Department of internal medicine clinical differential diagnosis

Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Version second (August 1, 2005)   Author:Lu Fengxiang   Pages:1395   Words:1350000  

"The Department of internal medicine clinical differential diagnosis" since the publication in 2000 for four years. The book starts with the abnormalities found in Department of internal medicine common symptoms, signs and laboratory and specific examination, the diagnosis process of thinking and differential diagnosis of diseases in Department of internal medicine, so as to enlighten the reader broaden thinking horizon and differential diagnosis, in order to improve the diagnostic level. The book is rich in content, novel form and meet the clinical features, first published by comrades love, all AP personnel moved very pleased and encouraged. To make the book to learn the development of science and technology with traditional steps, the second edition, each chapter was modified with additions necessary in content. Added a new "endocrine diuresis", "exophthalmic disease", "leucocytosis" and "white blood cell reduction" and the four chapter; in the arrangement form more standardized, each chapter includes introduction, diagnosis, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and summary of several steps.
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The first chapter second chapter third chapter fever cough haemoptysis fourth chapter dyspnea in fifth chapter sixth chapter clubbing, cyanosis seventh chapter pleural effusion in eighth chapter pneumothorax in ninth chapter of lung and mediastinum X-ray abnormal signs in tenth chapter eleventh chapter twelfth chapter hypertension heart palpitations, chest pain thirteenth chapter fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter sudden shock syncope in sixteenth chapter of congestive heart failure in seventeenth chapter heart murmur the eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter pulse abnormalities of pericardial effusion in twentieth chapter cardiac enlargement chapter twenty-first ECG changes in twenty-second chapter markers of myocardial injury increased twenty-third chapter twenty-fourth chapter twenty-fifth chapter, acid regurgitation, vomiting and abdominal pain twenty-sixth chapter dysphagia in twenty-seventh chapter twenty-eighth chapter twenty-ninth chapter, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal distension thirtieth chapter jaundice...... The main references
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  •   . rich in content, novel form, with clinical practice, is a good reference book.

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