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"Out of the confusion: enhance your personality charm" speak when we find ourselves lazy, force yourself to push yourself, by force of will, this is wrong. Insecurity is an ingrained lurk cowardice, one can not face life, not responsible for their own fear. Image analysis revealed the mystery of the heart, to listen to the "primitive" sound, teach you how to walk out of confusion, do a really good people.

Reader friend lost the first chapter of youth, you know the title of the book why called "out of confusion -- and enhance your personality charm"? Young friends who did not want to let oneself have the personality charm? We see the celebrity biographies, see the famous great personality charm, who does not envy. As free and bold like Mao Zedong, or like Zhou Enlai as faithfully as refined, or as general Barton doughty, or like Einstein Frank humor...... Many people yearn for! And girl would like Sophia Roland have charm, or anything like as elegant...... I can't lift a lot of examples, because I am a lack of male, female idol. A few years ago Sanmao's book is popular, people still. I like many young people, to her charm quite appreciate, but probably not a few girls think her personality charm. A common view is: the charm of personality is to learn what or what and growth. For example, social skills, learning etiquette manners. Like a person to make themselves more beautiful, we want to add some what things in the body. Such as rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry. This is also good. But there is another side: personality charm is to eliminate what and growth. Like a person to make themselves more beautiful, will have a look yourself with what is not beautiful things to clear out. If you are a face of acne, you need to be beautiful not only face powder. To eliminate acne; if you have the scars, or lame humpback, it would need to cure disease. Otherwise, you think of a hunchback dressed Princess dress, wearing a full of the most luxurious jewelry, she would have charm? Of course, this is only on the surface, the more important is the inner world. All sorts of problems, psychological young people all sorts of mistakes, all sorts of mind scar and twist, all kinds of trouble, but also need to eliminate. With these, a person be preoccupied by some troubles, depressed pain, anxiety, fear or eccentric personality, how may also have the personality charm? To eliminate these, a mental health, mood cheerful people nature will have the personality charm. This is like the body without the disease, naturally more ruddy face, you don't have to for the same reason. So out of your confusion will inevitably can enhance your personality charm. That's like saying: "cure disease, make you more beautiful." So young people lost many? Reality tells us, did a lot of. So I see some books often write what: youth how beautiful, how is the golden age, is a beautiful youth, always a little thought. Because of them, is the youth in the elderly, the elderly no youth is always miss, so get it very well. If a person is dead, we will remember his benefits, but in fact he was alive, and we didn't think he how good. Again, your memory is not reliable, generally speaking, we are more likely to remember the good things. So in the elderly who spoke of their youth, often only remember the good things do not remember the bad things, let others look like bragging. In the marriageable age young people happy, happy nature is some, because they have the enthusiasm, energy, hope, social less pollution. However, young face life most problems, this is because young people experience less, for ourselves and others have not thoroughly, so confused, frustrated and have more. All these, like eating pests in a growing sapling, the personality bite scars, no longer beautiful tall and straight. Let us take them one one find out, get rid of the heart wound on the tree, let our personality perfection day by day, and this is what we should do right now. First of all, let us have a look which has several "pests". Divided, I divide them into several classes. One, the family psychological distress say home, people love to say it warm, sweet, peaceful, practical where is so simple. A warm home, but annoying not often also is home? Sometimes, parents do not make you unhappy. Even cause your resentment? For example, son and father would sometimes conflict with very strong; for example, the parents requested of you will let youDifficult to endure; for example, a home will feel a frustrating atmosphere. The most difficult is, no matter how your family unbearable, in your heart, you love them or. Love and hate is like the weather sometimes hot and sometimes cold, let a person can't adapt to the. Most unfortunately, although you disgusted parents some shortcomings, but you'll find out influence character by environment, you also gradually tainted with these shortcomings, after all, you are a part of this family. For example, son of the most hated father's autocratic rude, but later he found his temper is irritable. Not many contradictions and others in the family, but also have problems. The problem is he or she (mostly girls) too attached to family. Results away from home can not stand, is not good, homesick, must be very worried about. Most people feel homesick cry also just, but some girls leave home every day like a prison. This kind of problem is there are external causes, but in the final analysis, or the parties themselves are not mature and perfect personality. Two, personality defects in interpersonal communication or any weakness or flaw in the character, will be reflected in interpersonal communication. So it is no wonder that so many people in interpersonal communication and distress, complaining about his lack of social skills. In fact, many people and lack of social skills, rather than a lack of good character. For example, some girl asked: "I was very good for everyone, why don't people like me?" Why is there such a thing? Carefully have a look her behavior will understand. She please everyone, have echoed the who, never according to their own wishes and ideas. So people behoove to take her seriously, don't pay attention to her. It is her character weakness. Why did she have this character? This needs to find out the reason, to eliminate this kind of character. In this way, her interpersonal relationship will improve. Moreover, a boy and a girl afraid of social, a talk was hate may find a way to crack. Why? Also looking for reason, solve it. Social psychological serious, will become a social phobia. Some people because of fear of people, the doors are not, is not, it is the mental illness.
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Authors and others, single alone wrote the book, there are more than ten books, see also makes sense from the number. From the perspective of the content, can be proud of, the original is also quite good, each book in this concentration, are more or less contain ideas, concepts and methods of the original. A friend said the book of my weakness is bone less meat -- original ideas, but the expansion is not sufficient. If fully developed, each chapter some books can be a separate book. I also agree with, but I always bustling about, few can have quiet time to write, so it had to do. After all, there are many interesting, original thoughts, even this brief book have not yet had time to. Of course there is friend pointed out, some books of thought should be more clearly rake comb, theory system is still not perfect, which really makes me very embarrassed, not to busy as excuse to justify, thought not being expanded clearly is one thing, the thought itself is not clear is not acceptable. The problem I need to solve soon. Inventory, a little mind, feel no matter how to say, there are a lot of valuable content over the book, there are a lot of own innovation, to readers, admission is not wasting other people's money. So, will steadfastly, happy to wait for the publication of literary works. Back in the distant university of the times, we have to "foster the ideal of life", I myself also earnestly to set up his own ideal of life. My ideal is, "I want to live, and because of my existence, to leave this world something good, let others live a little better". At that time, my major is "weather forecast", I don't have to "forecast", I will become a psychologist or therapist, psychologist, "let the people live a little better" will become the official of my work, directly do: but maybe god or the legendary fate, what I do today, really is in direct realize my ideal of life.
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