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Date of publication:2011-11   Press: China development   Author:Wang Weibin   Pages´╝Ü250  

Some people say, the twenty-first Century is the century of psychology. The remark was absolutely right. In this world, there is no more complicated than people thought, emotion and more variable animal. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes sad; sometimes passionate, sometimes depressed; one moment still love each other dearly, the next moment and then become enemies with each other...... In the face of these every hour and moment is not in the change of emotions and relationships, we often feel be rather baffling or loss. However, to get the book blessed. Because he'll know, every action has its psychological factors, and psychological research can not only reveal the mechanism of action of these factors, it can provide proper treatment. These things are not complicated, it is not hidden, we just to pay no heed to them. Psychologists have done a famous experiment: a group of subjects watching a video clip, the content is few people passing the ball to each other. Subjects were asked to calculate the number of passes in video; video broadcast to half, one dressed as a gorilla man appeared on the screen, he entered the passer, and stopped in front of the camera and beat a few chest, then went out. After the experiment, participants were asked what they see in the video. A be hardly worthy of belief is, the subjects about half don't remember what I saw the gorilla. In today's information is, but the truth is very scarce time, perhaps only psychology rigorous experimental study, can help us to truly understand their own, understanding of others, in the face of information clear your mind. We can see many things in life, is not and we think they are, "just so so" or "should be so" things, only our most probably it did not actually happen, is a kind of representation. Our knowledge and belief, not Nothing is right., but only one is not universally applicable experience induction, without rigorous scientific methods to prove. One psychologist said: "if money doesn't make you happy, probably because you don't know how to spend money. Study is only psychology tells us, the same money, would rather spend, fishing, watching movies and tourism, and don't spend on what to buy IPad things; rather steady to buy small things, but not to buy a big guy. A series of research in psychology that: happiness is pleasure and meaning of the whole experience positive emotions, is a person in the understanding of the meaning of life is to enjoy; frequency of positive emotion of happiness depends more on people, rather than the strength. Always happy, or from the hand things bit by bit joy, improve the degree of our happiness, far more than those of exciting events. The joy and happiness of human life whenever and wherever possible, is moved, and not in the car, house or millions. Happiness is like a cat's tail, often when we inadvertently come, the gamble at high stakes to pursue happiness, but sometimes become the main reason for not happy, this is a typical "for drug pathogenic". Dear, you want to let the mind become more powerful, has a stronger influence, affinity, persuasion, thinking ability and happiness? So, you must use the psychological tricks, better to establish their own image, processing and persuade others friends. No matter what your confusion and pressure is, this book will be a let you get rid of the trouble of opportunity, at the same time, it is also for you to win the next game, get a more harmonious relationship, life more happy chance.

Introduction this book: Psychology and the psychology theory, the daily difficulties to readers one one. Let the reader easily learn to analyze many problems in life with the perspective of psychology, read come easily, humor, do not have fun.
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Wang Weibin, male, born in 70, master's degree, major in psychology published a "So that is what it is.: psychology behind the problem" (Chinese Development Press), "live relaxed psychological law" (Hongkong Sanlian bookstore).
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Chapter excerpt

Psychologist Weissman of the University of Hertfordshire pointed out that: "people will naturally feel uncomfortable when they lie, they will instinctively turn themselves from what they say lie out. For example, you ask your friend why he didn't come to set a good dinner last night, he complained that his car has broken down, he had to wait to get it repaired. A liar will use 'car' instead of 'I wrecked my car.'." In so doing, as they made the psychological distance between himself and the story. Lying, they don't really "own" their information. For example, they will say "these documents are sent yesterday", instead of individual expression directly: "yesterday I sentGo." So, if someone in the conversation always omit the "I", they have reasons to be skeptical. Conversely, a liar is also rarely use them lies in the names of the persons involved. A famous example is, a few years ago, America President Bill Clinton in a speech to the nation, reject the use of "Monica", but "I told the woman did not have sexual relations". Psychology professor James Pennibek and his assistant America Austen of the University of Texas, developed a software analysis lies. He pointed out that, liars use fewer turning or exclusive vocabulary, that their brains are highly functioning, to complex thinking. Third, if the other party to answer some simple questions look unnatural words, was doubtful. The psychologist pointed out, if they feel ashamed about lying, it is difficult to maintain eye gaze. But if it is a white lie, or won't let them feel ashamed of lies, liars will redouble intently staring at your eyes, pupil dilation. However, when he looks at you, because the attention is too concentrated, the eye will begin to dry, it will make them more in the blink of an eye, this is a fatal information leakage. In addition, the eyeball rotation show that their brain at work. Most people, when the brain is "building" a sound or image, motion direction is right above their eye. If people are trying to remember exactly what happens, they will see top left.......
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Psychologist: "dear life" from the angle of psychology psychological techniques with authority, to resolve all the problems in daily life. The bonus or raise? The same money why feel different? The missing money than pick up more stimulus money? This year the popular green? My boyfriend is a Q? The smart point or woolly headed?
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