• Application of vascular catheter technique in urology clinic

    The book describes the anatomical basis of relevant organs of vessels of the urinary system, introduces the application of vascular catheter technique in urology clinical diagnosis, treatment, including the development and application of contrast agent, bladder artery, renal artery, iliac artery super selective angiography and embolization of the vena cava, epinephrine renal venography,

  • Stroke rehabilitation

    At present, stroke rehabilitation has been widely promoted in the domestic. The popularity of the Internet, have so that we can whenever and wherever possible and quite easy to obtain the needed information abroad. The national "Nine Five" project "research" acute stroke early rehabilitation effect and the national "fifteen" key,

  • Clinical treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

    Book by writing system, concise and comprehensive introduction to the methods of treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, including TCM treatment of Western medicine, treatment, commonly used Chinese medicine, clinical experience and acupuncture, convenient and practical, strong clinical guidance for clinicians, interns and elderly health drug reference. ,

  • Cardiomyopathy Science

    "Learning" as the myocardial disease cardiomyopathy monographs, divided into two parts, 18 chapters. The new concept and new progress of idiopathic cardiomyopathy and specific cardiomyopathy epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis, pathology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and differential diagnosis and treatment were introduced in detail. Rich in content, has the first,

  • Special blood disease diagnosis and treatment

    Special blood disease diagnosis and treatment, edited by Yao Ergu, science and technology literature press,

  • Let your man hung up

    Let your man hung up, ISBN:9787806624395, author: Wang and,

  • Gastrointestinal motility and clinical

    The book is divided into 5 chapters. The first chapter introduces the theoretical knowledge of gastrointestinal movement of the foundation, namely, gastric bowel movement physiological structure and regulation mechanism; the second part of the thesis introduces the clinical detection of gastrointestinal movement; the third part of the thesis introduces the gastrointestinal motility disorders; fourth part of the thesis introduces the common diseases of gastrointestinal motility,

  • Hemodialysis is practical technical manual

    This book includes the basic principle, hemodialysis dialysis water and water treatment systems, dialysis, dialysis machines, dialyzers, dialysis water and dialysate microbiological control, medical and nursing operation, a dialysis machine common fault and maintenance of eight chapters. Preparation of desirable harmony scientific, practical, knowledgeable, science,

  • Department of internal medicine physicians Handbook

    "Department of internal medicine physicians manual (Revised)" is the foundation of modern medicine department of internal medicine, master knowledge, is very important for residents entering the gate of medicine. However the development of medicine a thousand li a day, in order to better development of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, Department of internal medicine increasingly specialized. The doctor is in the face of the knowledge of the ocean, vast non,

  • Vascular disease

    The book based on the vascular system anatomy, physiological mechanism, mechanical characteristics, genetic and environmental factors, detailed vascular lesions and clinical events (diabetic vascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, renal vascular disease, peripheral vascular disease) pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, surgery,

  • Clinical practice of viral hepatitis

    Viral hepatitis and its related diseases are the most common clinical disease, to our country people's health caused great harm, cause the great attention of countries and related medical workers, because of this, the immunization of hepatitis B vaccine into EPI in China since 2001. With the development of science and technology especially in molecular biology,,

  • Department of internal medicine, roll - well-known expert clinical experience exchange say

    Department of internal medicine, volume, well-known expert clinical experience exchange: Department of internal medicine, volume, ISBN:9787536940802, authors: Lin Jing, Li wenquan,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia skills and misunderstanding

    The correct diagnosis of arrhythmia to choose treatment method is very important, such as the occurrence of errors in diagnosis, can lead to incorrect treatment. Implantable ECG recording device recently application can record the ECG changes in symptoms, greater help for diagnosis. But for many patients, the correct diagnosis to determine,

  • Cerebral infarction

    In recent years, in the treatment of cerebral infarction area has great breakthrough, specifically manifested in: risk factors have been discovered and efforts to control; thrombolytic therapy and interventional techniques within the time window of early cerebral protective agent; application; recovery of neurological rehabilitation etc.. Then we should see, some problems still exist, although has been found,

  • Cardiovascular disease clinical memorandum

    This book introduces the outline of diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, valvular heart disease, cardiac disease, cardiac death, pulmonary embolism and other common cardiovascular diseases, with emphasis on the angina, acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, heart failure, the new diagnostic evaluation standard, drug therapy and interventional therapy, the,

  • Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of nephropathy.

    This book deals with kidney disease and clinical test and diagnosis of the professional books. The book is divided into 13 chapters, describes the anatomical and physiological function of the kidneys, pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of common kidney disease, focusing on laboratory diagnosis and differential diagnosis of renal disease detection technique and various kinds of kidney disease, the biggest feature is,

  • The cardiac Department of internal medicine 1000 Q

    A total of 17 part of the book. Besides the important problem of content introduced cardiac Department of internal medicine physicians usually must master and frequently encountered, also focused on the new theory, new technology, new progress in the field of Cardiology in recent years, especially the latest achievements about the circulation of medical research experts at home and abroad the latest consensus or corresponding special,

  • Department of internal medicine, critically ill patients

    Department of internal medicine, critical illness severity Benedict, ferocious, the treatment process is vary from minute to minute. The ability to quickly and correctly judge and timely and proper treatment is particularly important. How to handle a situation with ease, to discover the minutest detail in everything, not only requires the doctor has solid theoretical foundation and rich clinical experience, but also be good at concept,

  • Intestinal barrier dysfunction

    Intestinal barrier dysfunction, ISBN:9787810606059, author: Wang Xingpeng,

  • The Oxford Handbook of clinical rheumatology

    This book is one of the University of Oxford press book series, the authors Gavin Clunie and Alan Hakim is a famous British rheumatology specialist. They will be a large number of clinical practice and profound medical theory com., compiled into a book. This book is a small volume, complete disease,

  • Guan Youbo disease case interpretation

    The book is divided into two parts. On the treatment of syndrome differentiation of the characteristic detail off the old proposed liver disease "ten card ten method" and "phlegm homologous" of academic ideas; the second featured a close case old treatment of various types of liver disease, the author and the experience in the closing decades old beside work and Study on their in-depth solution,

  • The utility of obesity therapeutics

    The prevalence of obesity is rising rapidly, obesity in addition to affect the appearance, but also closely related with various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, some tumors and sleep disordered breathing, so more and more attentions and. This book consists of 10 more than three,

  • Department of internal medicine examination

    This book is written by the science and Technology Literature Press organization expert, Professor School of professional medical examination series "test". Department of internal medicine, according to people's medical publishing house five years undergraduate version sixth medical colleges in national planning materials (Department of internal medicine) and modeled writing. The book consists of ten parts,

  • The utility of digestive disease diagnosis

    The book as a continuing education for medical students and graduate textbook and reference book of medicine, take seminars or review system and emphatically introduces the diseases of digestive system. The implementation of novel, practical principles, and strive to two new -- new content (new technology, new theory and new (each) genre or every disease around the key problem,,

  • Department of internal medicine, emergency rescue and treatment guidelines

    Medicine is a science of continuous development, diagnosis and treatment of Department of internal medicine emergency rescue technology in traditional routine treatment foundation, has made the development of diagnosis and treatment, and some even brand new concept. Those of us working in medical workers first-line very want a convenient and practical, the essence of simplicity,

  • The Oxford Handbook of clinical respiratory disease

    This book attempts to make the doctor in the layout in the face of clinical problems can easily find, also relates to some relatively difficult areas. Therefore, different sections of the form is different according to different needs, reflects the understanding of a field's personal views on how to quickly enter and. The manual is divided into 5,

  • Manual of Clinical Department of Internal Medicine

    "15 minutes" Clinical Handbook Series is composed of the hospital affiliated to Zhongshan University, practical reference book experts have long been engaged in clinical and teaching work written in concise, novel, easy to use, features, is to guide the clinical work of practical handbook for physicians at all levels. This book series in the Department of internal medicine,

  • Clinical application of capsule endoscopy

    Because of the lack of security, efficient means of inspection, diagnosis of small bowel diseases of digestive field is always a difficult problem of medical workers. Diagnosis and treatment of intestinal diseases capsule endoscopy has brought a breakthrough, the "early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment can achieve". The book is divided into 12 chapters, introduces in detail the capsule endoscopy,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of anorectal disease

    This book introduces the anorectal anatomy knowledge and common disease diagnosis and treatment methods, including the commonly used method, local anesthesia techniques, methods of treatment, preoperative preparation, postoperative treatment, operation complications etc.. Focusing on the three major diseases -- anorectal hemorrhoids, anal fissure, diagnosis and treatment of anal fistula, detailed,

  • Liver disease Handbook

    "Disease" in Handbook Second Edition, we have invited the most of the first version, at the same time to welcome two new author -- Dr.Juan Rodes and Dr.John Summer-field, they increased the Book International flavor. We are publishing this book,

  • Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of blood diseases.

    This book from the test combined with clinical point of view, based on the characteristics and application of the classification, clinical hematology test of red blood cells, white blood cells in the disease, disease, hemorrhagic and thrombotic disease order, describes the contents of the classification of diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis strategy, respectively, to help readers grasp laboratory,

  • Rheumatism

    This book is the "special disease specialist doctors clinical experience series" rheumatism division, as a collection of national traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment experience of TCM rheumatology clinic monograph. This book focuses on reflecting the founding of Rheumatology attainments, clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine has long been engaged in clinical work name the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine rheumatism. The book consists of disease,

  • Clinical guidelines for the treatment of gout

    This book is to introduce the knowledge of gout prevention medical reference books, is divided into 6 chapters, including the etiology and pathogenesis of gout, clinical manifestations and diagnosis of gout, differential diagnosis of gout, gout, complications, prevention and treatment of gout, gout patients. The author will own 20 years of clinical experience and research into the treatment of gout,

  • Gastrointestinal disease

    This book is in 2007 January second printing. Gastrointestinal system, also called the gastrointestinal tract, is a part of the digestive system. If the human body metaphor as a factory, workshop production of raw materials is the gastrointestinal system. This workshop, round the clock does not stop working, will eat food into energy absorbed,

  • Clinical analysis and decision of arrhythmia

    The book consists of eleven chapters, according to the "disease" of arrhythmia classification will be divided into nine categories, a total of 82 main types of arrhythmias (including more than 300 different types of heart arrhythmia ECG manifestations), each kind of arrhythmia from the disease etiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, ECG characteristics, electrophysiological characteristics, diagnosis,

  • Chronic bronchitis

    "Characteristics of chronic bronchitis" is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1 popular: the popular language to explain the medical terminology, patients and family members can see to understand, and to live "metaphor" to help understand; 2 practicability: learn in order to practise, use it. One study, benefit the whole family, become "small family doctor",,

  • Department of hypertension disease

    This book introduces the clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment of disease, hypertension, narrative be concise and to the point, focused, practical. Department of internal medicine physicians use for reference. ,

  • Clinical hematology and cytology Atlas

    "The clinical hematology and cytology atlas" is divided into five parts, the first part of the introduction, focuses on hematopoietic theory and various cytological examination; the second part, elaborated blood cell morphology theory; on the third part, elaborated the blood cytology characteristics of various blood diseases, cancer and parasitic diseases; fourth,

  • Digestive endoscopic ultrasonography

    This book is a comprehensive, system, the basic introduction of various endoscopic ultrasound in the application on digestive system. The book is divided into three parts. The first part mainly describes the basic knowledge of EUS, including acoustic based associated with endoscopic ultrasound, anatomical knowledge associated with gastrointestinal endoscopic ultrasound, and introduces in detail the ultrasound,

  • A concise treatment of impotence

    "Concise" attention to male impotence treatment, their families, to eliminate the obstacles, the feelings of happiness. ,

  • The Oxford Handbook of clinical dialysis

    In the second edition, all chapters have been updated, including the European best practice guidelines for the new, the new K/DOQI and the British Renal Association standards, and recent data from all over the world. The results and epidemiology. We added a new chapter, a new Liquor Dialysisintraperitoneus, hemodialysis and abdominal,

  • Reconstruction of bladder function after spinal cord injury

    Bladder function after spinal cord injury involves multi-disciplinary, multi professional knowledge, the existing school book discusses the problems rarely, in neurogenic bladder sections a bit introduction. In this book the author of nearly 10 years of experimental and clinical study, divided into three chapters discusses in detail the bladder function reconstruction after spinal cord injuries almost,

  • Treatment of cardiovascular medicine science

    The treatment of cardiovascular diseases. "It consists of five parts and 62 chapters, systematically introduces the contents related to cardiovascular drug therapy. The first chapter: introduces the status and role of evidence-based medicine in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in pharmaceutical science. The second part: introduce the basic concept and clinical drug treatment,

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    This book is based on prevention and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (GOPD), and the global initiative for USA Thoracic Society (ATS) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) was formally promulgated in 2004 May the new "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines" as the basic framework and development. Book in the writing,

  • Fuwai Cardiovascular Department of Internal Medicine Handbook

    "Fuwai Cardiovascular Department of internal medicine manual" covers the cardiovascular clinical history and physical characteristics, the technique of non-invasive diagnosis, invasive operation, common cardiovascular diseases in Department of internal medicine diagnosis principle and the latest progress of interventional therapy, and the latest progress in various aspects; writing on clinical practice, and strive to be concise and to the point, solve practical problems,

  • The utility of nervous system diseases diagnosis and treatment

    This book is "one of the Chinese medicine, clinical medicine Monograph Series", is a book about the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system works. The book is divided into basic and clinical articles, a total of 32 chapters, about 180 words, with 260 illustrations, from anatomy, physiology, pathology, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis,

  • Patients with cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment guideline

    Patients with cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment guideline, edited by Han Yaling, Liaoning science and technology press,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of snoring

    Commonly known as "snoring snoring" or "snoring", belonging to a period of sleep disorders, is an independent risk factor of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke. The book has seven chapters, written in the form of Q & A, this paper mainly introduced the respiratory physiological anatomy and etiology, diagnosis and treatment of snoring, prevention and prognosis of knowledge. In this book,

  • Guidelines for the treatment of rheumatism disease diagnosis

    Rheumatism, rheumatoid, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease diagnosis and treatment guideline, rheumatic disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines of immune Department of internal medicine, Peking Union Medical College press

  • Obesity

    In today's world, obesity has become a global flow of STD and AIDS, is becoming more and more serious, drug and sprinkle addiction listed as the world's top four medical social problems. The medical profession is associated with obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and stroke called "death five Qin" because of the rich,

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