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Date of publication:2007-5   Press: Southeast University press (Nanjing: Southeast University Press)   Author:Changzhou Association for science and Technology Group   Pages´╝Ü178  

Since the reform and opening up, especially the "fifteen" period, sustained, rapid development of China's economy, the sixteen Congress of the party since the third, fourth, Fifth Plenary Session proposed, the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, vigorously promote independent innovation, and realize the growth way of fundamental change, adhere to the people-oriented, building a harmonious society. Along with the Jiangsu province and Changzhou city "two speed to" advance, the income of urban and rural residents increased significantly, the average life expectancy increased year by year, people's material life is more and more advantageous to the scientific cultural knowledge, have more and more demand. This requires people to learn scientific knowledge, improve scientific literacy, promote the scientific spirit, advocating scientific rationality, establish the scientific civilization life consciousness of health, to keep up with the pace of development of the times and the society. In order to popularize scientific knowledge in the vast number of ordinary people, promoting people's scientific and cultural quality improvement, Changzhou Association of science and technology after careful planning and organized the preparation of the "series" people science and people. This series by the Changzhou Municipal Science and technology association organize relevant units and experts, scholars and the society of scientific and technological personnel jointly compiled, covering health care, nutrition, mental health, daily life, environmental protection, security and other multiple topics, using plain text to the life of people is closely linked with scientific knowledge, advocate scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle, to raise public awareness of the environment, ecological consciousness, enrich people's spiritual life, and improve people's living environment, quality of life, living standards. "People" popular science series full set of 30 volume, will be published in succession. Hope this series can make people broaden their horizons, enrich the knowledge, between science and the public distance, arouse the public enthusiasm and interest in science, the timely dissemination of new ideas and new knowledge, contribute a little to the society.
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The first chapter approached the psychological health of 1 mental health standards 2 modern people's psychological health standards 3 five fast three good health -- new standard 4 pay attention to your mental age 5 to learn to know yourself 6 cry and smile are beneficial to mental health of 7 pay attention to psychological health of 8 living habits and mental health of 9 learning behavior and psychology health 10 high-tech and mental health to prevent the psychological barrier 1 second chapter ten normal "abnormal" psychological phenomenon 2 unreasonable eleven cognitive idea 3 twelve kinds of mental defect takes 4 modern people's psychological weakness and crisis 5 how to eliminate your jealousy? 6 pessimistic attitude of self adjustment of 7 modern people how to deal with the psychological fatigue 8 overcome impatience five 9 get rid of loneliness from "self" to start the 10 lead your emotions to do exercise 11 regret: the enemy of mental health of 12 to change the bad habits of psychological techniques 13 pressure psychological self-help 14 to overcome the psychological barriers to 15 learn to mind less "fat" type 16.A personality self testing and adjustment the third chapter 1 mental health and modern life of 2 to maintain mental health counseling 3 acceptable Eleven tips for how to go to see the psychological doctor 4 Institute of mental massage 5 mental health -- new concept of modern life 6 mental health four 7 psychological balance of 8 deal with embarrassment 9 make their psychological happier analysis of 10 dream psychology...... The fourth chapter enhance the psychological quality
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