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The copyright page: this small Title wrote, I have just read Ken Wilbur's "the transcendence of death", and deeply immersed in moving. Remember to look at the last paragraph Ken's wife, when the heroine Cui Ya ready to die is quiet, I woke at four o'clock. I don't know why I didn't go to sleep again, but from the pillow picked up this book, one chapter suddenly turn to Cui Ya ready to die, one saw the copy from rolia description -- Cui Ya gently to her husband to say: "I want to go." Ken said: "I understand...... Come, let me hold my girl upstairs." At that time, see here, my heart trembled. In the late night reading, I touched a beautiful beyond the spirit of death, in the cosmos and man's links with death; I felt her husband in the love beyond death soul deep understanding, in the same spirit beyond death, quiet and harmonious escort he went looking for a lifetime only get along with a brief five years to Yin and yang two are soul mates. This is a very touching story of life. The middle-aged people to find each other's heart love, just got married when we found that his wife had breast cancer. They are on the disease bloodied challenge hand in hand for the past five years. Experienced pain, fear, resentment and anger, experience can not give up the love, also has experienced for fear of losing each other and hurt each other once intolerable. Finally, through meditation and spiritual soul beyond the implementation, the wisdom and compassion, the ID and the big love. Has to be very careful to walk on the edge of death of women, in order to survive to guard her soul mate, experienced numerous treatment failure tortured; not because life is not much and let their relatives, harsh; not because of pain and the resentment is projected to relatives. On the contrary, the brave woman with a "awareness" wise man of the heart, the death trip as a meditation journey; in the dance with the disease and pain at the same time, insight into illness pain, uniting with their fear of death and pain of a normal heart, an acceptance heart, a calm heart, as well as a disease to sublimate their own heart of gratitude. One was full of "ego" in a calm heart, to die in the realization of "I" and "big love"; a weak but brave heart with pain chains transcend; exhaustion of body, but very touching a light in the heart of freedom and joy of life energy; and vitality from the physical pain of chains, cheerful "dancing with death"; Flying hearts flying in the clouds of the sky...... The woman saved my soul at the same time, she used a pitiful powerful heart by letter, by speech, with the blessing saved countless like her in cancer of the tip and dead souls dancing. A for meditation beyond death, the ordinary woman grace and courage of the short but extraordinary life stand vividly revealed on the paper! Her beloved husband Ken in the death of his wife said: "truly saved me, because I serve her and saved." She lost her flesh, but let her love and obtained the sublimation of the soul, the individual small universe I love and unity of love. Cui Ya and Ken's body and mind to experience the death process, realize the unity of man and universe, for people walking meditation on the road in life played a farewell to life as the acme of perfection. "Get" and "loss" between the original is the realm of life. "The transcendence of death" that shook my soul, because two years ago I just experienced the father. Inadvertently, in no psychological preparation condition, even have no chance to gaze at the pain, only 10 days, father to live the life of a field accidentaly across incurable disease died.

Wu Yunyan, Hangzhou. Chinese Writers Association member. Obtained master's degree, Renmin University of China journalism USA University of Illinois master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Xinhua news agency, former editor of Beijing Foreign Service Corporation (FESCO) assistant manager, Hongkong wharf, Beijing Times Square sales manager, executive manager, American Motorola Beijing company America Oracle Chinese consulting operation manager. "Zero limit health meditation net" CEO. In 1994, Wu Yunyan published "China employees in foreign company -- the great portrait" disclosed for the first time the cloaked in mystery in society. Followed by the "foreign" to expose the real foreign woman soul. Published in 1997, "the sea" and reproduction of the mall bloody war, was USA "Washington Daily News", "Boston Daily News" and a number of Chinese newspaper serialization. The accumulation of more than ten years of international famous Multi-National Corporation rich management experience, based on the end of 2007, once again launched the "game" -- Perspective Chinese foreign official, the brush to thoroughly Chinese foreign companies the most unique, core, but also the most unknown "company politics". In recent years, Wu Yunyan writes from business and foreign materialistic desire crosscurrent, noise. Go to a new field -- "meditation". A writer of realism "outward" reproduction, to deeply explore the human soul "inward". 2011 published in literature and interview combined manner of the domestic first set of body mind spirit interview record books -- "meditation", "zero limit health life information secret", "life", "road to reveal the fate", "password life in what to say", "row by, increasing heart". "Health" is representative of the meditation meditation culture, is a collection of documentary literature, philosophy, psychology, medicine, and an interview with the body mind works.
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Meditation, all day every day when I was a professional news media for over 20 years of human occupation, pursuit allows us to every new thing is full of curiosity, thirst for each news, we are also from the latest events reported in many harvest. However, every coin has different sides, continuous publication cycle makes it difficult to get a breath, the impact of the new media to traditional media make people difficult to sleep soundly, new business unit increases in difficult to calm down to think about the future. We are in a "fast" era. With the increasing of speed; express industry expanded rapidly; fast food has become many white-collar preferred; e-mail, QQ, MSN let the world friendship and love through the waves of honor; fast rhythm with big city's footsteps. In the "time is money, efficiency is life" concept of value, people walking hurriedly, heavy pressure, heart bear seems to always lingering anxiety and tension. We are in an urgent rash era. The team round straight, bishop trained to sack the class; business half do not see improvement, will have to find another job manager; middle school students two monthly exam is not ideal, parents anxious one can find many good teachers; "can't lose in the starting line" slogan, the kindergarten parents and children do shuttle in the evening and weekend classes, so the society without too many children childhood laughter. Display a "global most anxious people" survey, the world's most impatient is the land of the Chinese Chinese. We live in a busy period, enormous pressure and thrust outside made it difficult for us to stop and...... In fact, the road of life there are many bend road, hurrying people need more timely stop, rest, panting, complementary energy...... The mind needs a quiet garden, let us also can have a quiet moment with in the busy life. Truth may be aware of the importance, don't listen, we need, may only be determined to put the fleeting moment in the busy, the static under heart to come, look at self, family, find friends, enjoy the scenery. Environment created by the heart. Although we are very busy, very tired, who also will do nothing, but the static under heart to come, read Ms. Wu Yunyan's "meditation and health". This from the news to foreign companies to the business professional, experienced enough good enough is enough to the hustle and bustle of the woman, after successfully published several reveal foreign and business materialistic lust, crossflow bestseller later. Suddenly gets transferred to a new field, began to life, to the self, looking for the body and soul...... With the profound life experience, Wu Yunyan used this year have been published in six the "zero limit health meditation series", as well as the book "meditation and health", by meditation, by "inward" search for life, bringing people to a deep reflection on the meaning of life and exploration...... As a very busy, also very eager meditation media people, hope meditation let us ordinary life is full of sunshine, let our life more meaningful, let every day of our life is full of harmony and happiness.
Catalogue of books

The opening -- Meditation, in life
who let us lose meditation? -- not for meditation meditation story
Case: in search of static heart, I had not meditation story
two cases: and the truth "argue", too much to handle
who let us lose meditation.
meditation, life is the search for
meditation is the life and find -- Bo Yuan to meditation journey of the life story of
Open meditation journey life inventory of
inventory of your "ideas" -- is what caused our trouble and pain.
take your life -- you really "missing"
take your "present" life -- what you have
"meditation," readers @##@ Health Questionnaire
said meditation, people usually understand for yoga, meditation,) wait for. Philosophy of language the author of the book of poetry in general: tell you the true meditation is a pursuit of life -- follow your heart deep self nature, pursue the self. Pursuing the harmonious relations in the ID, in pursuit of the person you love and loves you the person id...... Life is finally completed "who I am" find. Looking into the nature of life, you have a new life began a new prologue......
book with beautiful literary language. Philosophy of careful thought, Zhizhirenxin soul reproduction, vivid examples and stories. A taste of "meditation" taste, feeling with the different domains of life in different life level of the "good" -- make meditation brings you into the life and death experience with life: let the static heart to help you have and the lack of inventory let be a survivor of a disaster: meditation with you: make meditation help you melt the self cognition "iceberg"......
meditation, help you into a harmonious, happy door...... Methods

Book Meditation on, like a magical surgical operation, can help you cut yourself unclean. Help you find your inner beauty of nature. Then a newborn baby with your pure, open a pair of no pollution of the eyes, to discover and understand the beauty of the world......
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"Meditation", health beautiful literary language, philosophy of careful thought, Zhizhirenxin soul reproduction, vivid examples and stories, a taste of "meditation" taste, feeling with the different domains of life in different life level of the "good" -- make meditation brings you into the life and death experience with life: make meditation to help you check with and deletion; make meditation with you be a survivor of a disaster; make meditation help you melt the self cognition "iceberg"......
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