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Many diabetic patients because of fear of hyperglycemia, misunderstanding very much in terms of diet, think that this can not eat, that can not eat, resulting in malnutrition patients, decreased immunity, but affects the treatment result.
in fact, each food has its irreplaceable nutrients. That large amount of clinical medicine, for most patients, as long as attention to diet, more exercise, pay attention to work and rest rules, reasonable control weight, quit alcohol limit, will greatly alleviate the symptoms, the deterioration of disease control, enjoy a high quality of life.
"eat this, easy control of diabetes" starting from the analysis of dozens of common food nutrition and efficacy in patients with diabetes mellitus, tell how should eat what food to eat, what food should eat frequently. Especially each food designed a way for patients to eat delicious recipes, let them not only to find suitable food, but also takes into account the food.
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Commissioner of the Ministry of health, chronic disease prevention and control experts committee of Chinese society of Endocrinology Councilor and diabetes group deputy leader, Diabetes Society member and foot disease and peripheral vascular disease study group of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.May be endocrine and metabolic specialist branch committee, vice chairman of the endocrine society the liberation army. "Diabetes,
Obesity and
Metabolism", "Chinese Journal of Endocrinology and metabolism", "Chinese Journal of diabetes", "Chinese Journal of diabetes" and other 11 kinds of journal editors and "diabetes friend" magazine editor in chief.
has won three national science and technology progress prize 1 items, two military medical achievement award 2, two prize of progress in science and technology 1, two provincial science and Technology Progress Award 1. More than 260 papers published in domestic and foreign journals. The enjoyment of the State Council issued a special government allowances and forces of outstanding professional and technical personnel of a class of post allowance. Associate professor
the Liberation Army 306th Hospital of doctor of vice director of the diabetes center. Won the two prize in the treatment results of 1, three prize of progress in science and technology 4, published more than 60 scientific research papers, diabetes, popular science article dozens of diabetes, editor of science books 4.
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Control method of four types of

diabetes diabetes harm the main clinical symptoms of diabetes in diabetic

understanding of diabetes
diet points
due to illness and measures of human nutrition.
grains article eat eat cereals health
buckwheat protecting liver and kidney, strengthening immunity
oat prevention the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
wheat bran to supplement vitamin B
barley improve body defense function
how to eat black rice as a staple food for diabetic patients.
millet do the spleen and stomach, tonifying kidney
corn reduce blood cholesterol concentration

cowpea seed step-down, diuresis promoting insulin secretion and reduce the content of
how to cook the mung bean serum cholesterol
black low glycemic index
yellow summer improving fat metabolism.
Red Bean Runchang catharsis, adjust blood sugar
poultry articles quality protein healthy
clam up cholesterol excretion
how to eat oysters increase insulin sensitivity of
yellow croaker tonifying the liver and kidney, Liver eyesight
carp do adjust blood lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetes mellitus
promote growth, enhance immunity of
eel blood sugar regulation
tuna decrease in blood Cholesterol
salmon helps prevent Alzheimer's
eel for lowering blood sugar, regulating glucose metabolism.
duck Ziyin blood, eliminate edema.
Wuji improve body function
beef nourishing the spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles of
rabbit protect the walls of blood vessels, prevent thrombosis in treating diabetic vegetables to help the ideal food
cabbage with large
cabbage diabetes has auxiliary curative effect of
how to eat cabbage natural anti-cancer drug

broccoli cauliflower prevent diabetes complications decreased gastrointestinal absorption of
celery ideal high fiber foods rich in dietary fiber
Gai Lan > spinach on glucose helps stabilize blood sugar
coriander Jianweixiaoshi for many chronic disease form the
vegetables article, to reduce blood sugar
edible amaranth Qinghuo detoxification, prevent constipation.
how to eat shepherd's purse is beneficial for patients with diabetic cataract
bracken dilation of blood vessels, reduce blood pressure
Brasenia schreberi immunity of
sprout control postprandial blood glucose rise
pea seedlings Qingrejiedu, prevent cancer from
spinach Runchang catharsis, clearing away heat cool
purslane prevention of diabetic retinopathy.
how to eat bitter gourd is known as "plant insulin"
yellow melon Diabetic patients preferred food
pumpkin active metabolism.
melon to prevent the accumulation of body fat.
squash do improve the auxiliary regulating glucose
pepper vegetables in the vitamin C king
eggplant Xiaozhongzhitong immunity to
tomatoes super antioxidant food
green peppers, prevention of complications of diabetes.
Pleurotus ostreatus enhance human immunity.
mushroom anticancer
mushroom Jiapin, detoxification and promote detoxification
Lentinus edodes hemorrhage, blood sugar control
matsutake in the elderly health care
Coprinus comatus benefit the spleen and stomach, helping digestion.
needle mushroom delay diabetes complications of
lotus Qingreliangxue, Shengjinzhike
yam quality health care products and medicine.
Jerusalem artichoke ideal diuretic
water chestnut cooling blood detoxification, diuretic laxative
konjac effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose
onion hypoglycemic and diuretic food
garlic inhibit intestinal bacteria
carrot carotene stronghold of
white turnip enhance appetite, prevention and treatment of cancer.
lettuce to promote urination and reduce blood pressure.
bamboo shoots maintain postprandial blood sugar stable
how to eat asparagus clearing away heat and toxic material, regulating blood sugar
aloe enhancing immunity of
Tremella slow blood sugar L
kelp improve the glucose tolerance of
fruit to eat fruit health worry free
dried article is rich in dietary fiber
medicine article medicine conditioning comprehensive prevention and control of
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The copyright page: illustration: more than 95% of our patients with diabetes belongs to the type 2 diabetic patients. Type 2 diabetes used to be known as the "non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, and the type is different, this kind of patients in adult onset, their in vivo insulin normal or slightly higher, there is low, but overall insulin deficiency is relative, because obstacles using some of the more complex causes of insulin the incidence of diabetes mellitus. Most patients are obese, not sensitive to insulin, blood glucose fluctuation is small, less hypoglycemia or ketoacidosis. Specific diabetes specific diabetes is due to genetic or other diseases or improper use cause diabetes, including pancreatic disease caused by diabetes, endocrine diseases caused by diabetes, all kinds of genetic disease complicated with diabetes and drug induced diseases, etc.. Gestational diabetes, gestational diabetes, namely the pregnancy diagnosis and pregnancy diabetes, after giving birth, most of the patients blood glucose returned to normal, if sustained abnormal, need to use diet control, exercise to adjust, when necessary use insulin treatment.
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"Eat this, easy control of diabetes" Editors: Science and technology literature, science and health, from food to recipes, diet guidelines for patients with type 40000000 diabetes. Any diabetic patients, at any time, all need to diet therapy, the treatment of diabetes, vegetables to help, eat fruit, healthy and carefree, eat eat grains, poultry health - quality protein help health, dried fruit, rich in dietary fiber.
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