The differential diagnosis with manual of Neurology

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Ma Denghong   Pages´╝Ü419  

The book written by the group of experts has long been engaged in clinical neurological department of internal medicine, common 29 chapters, more than 100 complaints to clinical neurological department of internal medicine in common as the clue, discusses in detail the neurological department of internal medicine common symptoms such as eye fission small, tongue atrophy and other clinical summary, should consider checking and processing points, at the same time also relates to other subjects, such as the contents of the pediatric department of internal medicine. This book arrangement is novel, simple and practical, it is essential to nerve Department of internal medicine physicians. Suitable for neurological department of internal medicine physicians, medical students and patients to read reference.
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The first chapter eye fission small second: facial diseases in third chapter fourth chapter fifth chapter tic vertigo syncope sixth chapter coma in seventh chapter dysarthria eighth chapter exophthalmos in ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh chapter's skull malformations headache twelfth chapter involuntary movements of the thirteenth chapter of fourteenth chapter limb disease of eye movements abnormal fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter seventeenth visual field defect chapter eighteenth chapter abnormal pupil nystagmus in nineteenth chapter twenty-first chapter twentieth chapter paralysis dysphagia voiding dysfunction twenty-second chapter sensory disability in twenty-third chapter optic disc edema twenty-fourth chapter tongue atrophy twenty-fifth chapter twenty-sixth chapter twenty-seventh chapter paralyzed muscle atrophy of muscle tension change in the twenty-eighth chapter of sleep disorders in twenty-ninth chapter Hypohidrosis
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  •   Well, at first look, the neurological basic diseases are summarized in the inside, suitable for portable, convenient query!
  •   But good for divergent thinking especially for young doctor
  •   Although a bit boring, dry
  •   The professor recommended, really good, the idea is very open!
  •   This book in the library to read, feel good, so bought, a very good book, for beginners, very difficult in a short time by the individual symptoms linked to so many diseases, this book can open the mind
  •   A long time ago bought "complained of differential diagnosis Manual: Department of internal medicine", the detailed forms explain symptoms among different.
    but neurological this is divided into chapters with different symptoms, similar cases for example to discuss the symptoms. A lot of
  •   Content is not good at all

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