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Date of publication:2009-5   Press: China Light Industry Press   Author:(United States) Nokos, (United States) Gaye, Cai Dan, Zhu Yu   Pages:264  

"Don't worry home", is more than just a psychological counseling workers dedicated to the book, it is a help to self care guide all people grow. The two authors are experts in "self care", in the busy work, also serves as their consultant. One of the authors (J.D.Guy) is the father of four children. In the years of exploration and personal experience, this book shows you the 12 kinds of self care strategy. These strategies have only one purpose, to make you enjoy work and life! You can according to appetite and their preferences, configuration of various personalized self care menu. Strategy 1: find their own personal values, especially work to bring you the value. It allows you to begin to understand the importance of "care of the self". Strategy 2: work has brought what return to you? Don't just financial gain? Find the rich resources of the job, make yourself more confidence to go on.

We hope this book can touch your heart, push your practice. Hope this 12 self care can make you both in psychological treatment, or return to a normal person, can have new feeling. We hope this book will lead you step by step to achieve this goal. Of course, to achieve this goal, you must first hearten spirit, to every moment of life are grateful, enthusiastic! If your passion is the book light, even if is only the sparks of fire, then we can be pleased to say, our efforts have been the most lucrative returns.
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John C.Norcross (JC.N), doctor of clinical psychology, psychology of America occupation Committee, Professor of psychology at the The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, USA. The international society and the society of clinical psychology's former chairman, USA Psychological Association (APA), member of the Standing Committee and former chairman of psychotherapy, "Journal of clinical psychology," editorial board member. Has published 15 monographs, such as "based on the evidence
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The first chapter, the value of individual therapist scientific and practical integration of the individual and the environment bucked the trend ethical self care self paradox in need care about psychotherapist self care first step, self awareness and self monitoring and self care as the top priority of second chapter returns the office returns office returns internalization return the third chapter re positioning hazard spatial segregation behavior of patients with emotional isolated working environment on the relationship between psychological health industry psychotherapist personal inherent hazard occupation burnout coping harm fourth chapter focuses on the body to sleep the body to rest nutrition and hydration exercise interpersonal contact summary chapter fifth relation between support office support relations office support relationship of the sixth chapter set limits are set in the office office outside boundary setting boundaries of seventh chapter cognition reconstruction self-monitoring therapist 5 wrong "must" cognitive mistake cognition countertransference Management Chapter eighth healthy post unhealthy escape the office health post office outside the health post a school. To summary ninth chapter to create a vibrant environment for the eleventh chapter tenth chapter to accept personal spirit and mission of Building Consultants twelfth chapter culture creation and growth
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The first chapter psychotherapist fusion personal value science and real sequence as a psychotherapist, certainly will not escape treatment problems. From the scientific and clinical point of view, we know that the practitioners, individual therapeutic relationship will play a role in consulting, at least with the specific treatment for the same. If the consultant of course know the score, you will know it to bring the effect of larger, usually more than treatment effect (treatment effects) (Wampold, 2001). Psychological treatment of the effect of the element analysis results in an average of 5% to 9% (Crits.Chnstoph, 1991; Wampold, 2001). In a study carried out in a managed care system. The research on "whether different therapists bring different results", investigated a total of 6146 patients and 581 clinical consultant. Survey shows that: about 5% of the treatment effect depends on the therapist, and the 0% is due to specific treatment (Wampold&Brown, 2005). Although researchers have done a lot to try, as a control variable in the individual therapist practitioners, but I and the therapeutic efforts are hard to ignore. Consultants can also promote relations with patients. Even if only one of the industry have a superficial knowledge of the practitioners know, the therapeutic relationship is indispensable in the treatment of soil. The vast majority of statistical surveys, therapeutic relationship, including sympathy, support (collaboration), alliance (Alliance), can explain the effect of psychotherapy about 10% (Norcross, 2002). While the rest of the treatment effect can be attributed to a specific treatment.
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Many years ago, there was a create a great sensation of events: Guangdong Province Dutch act crisis intervention center director eventually died in depression Dutch act. Suffice it to say that the psychological counseling and treatment of high risk of this occupation. Think of the reason is simple: dangerous, often contact the negative emotion and information; be opinionated, met his life difficult for the Hom think no one can own FAQ; pressure, being trouble and even death implicated; inner struggle, transference, countertransference effect to have fought...... Now, with such a companion book reminds consultants to strengthen their awareness, to tell the consultant to handle stress and psychological problems of its own, it is a good thing. Moreover, this is one of the operating and interest are strong books! -- East China Normal University counseling center director Professor Ye Bin often asked "old for others to exclude the difficulty and anxiety, you have what trouble?" Well, busy there will be pressure, only know how to self care, to regain the relaxed and happy. Engaged in the research on EQ for many years, I always find promotion quotient ability goodMethods caper unceasingly, unable to hold oneself back to share with friends. This book, not only guide you I relaxed the secret, even behind the "love yourself, for the mind Chuyi" secret recipe, believe that will make every reader benefit. Let us take trouble, enjoy the wonderful life! -- the famous psychologist, senior media person Dr. Zhang Yiyun in helping others, people often pay more attention to help, but in fact, the essence of helping others is helping people on the interactive relationship between person and help bidirectional interaction, parallel growth, which means to help people who is also a potential case ignored the lord. This book breaks a myth, reducing the fact, unloaded a heavy burden: helping others is also a common person, even is a vulnerable and in need of treatment of vulnerable groups. People also need constant self maintenance, self treatment, self love and self development. This is for psychologists, social workers and other professional people of a self-help guide books, it is not only a good reminder, moreover, left a clear roadmap. Even for the general reader, this is also a help us enjoy self healing and exquisite gift of life. -- the Social Work Department of East China University of Science and Technology professor Wang Ruihong vice director
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"Don't worry home: self care guide" psychotherapist for Light Industry Publishing house.
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