Hepatitis cirrhosis.

Date of publication:2003-01-01   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:Zheng Shouceng Yang Xiaohui  
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Early hepatitis
liver > b basic knowledge of
hepatitis is how early occurrence of
hepatitis prevention and treatment of
hepatitis drug for the treatment of liver cirrhosis
cirrhosis disease found
cirrhosis of the liver disease can occur
cirrhosis prevention and treatment
cirrhosis drug treatment for
teach you to see @##@ auxiliary examination report The first section introduces a series of common disease in daily life, from the early detection of disease, prevention knowledge, the occurrence of diseases, diseases and self recuperation, drug therapy, to teach you how to see the auxiliary examination report and so on several aspects to help readers understand the disease related knowledge, more important is how the church early detection of disease, how to prevent the disease in daily life, and self care and nursed back to health, the content of fusion of Chinese and Western and detailed, concise and clear, will become an essential health care book readers.
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