Innovation Mongolia nationality for treating bone fracture (Mongolian)

Date of publication:2007年12月1日   Press: Version first (December 1, 2007)   Author:The sea where the sea, Mu Jinga   Pages:665  

"Innovation Mongolia nationality for treating bone fracture (Mongolian)" is our 40 years engaged in medical work summary, the main contents of the paper in the army had used various journal, published 300 pamphlets and based on. The book of these manuscripts are supplemented and amended greatly, and added a new chapter. "Innovation Mongolia nationality for treating bone fracture (Mongolian)" is the main content of the innovation and medical technology invention interpretation. That is the essence of science innovation. Medical innovation is to improve the quality of medical care, mend his ways to save him. Department of orthopedics, medical technology innovation, innovation is the first Department of orthopedics medical means, innovation and invention without medical treatment, will not have the progress and development of medical technology. ". Innovation and invention of medical treatment, and must be based on the deep fracture treatment technology and rich experience based on bone health. That is to say, innovation and invention and the new health care law, the bone fracture treatment technology is extremely proficient, diligent in learning, mastery of orthopedic clinical phenomenon. Keep thinking, thinking, learning, continuously discovered, proposed the question, to solve the problem. Follow scientific methods and procedures, in the observation, experiment, analysis and induction; to love medicine, advocating the truth, respect for the law, strict pragmatic, dedication, not afraid of difficulties, scaled new heights. This is a Book China Mongolia library written "Mongolia family therapy and innovation", is divided into four parts. The first part introduces the invention and application of fracture reduction fixation device; the second part introduces the invention and clinical application of Chinese medicine; the third part introduces some Department of orthopedics clinical medical innovation; fourth section describes the experience of 40 years of clinical and scientific work. "Innovation Mongolia nationality for treating bone fracture (Mongolian)" is a set of ideological, scientific, academic, as one of the academic works.
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