Blood disease misdiagnosis and Prevention

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Science and Technology Literature Press   Author:Xu Jundong   Pages:238   Words:277000  
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The first chapter is the first blood disease misdiagnosis and mistreatment of blood disease, misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of two main performance of three, the causes of misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis four against second diseases of blood system common symptoms, fever, jaundice, anemia two three four five, bleeding tendency, lymph node enlargement Pi Zhongda, six, seven, eight, second chapter of hemoglobinuria with red blood cell disorders section anemia, iron deficiency anemia, two of nutritional megaloblastic anemia, aplastic anemia, three four, autoimmune hemolytic anemia in five, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria second polycythemia vera, a red cells were increased in two, secondary polycythemia third chapter leukocyte Diseases Section leukemia, two acute leukemia, three chronic myelocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia second myelodysplastic syndrome third malignant lymphoma and Hodgkin disease and non Hodgkin's lymphoma fourth multiple myeloma, fifth malignant histiocytosis article The six section of infectious mononucleosis seventh bone marrow fibrosis in fourth chapter hemorrhagic disease first idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura third section second allergic purpura Festival hemophilia fourth essential thrombocythemia (attached) secondary platelet increases in Appendix 1? Blood syndrome Appendix 2 appendix? Diagnosis and treatment technology disease of the blood 3 blood disease commonly used laboratory @##@? The blood system diseases are serious diseases endangering human health. Due to the characteristics of blood system itself, the clinical manifestation of blood disease lack of typical characteristics, may display for the symptoms and signs of all parts of the body, its diagnosis is dependent on examination and cytological diagnosis is difficult, so. A lot of literature shows that, blood disease misdiagnosis phenomenon is more see, some diseases have diagnosis is still great, such as malignant histiocytosis, extranodal lymphoma, multiple myeloma. The authors reviewed the literature and monographs related to blood disease misdiagnosis and mistreatment and hematology aspect in recent ten years, with their own clinical experience, the common blood disease diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment status, typical cases, the misdiagnosis reasons and preventive measures were summarized, more comprehensive, and the income of the common blood disease and syndrome, treatment technology of common laboratory examination content. This book has important reference value and practical value for clinicians and medical college students.
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