Art therapy - operation techniques and classical case

Date of publication:2007-5   Press: Chongqing Publishing Group (Chongqing   Author:Yang Dong   Pages´╝Ü344  

Dr. Yang Dong, associate professor of psychology, Southwestern University School of psychology, director of the Department of psychology department management, master's tutor. Japan is a visiting fellow at the Hiroshima City University, Nanjing University School of business human resource management. The national human resources management division, enterprise EAP trainer. At present, in the "Journal of psychology" and other journals published more than 20 papers, edited 4 books.
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"Art therapy: operation techniques and a classic case of" elaborate explain profound theories in simple language, strong readability and maneuverability, can not only provide diagnosis reference for professional researchers and clinical workers, also can let the general public to understand the related knowledge and specific coping methods.
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The first chapter art therapy overview of what is art therapy second day art therapy theory in the second chapter play therapy first play therapy overview section second play therapy skills third day of play therapy cases and the third chapter is the analysis of sandplay therapy first sandplay therapy is the second day of sandplay therapy operation techniques of section third box family therapy in the treatment of fourth cases of the first section of chapter of painting therapy is what painting therapy second main techniques of painting therapy and operation skill of painting therapy of third cases and analysis the fifth chapter scenic composition first scenery constitute basic problem of section second scenic composition structure of the theory in section third scenic composition technique in section fourth case analysis and discussion of the sixth chapter of other art therapy first quarter therapy second psychological drama third music therapy and paper-cut collage therapy reference @## @ "Art therapy: operation techniques and classical case" is on the basis of introduction and the introduction, a large amount of theoretical and practical case of Japanese art therapy on clinical psychology, combined with the practice of the formation of. Basic theory of art therapy, the specific forms and specific techniques and its operation are introduced in detail, introduces the new application of several specific therapy more, including the game method, drawing method, sandplay therapy, landscape composition and other art therapy, combined with analysis of a large number of actual cases for the reader, show you a wonderful world of art therapy. Art therapy is a kind of comprehensive treatment, very popular in foreign countries in the practice of clinical psychology in recent decades, especially Japanese art therapy not only in theory, including the specific treatment techniques are easy to operate, currently has developed more mature.
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