disintegrated. Three Miao group is divided into three, namely partial elimination, part to Xia; to strike four migration part.
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The first chapter is introduction of the development history of the first section Miao Miao medicine development in section second section third Miao medicine traumatology, Miao medicine orthopedics cylinder history two, Department of Orthopaedics and traumatology, Miao medicine history test three, Miao medicine traditional external treatment (a) Sida method (two) application (three) (four) the traditional Miao medicine bonesetting medicine and witchcraft and Miao medicine department two chapter Miao medicine bonesetting section Xiangxi Zhang 氏苗 medical orthopedics second section of the Xiangxi Huayuan Miao medicine orthopedics third section of the Qiandongnan Miao medicine bonesetting fourth section of the Xiangxi and Qiandongnan Miao medicine bonesetting fifth day Miao medicine bonesetting of traditional Chinese medicine sixth day compared with traditional Miao medicine is bone, steps and method the initial step and method two, mid treatment measures three, the recovery period of treatment and prescription drugs of third chapter first section of the Berlin bone setting powder drug composition and quality standard, prescription two, three, four, calcite preparation process, quality standard section second Miao medicine orthopaedics prescription, orthopedics, Miao medicine preparation two Miao medicine traumatology folk prescription three, "Miao" in practical prescriptions contained about fracture, traumatic injury medicine section third orthopedics Miao medicine list the fourth chapter Miao medicine bonesetting and Berlin bone powder in the treatment of bone disease clinical research The first clinical study Miao medicine bonesetting and Berlin bone powder in the treatment of bone disease clinical research section second academic papers of 655 cases of fracture of the epidemiological and clinical analysis of 243 cases of children fracture analysis of clinical epidemiology of Miao medicine bonesetting method in Berlin bone powder in the treatment of upper limb fractures of Miao medical bone setting manipulation reduction and Berlin bone powder in the treatment of fracture of lower limb bone powder in the treatment of Miao medicine in Berlin the fifth chapter wounds of appendix section Miao Chinese medical vocabulary of human anatomy, and class two, class second section a disease name 氏苗 medical manipulation photo third day follow-up data after the record @##@ X-rays For the convenience of the reader to understand Zhang's bone crisp, with photos of Zhang's manipulation of photographs and clinical data in "Miao medicine bonesetting" in one book, tries to discuss and clinical effect of a 氏苗 medicine graphic manipulation. The book is accompanied by "Miao Chinese medical vocabulary" human anatomy class, the name of the disease and two kinds of Miao and Han controlled medical vocabulary, convenient for readers to study and application of Miao medicine. The attached Miao Chinese medical vocabulary in Miao language transliteration, is the first dialect area Eastern dialect China Miao in Huayuan, Jishou Miao language transliteration. The attached terms from the relevant documents and materials, accurate or not, for reference only. "Miao medicine bonesetting" is the experience of East China Miao Miao medicine bonesetting academic and clinical application of summary. Limited to the region, has its limitations can hardly be avoided, not all the Miao medicine bonesetting academic in China, is a great honor for editors.
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