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Someone said: "life is difficult, more difficult to be a woman." In modern society, women and men under double pressure of work and life, often to attend to their own physical and mental health. In addition, some women are only concerned with their own appearance is beautiful, while ignoring the care of the body. Compared with men, women have menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation, menopause and other special physiological period in physiology, and many women in the physiological stage of the occupation, pregnancy, fetal, and other important are not good rest, vulnerable to some pain distress, in the course of time "next life don't do woman" the helpless feeling. Fact, on female physiology these "trouble." in a sense, is the only way which must be passed them to self perfection. Each experience a change, women's body and mind will enter a new stage, and each of the different stages, also have their own unique charm, its fascinating so, as a woman should learn to appreciate their own, take care of your body and mind, enjoy the change, to cultivate and sends out have a style of one's own "woman". Women love themselves, to start from the daily life, especially diet, do not because of weight loss and other reasons and lax. It is due to physiological cycle and changes in women's uniqueHealth, can be said to be a lifetime career woman, must carry out the daily life, do not wait until the problem to cram. Therapeutic health does not follow the same pattern, especially women, diet, to be chosen according to the characteristics of each stage. For example, when more than 20 years, although it is the most beautiful women in the period of life, physically strong, be full of go, but because of physical reasons, this period of women prone to dysfunctional menstrual disorder, appear irregular menstrual cycle, the menstrual period is different, the bleeding abnormal phenomena, then you can use brown sugar, hawthorn, lotus leaf the ingredients of the homology of medicine and food nourishing; more than 30 years old women go through the pregnancy and breastfeeding, at this stage, with particular attention to "warm up", to prevent the cold take advantage of a weak point, induced disease, so the diet eat warm food warming, eat or not eat cold food; an important period of climacteric women's tune up, in the diet should also pay attention to the kidney based, spleen, heart, can choose wheat, licorice root, dogwood, jujube, beans to combination to diet, to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of menopause purpose. In view of this, the female diet is closely connected with physiological changes, which is also in line with the principles of our time to traditional therapeutic health vary, differ from man to man. The book is for female friends "tailored", through the diet to improve women's health, improve the women's quality of life as the starting point, choose a common disease after, belt, fetal, and other physiological period, and were classified and introduced in detail according to the cause, in the vast classics, carefully selected herbal formula suitable, recommended to the female friends. Not only to provide detailed preparation method, usage, the herbal formula in detail, efficiency and compatibility of ingredients, in-depth explanation, let friends can enjoy healthy and delicious at the same time, also can harvest more health knowledge, the Chinese diet interest. Hope that readers by reading this book, to be able to enter the broad and profound diet culture, diet therapy and find a suitable own, eat healthy, eat a beauty! Also hope that the female friends, to understand their own physiological, care, care of their own; to appreciate in the psychology, calmly elegant through health, wonderful life! The winter of 2011 @##@ editor Of course, diet while preventing and curing to send three meals a day, but most are paired with traditional Chinese medicine medicated, its composition, preparation and use are strict requirements, so, in order to avoid the effect of the best, not arbitrary, arbitrary addition and subtraction. In addition, the diet is gradually improved with the development of Chinese medicine and, its theoretical basis is the theory of traditional Chinese medicine as the premise, therefore, diet as a method of cure, in practical use, but also pay attention to syndrome differentiation, the body in the band, pregnancy, with each chapter will be produced, etc.. As the female vagina, uterus, fallopian tube, ovary and other special organ in anatomy, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and menopause specific stages in physiology, is menstrual disease, gynecological disease, pregnancy, postpartum disease, gynecological diseases disease, special disease on the disease, the diet has characteristics in women its own. First, women pay attention to Qi and blood nourishing diet. Women to experience life, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, menstruation, menopause period, menstruation and childbirth can easily lead to a loss of blood during pregnancy, and fetal growth all the nutrients, lactation milk source development needs, and are all biochemical transformation matrix, a. So there is "Lady of ten with nine false", while Chinese medicine has always advocated "female heavy blood", "women with blood, the" that if women are not pay attention to nourishing blood, causing blood deficiency, dizziness, numbness of limbs, not only irregular menstruation and other symptoms appear, will lead to rough skin, pale, yellow hair, easy and other symptoms of senescence. Therefore, in the diet in women, Chinese angelica, longan pulp, donkey hide gelatin, astragalus, ginseng, fleece flower root, jujube, Qi Nourishing herbs can be said to be everywhere. Secondly, the female diet used Shugan Jieyu, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis method. Because of the difference of physiological, psychological, emotional, women more often than men are more prone to depression, feel depressed, the mood fluctuation. Chinese medicine, liver catharsis effect, like good and evil depression. If a person is depressed, it may lead to liver qi, Qi stagnation. The blood in the veins in the circulation depends on the gas drive, qi stagnation, blood weakness, will naturally lead to stagnation of blood stasis, blood is not smooth, then pain, tumor, pigmentation and other diseases. So in the female therapeutic side, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, safflower, roses, hawthorn, orange peel, Cyperus rotundus, invigorate the circulation of Qi and blood is also commonly used goods. Once again, the female diet also value the spleen, liver, kidney maintenance. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the source of Qi and blood, spleen, liver stores blood, the kidney is the congenital foundation. The three is very important for women, but also easily lead to injury, causing all kinds of female diseases. Therefore, in the diet in women, rehmannia, angelica, Poria, common bean, coix seed, mutton and other traditional Chinese medicine or food for nourishing spleen, liver, kidney three dirty. In addition, the female diet also paid great attention to the main and collateral channels Shutong, especially red, Ren, and, with four pulses. Chong, a hub of Italy, Chong can upward in the head, blood passage twelve classics, is the hub of all the blood, so there are "red blood" said; Ren, a pregnancy raises the meaning, Ren line in the chest and abdominal median, the governor of the body is Yin, regulating the body Yin Qi role, in the women's fertility and pregnancy births, so there are "Ren main births" said; Du from the lower abdomen uterus, the perineum, maintain the relative balance of yin and Yang with pulse gas, and regulating the normal menstrual period; pulse binding the meridians, the meridians maintain the normal circulation of Qi and blood, and supporting the fetus and in charge of women leucorrhea role. Visible, Chong, Ren, and, with four pulses and the female physiology are closely related, as long as one is a problem, it will affect the health of women. So, in the female therapeutic side, common mugwort, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, grass, loofah and other traditional Chinese medicine warm through the cold, Shu meridians. In a word, because of the special nature of female female physiology, diet also has its distinct characteristics. It's these characteristics, I believe in you to read the whole book, and applied to real life, will have a more profound understanding of. Female menstruation, pregnancy, to experience life.Mattress, lactation, menopause (menopause) of some of the more special period, these periods are women more vulnerable period, a little carelessness will lead to various diseases. So, female friends should pay special attention to this a few times, especially in terms of diet, as the saying goes "Disease enters by the mouth.", such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, lack of milk and other women's diseases, there is a big part of the reason and the special period of improper diet related. In fact, people can eat out of the disease, also can eat healthy, as long as know the special period should eat what should not eat what, health will be with you. A, menstrual period and menstrual period food taboo is a bleeding process, according to the study found women menstrual blood loss, every time a total of 50 ~ 80 ml, so the period in order to light, digestible diet is based on the guidelines, may be appropriate to add some tonic foods, such as Hu Luo, red amaranth, spinach, bu jujube, longan pulp, liver, heart, liver, eggs and so on; at the same time, can also take some Qi Nourishing diet, such as Astragalus stew chicken, Ejiao jujube congee, Siwu Decoction. In addition, women in the menstrual period can also eat some "Shugan Qi" foods, such as cabbage, orange, hawthorn. For the period should be food we have a preliminary understanding, diet taboo here say period. Food taboo period is more, can be roughly classified into three categories. The first kind is cold things. Midsummer season, the girls do not have to eat cold drink. But the Chinese thought, "blood cold coagulation", "cold contraction". All the drinks, frozen drinks, iced drinks are vasoconstriction due to its physical properties at low temperature, blood stagnation, blood stasis makes, is excreted not free, causing abdominal pain. As a traditional Chinese medicine in many patients with dysmenorrhea, menstrual period for most food cold and disease accounted for. So women in the menstrual period before and after and must manage their mouth, said "not to cold things". P3-5

Clinical experience of the book by the Chinese health experts based on years of ancient books of traditional Chinese medicine, from the vastness of the selection of the most simple, the most practical, the most effective, most practical family therapeutic health experience. This book is suitable for female readers love food cooking.
Catalogue of books

the special women during the period of the first chapter of female therapeutic health overview of
on diet and female
female diet regimen and
a taboo and taboo food, menstrual period
two, pregnancy taboo food and
three, Puerperal Dietary and taboos of
four (menopause, menopause the fresh and taboo)
second chapter menstrual disease therapeutic side
irregular menstruation
the spleen qi deficiency type weak type

kidney qi deficiency type of cold coagulation and blood stasis of liver qi stagnation type

bleeding due to blood heat type

qi stagnation and blood stasis and dampness
Qi and blood deficiency type of liver and kidney deficiency type

and spleen qi deficiency type
hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency type
kidney yang deficiency type
bleeding due to blood heat and blood stasis type

amenorrhea with qi stagnation and blood stasis type of cold coagulation and blood stasis

Qi and blood stagnation of phlegm dampness type two deficiency of liver and kidney deficiency type

vicarious menstruation lung dryness due to yin deficiency type
liver fire type
third chapter leukorrhagia dietotherapy party
spleen deficiency type
kidney yang deficiency type
damp heat type
fourth chapter pregnancy disease therapeutic side
abdominal pain in pregnancy
deficiency type
virtual Cold type
qi stagnation type
edema of pregnancy.
spleen edema type
kidney edema type
qi stagnation and dampness.
pregnancy vertigo
liver kidney yin deficiency type
stagnation of phlegm and stagnation of Qi and blood deficiency type

pregnancy vomiting, weakness of spleen and stomach type
liver stomach disharmony
stomach yin deficiency type
fetal movement disturbed

kidney qi deficiency type

pregnancy trauma upset
hyperactivity of fire due to Yin deficiency type
phlegm much.
liver fire retarding
fetal leakage
kidney type
Qi deficiency type
blood heat type
fifth chapter postpartum disease therapeutic side
postpartum hypogalactia
asthenia of Qi and blood stagnation of liver qi stagnation type

postpartum abdominal pain and blood deficiency type

heat stasis junction
Postpartum Lochiorrhea.
Qi photo missing
yinxuxuere type
> the blood stasis type of postpartum sweating
Qi spontaneous perspiration type
night sweat due to yin deficiency type

infection puerperal fever toxin type
exogenous type

blood deficiency of postpartum constipation, dry type
Yun Qi loss type
dyspepsia and junction
sixth chapter miscellaneous gynecological diseases therapeutic side

kidney vacuity infertility

and blood stasis syndrome of liver qi stagnation of phlegm damp type

uterine prolapse of qi deficiency type
kidney type
uterine fibroids
and qi stagnation of phlegm damp type

damp heat type, blood stasis type
climacteric syndrome of qi stagnation and blood stasis type

liver kidney yin deficiency type
> spleen kidney yang deficiency of heart and kidney disharmony
seventh chapter of female beauty diet

lung heat type acne
splenogastric hygropyrexia type

chloasma Phytosome whitening weight

spleen deficiency and dampness type
the spleen kidney two falsely type
stomach heat and dampness
qi stagnation and blood stasis type

appendix hair breast
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"Very old therapeutic side: Women" Editors: female diet attention to Qi and blood nourishing! Female diet used Shugan Jieyu, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis method! Women pay attention to dredge main and collateral channels on the diet! Female diet on spleen, liver, kidney and value maintenance!
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