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Lucia Gilbert (LUCiaGilbert) (1992, 387th) points out, "sexism and gender bias feature of psychology research and theory to such a degree, that without investigation about gender assumptions or untested gender based on divided into coverage research hypothesis, basic principle, adjust the specification or field." Gilbert further pointed out that, in order to overcome gender bias in the study, in order to correctly describe the experience of men and women as a starting point is very necessary. In addition, the Barlow (Bal-lou, 1996), women's experience is worth to take seriously, and can be used as about knowledge and the reality of the other point of view. The post modern perspective on the relationship between a situational problems including understanding, will be important to consider the existence of women and about the concept of "self" is defined as the study of psychological counseling. Psychological perspective of psychological internal perspective focus on inner strength as described by FreudThe unconscious process and inner conflict (see Chapter seventh). That from the perspective of multicultural counseling, psychological counseling schools of traditional too much emphasis on the psychological interior force plays the role of conceptual dynamics at. Think multicultural perspective, external forces such as oppression, racial prejudice and discrimination can also have a direct effect on psychological functioning (Sue&Sue, 1999). Postmodernism provides another perspective for understanding the human condition. From a post modern perspective, issues such as language and narrative provides a contextual perspective to define the truth, knowledge and what is real: it'. Especially in gender and culture, this is because women tend to emphasize the relationship problems and minority is directly influenced by social political power. The relationship between a situational perspective can therefore provide a frame of reference which is important for female and minority counseling. Sexual orientation, sexual orientation is an important psychological consultation among the diversified problems. Fasinger (Fassinger, 1991) defines some key terms related to sexual orientation. Sexual orientation (or preferences) which is a complex condition factors associated with selective of your partner's behavior, attitudes and lifestyles. Homosexuality refers to have sex with partners, and gay etiology is largely seen as genetic or physiological basis. Gay men and lesbians (gay) (lesbian) is more easily acceptable terms (with respect to homosex. The word ual is concerned), because they can promote a more positive image, beyond the activity, and gay and lesbian who consider life related cultural factors are involved. Homophobia is another commonly used terminology associated with sexual orientation, can be defined as people may be for gay men and lesbians fear and hatred of the negative attitude.

Michael Nistall (Michael S.Nystul) 1974 received counseling PhD degree from Oregon State University. He served as a professor at New Mexico State University and the Department of educational psychology counseling. Nystul is a practicing psychological expert (licensed psychologist), the clinical mental health counselor (clinical mental health counselor) and school psychology special
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This book is a comprehensive review of the occupation psychological counseling, from the psychological counseling and psychotherapy as is an art, is also a science from the perspective of writing. The theme throughout this book, creating a balance between trying to subjective categories in psychological counseling and objective category. Art and Science in this book in a variety of forms. For example, I provide an objective review of psychological consulting new important topic. At the same time, I try to balance this scientific perspective on art of counseling, reflected in the large number of personal notes, these are based on my clinical experience over 35 years. The first part of the book presents a comprehensive introduction of psychological counseling and psychological counseling process. It is trying to understand what is to provide a conceptual framework of psychological counseling and consultation process. The first chapter presents several models, can be used for conceptual thinking on psychological counseling. These patterns include: psychological consultation and treatment of art and science, formal and informal help people help others comparison, from the historical view of psychological counseling and consulting various trends. The second chapter provides information about occupation preparation and legal ethics of information. The third chapter presents an overview of psychological consultation process, and the art of listening skills description. The fourth chapter and the fifth chapter covers the art and science research and evaluation, diagnosis, the. The second part of the book provides a relevant in a multicultural perspective to form individual counseling method information. The sixth chapter provides specific guidelines on establishing consulting method. The seventh chapter, the eighth chapter and the ninth chapter discusses the main counseling theory, can be used in the individual counseling method. Special attention is the conceptual thinking of psychological theory and procedures and the implementation of the program, need to create a multicultural perspective. The emerging trends such as spirit, diversity, multiculturalism, postmodernism and short-term counseling into account importance were discussed also. The third part of the book includes the tenth chapter to the fifteenth chapter, discusses the special methods and set up counseling. After the basic knowledge and skills in the psychological consultation, the normal situation is that they start for special populations, to carry out the work in different environments, in order to increase the professional skills, such as psychological counseling for children and young people in school, or inpatient treatment of mental health problems in the clinic, hospital, or in private practice. A special method of psychological counseling, such as marriage and family counseling, counseling, child and adolescent psychological group counseling and occupation career consulting, is a useful technique for counselors, can be used to work for the visitors, the visitors of the entire life cycle, to promote the optimal development. In this occupation psychological counseling, development of these special skills and put into practice, will face many challenges, will also have a huge return.
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The first part of the psychological counseling and psychological counseling process introduction the first chapter introduction to the second chapter of psychological consultation occupation preparation and ethical and legal issues in Chapter third, chapter fourth psychological consultation process assessment and diagnosis of the fifth chapter of psychological counseling research and evaluation of the second part from a multicultural perspective of individual psychological counseling methods. The sixth chapter from a multicultural perspective of individual psychology the seventh chapter, Adler Freud consulting method with the classical theory of Carl Jung chapter eighth experience theory and methods. The ninth chapter cognitive behavior theory the third part special methods and the tenth chapter of marriage and family counseling eleventh chapter twelfth chapter of child and adolescent psychological counseling group counseling occupation career counseling thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter school counseling mental health counseling English and Chinese vocabulary control thanks @##@ literature The author of this book Michael nice tal, has more than 35 years of counseling experience, he from the point of view of art and science perspective, the occupation psychological counseling are described comprehensively. Book psychological counseling major theoretical schools treatment, research, practice and development in a body, the diversification, postmodernism, short-term psychotherapy emerging trends were also introduced, captures the essence of psychological counseling. Art of counseling and scientific characteristics throughout the chapter, the writing style uniform, clear masterstroke, helps readers understand. The book will also be ethical and legal problems described as important issues, it has important theory value and practical value, can fill the blank of this aspect in our country theory; the book with the author's personal notes, introduced the method of specific cases. This book is suitable for domestic college psychological counseling teachers, students and other psychological counseling, mental health workers to read.
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