I draw my heart

Date of publication:2009-10   Press: China Light Industry Press   Author:Yan Wenhua   Pages´╝Ü156  

Illustration: the first chapter diary in picture what is the picture diary picture diary is the use of picture and text in the form of a diary. It is characterized by attention to inner feelings, emotional self. Compared with the traditional writing diary, it not only pays attention to the event itself, but also on the events behind the emotional reaction. The primary function of writing diary is recording, expression, reflection and catharsis, picture diary can also have these functions. In the picture diary, magical point is, it may not be what happened in reality, what happened but your heart. Traditional diary strengths is the record after the fact, but the picture diary strengths are records of emotion. Urges us to action often is not the fact, but the mood. We can be illustrated with an example: a white collar and her colleagues in the office. As she wrote in her diary, she wrote: "this thing makes me very angry. I worked in the company for 10 years, nobody ever treated me, arguing that I felt humiliating. I like where authority manager?! "but when her diary in pictures, painted such a picture (Fig. 1-1).

Yan Wenhua: Associate Professor, School of psychology and cognitive science at East China Normal University. She enjoys walking in the psychology of different areas of fun, stay in the cross cultural psychology, psychological counseling and psychology of management the three pieces of land for the longest time. Author of "Intercultural Communication" psychology "do a good counselor" "psychological voiceover" "and their hearts together" and so many books.
Author brief introduction

In recent years, some of the things that happened, gave birth to this book: I accept China Light Industry Press "psy" Gao Xiaojing editor's invitation, write recommended language for "doodle diary --" listening "in your mind" this version. Read the whole book, I drew a picture of the "book", and then write the recommendation. "Doodle diary" in the diary in the picture, has been many years since I practice, but did not insist on down, it touched my dusty heart, so I had to open picture diary workshop. In several times during the workshop, I witnessed the students personal growth, witnessing the picture diary magic, are pleased with their progress. Picture diary accompanied by some people through a hurdle the greatest, had a very enjoyable time with some people, but also accompanied by some find themselves more potential. Our workshop ended, but the picture diary will be accompanied by a lot of them go. These pictures workshop also let me gain a lot of insight, moved and accumulation, the accumulation of a part, is presented in this book. Thank you for attending the workshops friends, their intentions to draw these pictures, and allowed me to use the pictures in the book. Who they are is not important, so any personal information they do not appear in the book. Importantly, they express the contemporary China City People's psychological conflict, their pain, their pressure,, expressed by these pictures. I believe that readers like me, touched by the participants will be flowing from the heart out of the picture. I believe that these examples will allow readers to see the vivid picture of magic, so as to enhance the use of picture of personal growth of confidence. The two is in close contact with the colors of the. Before applying picture technology, I have been limited to using pencil and watercolor pen, but had a passion for painting peer encouragement, began to use more color and tools.
Catalogue of books

The first part into the picture diary first picture diary what picture diary why choose picture has decided to have a material with time have space team second busy urban people the second chapter first picture diary you with relaxation training guide the first picture through the subject text leads to the first picture more to try the third chapter self understanding, years know self review years concentrated life fourth chapter to understand the stress and coping stress through pictures of stress, to find a solution through pictures' method to cope with the pressure of fifth chapter on "house of terror" fear of contact, relationship between fear relieved visit "house of terror" the sixth chapter touches the inner conflicts faced with a conflict between generations of collective the conflicts between the seventh chapter adult and parent in the face of our parents and...... The third part found melodious life through pictures for @##@ behavior change. Here is a picture of the river. The flowing in the picture in a river, a gorgeous flower, a youth in the wreckage fell dejected, a Fang Jiebai's handkerchief, warm like the sun, a string into the years necklace of tears, with the rhythm of life, is the book of life, like the fog came to grief, there is a symbol of love heart necklace, birds like thoughts, is like the land of deep love...... Make a note of the picture diary! Keep those traces of birds, depicting the hint of sadness, the debris and Chen Zha into the bustling Qiongjiang, watering those years of riverside flowers.
Chapter excerpt

Look at the 174 pictures, we can intuitively see a beating heart, feel their feelings, as if to travel a magical kingdom, where all the people are not wearing masks, but the real way to meet with you. You may learn from them their own shadow, feeling and others meet spiritual joy; you may be influenced by them, also put his mask off, feel comfortable and easy to breathe freely easily; maybe you will like them, picked up a brush or other materials, towards his spiritual garden painting trip. In the picture diary workshop, I saw the picture of the magic: some people see the wonder years pressure through pictures, and find solutions; some people to accompany their inner most conflicts with the picture in the time of confusion, the mighty storm outside enjoying the peace of mind; some people through pictures mining our potential, began a new direction of occupation; some people situation has not changed, but the mood is variable"A flower waiting to open flowers"; some people from the loneliness to together with others, some people from the lively to alone...... Those changes and growth surprised me, let me move. Picture diary workshop brings not only the mood change, change is more action. All the people and I like enjoying the picture to bring the spirit of pleasure. Picture diary team activities into a rich spiritual dinner. Everyone is very cherish. Because the treasure, so participants will push other things to attend this activity, let oneself benefit more. Participants behavior change is related to my guidance, but the team trust, sharing and collective painting also played a very good role. In a time of activity, with the share of in-depth, team trust is also more and more deep, all the team as a safe harbour, peace of mind to share their feelings, and receiving feedback from everyone, even the surface quality.

"I hand my heart" was published by China light industry press.
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