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Date of publication:2009-5   Press: Guangdong science and Technology Press   Author:Shen Heyong   Pages:277  

Illustration: the morning of May 13th, I can scarcely wait to tell Mrs. Gao Lan, ready to organize and lead our volunteers to the Sichuan earthquake psychological analysis decision and ideas. Gao Lan is always carry out with drive and sweep. She did not say what, and we Chinese Association of psychoanalysis Guangzhou office for Haitian together, shopping trip to Sichuan needed supplies and equipment. On the day of the diary, Gao Lan that wrote the experiences and feelings: "ready for the two day of the Sichuan, and Haitian scour the Guangzhou small business outdoor supplies stores, in every place to buy a tent, sleeping bag, with moisture-proof pad, outdoor lighting appliances, Fengyi support or volunteer organization, ask price goods to, the owners are saying, if used, the purchase price to sell...... We went to the shops or shopping malls, TV in the broadcast a rescue program, people quietly watching, shaking his head from time to time, women with tears...... 'terrible...' 'too sad...' 'we want to help...' This is what we hear most languages when shopping." Throughout the morning, Gao Landou and I remain in the call and radar. I know the latest by radar, Sichuan earthquake, and rushed to the area after the preparation work. Gao Lanze in the advisory radar, what the earthquake most in need, we will try our best to, procurement area needed goods timely delivery. At the same time, I also in Beijing and the psychology colleagues keep in touch. "5 · 12" Wenchuan earthquake, Chinese psychological association director Zhang Kan on behalf of China psychology to central contention, volunteer team to the quake hit area of psychological assistance. Peking University's Department of psychology, Beijing Normal University School of psychology and psychological supervisor organization, is also actively preparing for the work to the earthquake. If Chinese Psychological Society contention is approved, I will be ready to lead our professional psychological analysis of the first batch of volunteers to join. But in the afternoon of 13 have access to news, because of the need to coordinate all aspects of the relationship, psychological aid team to the Sichuan earthquake to wait. The radar on the morning of May 13th, has put our volunteer team psychological analysis application, directly to the Sichuan Province Committee and Sichuan Hanwang earthquake relief headquarters. Radar introduced me to Hanwang, said here is probably what we need most is the place to be. At that time, Premier Wen Jiabao has arrived in Dujiangyan on the afternoon of May 12th, but due to the road to Wenchuan paralysis, then rushed to the rescue force gathered in Dujiangyan to wait for orders. According to the radar picture, Hanwang is one of the worst hit areas, are in urgent need of assistance and support. The morning of May 13th, radar have been linked to Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League and the Chinese earthquake relief headquarters. They need to know about, we like the psychological volunteer team, if now to earthquake can do what kind of work. That white point, is your psychology to, who is to come, you come to do what?

Shen Heyong, Fudan University, South China Normal University Professor, doctoral tutor, director of the research center of Fudan University psychological analysis and Chinese culture, Chinese Association of Psychoanalysis (CFAP) president, International Association for psychoanalysis (IAAP) analyst, international society of sandplay therapy (ISST) analyst, "International Forum on psychological analysis and Chinese culture" (1998-2009) the main organizer.
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The first day of 2009, the sun and the moon and the Guanghua, Dan Fudan. The winter sun so caring, so warm. So I think, at this moment, should write what, to the arrival of the new year, to our 2008. The last night of 2008, I say "psychological analysis and Sandplay of empathy in our network classroom"...... From empathy about empathy, empathy as from resonance, said induction and induction method from resonance...... In the "induction (should)" one moment, both the end and the beginning, condenses the essence and the subtle psychological analysis and Sandplay therapy. "Book of changes" a Xiang, it is the beginning of the "easy", meaning the "heaven and earth" in the "people and". The "into" a hog?: "winners, feeling, sense of heaven and earth, and all things metaplasia, touching the heart saints world peace, the feeling, is the nature of heaven and earth is visible." Induction and induction method, is also included in the "book of changes" in the "Zhongfu" hexagram images. "Easy? Nine two Zhongfu", but "Zhongfu" in reality, the Yao CI: "whooping crane in Yin, his son and; I have good prince, I and Seoul is luxurious." "Poetry" cloud: "Yu Jiugao Heming, as in the day, in the cool Kai, and the sound and far away." "Copulative" said: "sincere Gantong theory, know to be able to know it." "History biography": "Zhongfu contain images, as the feeling to move...... He can dance the fire, Kuang Chuan related almost."
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Preface "It passes like this., Dan Fudan Xi" 01 today, we are all Wenchuan people 02 tomorrow, do you want to go from 03 to 04 to Deyang at the beginning of Hanwang 055 month 19 days day 06 in Beichuan 07 Middle School of trials and hardships, round the clock 08 Garden: the guardian and accompanied by 09 Garden: compassion and nourish the soul Garden: 10 create and guardian into 11 tens of millions of years of land 12 volunteers radar 13 broken, love to prop up the spiritual garden 14 psychological assistance and psychological self salvation 15 Sanchuan trip 16 garden and volunteer spirit 17 we still stick to send @##@ in Sichuan earthquake postscript Si Ming From "5 · 12" Wenchuan earthquake until now, already more than 300 professional psychology volunteers in the Sichuan earthquake garden work, in Beichuan middle school, Wenchuan primary school, Dujiangyan Xiang Yuan Mo, Dongfeng primary school, Dongqi middle school, Deyang south shore of Tianyuan and Deyang, we have established 7 garden workstation, and the garden work and professional equipment garden, extended to the multiple psychological aid points earthquake line. "Sanchuan thought --" Wenchuan earth epicenter garden annals, records the spiritual garden volunteer team in the Sichuan earthquake line 350 to Yu Tian's hard work and dedication.
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"Sanchuan thought --" Wenchuan earth epicenter garden annals, records the spiritual garden volunteer team in the Sichuan earthquakeLine 350 to Yu Tian's hard work and dedication. -- Yan Zexian, Asia (Macao) International Open University President extraordinary contribution they, perhaps this is the psychological association analysis of International History (IAAP) members for the first time directly involved with such assistance. We have such excellent colleagues and proud, and for their outstanding work with deep admiration. This humanitarian project is based on the understanding of Carl Jung Theory: cultural, psychological and spiritual forces need to work together to address the psychological and physical pain, "to create a healthy and happy life. -- Hester Sol9mon, the analysis of Psychological Association (IAAP) president of our volunteers, when the country needs, we went to the national crisis, proceed without hesitation, no regrets; if again, we will as in the past, still on; obey the call of destiny, the pursuit of the meaning of life, soul can reach the realm of exploration...... -- Shen Heyong, Fudan University, Professor of South China Normal University, chairman of the Federation of Chinese Psychological Analysis
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"Sanchuan thought: Wenchuan earth epicenter garden Chronicle" is compiled by Shanghai hee young, Guangdong Province and Guangdong science and Technology Publishing House Publishing Group Co publishing.
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