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Chinese traditional surgery is a part of Chinese traditional medicine, the content is rich, has a long history, has made great contribution to the prosperity of the Chinese nation. "Chinese medicine surgery" is divided into two parts, the contents include surgery, surgical range and development of disease classification and nomenclature of definitions, etiology and pathology, syndrome differentiation, treatment; the contents include sore, breast disease, tumor, cancer, gall (rock), skin disease, anorectal diseases, male reproductive diseases etc..
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The first chapter of general surgery development the second chapter surgical range and disease classification and nomenclature of interpretation section surgical range second day disease named third section classification interpretation chapter third pathological section of pathogenic factors section second of chapter fourth first quarter the pathogenesis of syndrome differentiation on parts of the second day on main and collateral channels blood third resolution table fourth resolution and fifth resolution the sixth section type identification difficulties seventh pus differentiation and disease differentiation of blood gas flavor in section eighth section ninth distinguishes the Yin and Yang, fixed clockwise tenth resolution go yellow, in section eleventh section twelfth of resolution loss differentiation of ulcer color bone membrane fifth chapter treatment section internal treatment a, two, three, social support reinforcement method in section second external treatment, drug therapy, operation therapy three, two other therapy on the first chapter and the first day of a general carbuncle, two, three, four cervical carbuncle axillary carbuncle, furuncle, carbuncle second umbilical one summer boil two, three, third day cricket furuncle furunculosis boils a facial furuncle, two, hand and foot the three part boils, acutesuperficial lymphangitis fourth boil toxin fifth erysipelas sixth section a, lock throat abscess two, carbuncles, and three kick seventh day carbuncle eighth section three depression syndrome (carbuncle toxin In the ninth section, section tenth). Section eleventh headless carbuncle a streamer, suppurative osteomyelitis two, Huantiao carbuncle twelfth scrofulous thirteenth section flow sputum chapter second breast disease first introduction to the second day third day fourth day breast nipple broken breast hyperplasia of breast sixth day fifth day seventh day eighth day milk Li leakage mammary bleeding third chapter 1 Introduction second section gas gall gall third meat gall stone 瘿第 fourth chapter four section of tumor second lipoma third gas tumor section fourth section fifth section sixth rib sarcoma tumor in seventh section eighth section fifth chapter osteoma glioma cancer (rock) section 1 Introduction second day lost glory third tongue bacteria (tongue, tongue erosion rock) fourth breast cancer (rock) fifth kidney rock flower sixth chapter skin disease first introduction second section of herpes simplex third snake strand sore fourth day fifth day sixth day wart pustular sore tinea, bald, fat sore sore white two three, four five foot tinea manuum, moisture, gray fingers (toe) a six, ringworm, scabies seven purple vitiligo seventh day eighth day ninth day bug bites dermatitis contact dermatitis eczema eleventh section tenth drug dermatitis twelfth addiction rash thirteenth psoriasis fourteenth knots wind itch Itch fifteenth knots of wind herpes simplex sixteenth white scar section seventeenth white crumbs wind eighteenth day nineteenth day twentieth day oil acne rosacea twenty-first erythema multiforme twenty-second erythema nodosum twenty-third lupus erythematosus twenty-fourth mildew sore seventh chapter anal rectum disease first introduction to second hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids three a two, mixed hemorrhoid the third section fourth anal fissure anal cryptitis Festival Fifth Festival perianal and perirectal abscess in sixth day seventh day eighth day anal prolapse of the anus rectum polyp ninth anal rectal cancer in eighth chapter male reproductive diseases the first section of second sub carbuncle third sub phlegm fourth scrotal abscess fifth day sixth day Seventh Festival de sac edema of scrotum penis sputum nuclear eighth prostatitis the Ninth Section prostatic hyperplasia tenth hemospermia ninth chapters other surgical diseases first day second day third day burn frostbite snakebite section fourth section fifth section sixth bedsore tetanus ecthyma seventh gangrene eighth thrombophlebitis superficial thrombophlebitis of one, two, ninth day of thrombotic deep phlebitis appendicitis afterword
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The second chapter surgical range and disease classification and nomenclature of interpretation section surgical range ancient surgery division began with Zhou Dai, treating tumor, ulcer, ulcer, ulcer gold folding aspects of disease responsible for the surgeon, range is wide, the general surgical diseases, carbuncle, furuncle carbuncle, furuncle, streamer, also have gold, contusion trauma fracture, etc.. In the past, surgical book content, surgery, general surgery diseases of Otorhinolaryngology, anorectal diseases, diseases and miscellaneous diseases in Department of Traumatology, carbuncle. Tang Lin daoren's "Xian Shouli wounds and party" was the independent Department of traumatology. Today, because of the development of medical science, department is becoming more and more perfect, more small hours, surgeon treatment work is no longer so wide. ENT diseases has been divided into the Department of Ophthalmology, Department of ENT, injury, dislocation, fracture has returned to the Department of Traumatology, lung carbuncle to Department of internal medicine, Yin to gynecological, pediatric mumps to etc.. The current surgical treatment include: carbuncle, furuncle, carbuncle, furuncle, hair, flow, flow, scrofula, sputum breast disease, gall, tumor, rock, skin diseases, accidental trauma (insect bites, wounds, burns and other animal) body disease, and the former yin disease, disease of anus, internal organs (liver abscess, abscess biliary abscess, appendicitis, stomach carbuncle) etc.. The second section disease after surgical diseases in TCM nomenclature due to regional difference, not a dialect, naming standards are not unified, the emergence of more than one disease or illness, a site, a disease also has several different names, it is difficult to learn.
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