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Original medical records in the Qing Dynasty palace. Use of herbal tea or tea for disease prevention and control records very rich. The tea party 小功 designed, is convenient to take, can wear, service frequency, so it is not only widely used in disease treatment and rehabilitation conditioning. Even in the rescue of critical illness, occasionally emerge, become a special form for treating palace of the Qing Dynasty too hospital disease. Therefore. The doctor is quite willing to be tea or tea drinking on health care and disease prevention and cure, the category of. The application scope is broad, is rich and colorful, has high practical value.
the book consists of 5 chapters. The tea history, characteristics, application scope, prescriptions and drugs, mainly introduces the drug palace tea commonly used formula composition, indications, treatment etc.. In each generation of tea party, the author added comments, details of the party in the palace of the Qing Dynasty the original medical records and the original views. It has reference value.
Chen Keji author of the book, the Qing Dynasty palace medicine has studied, a prolific author and renowned at home and abroad. In order to meet the needs of the broad masses of the people to prevent and cure diseases and health care. The author of these deep in the palace of the Qing Dynasty original medical records in the palace secret was published. To our readers.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of history of Chinese tea.
the first section medicinal tea origin and Chinese tea culture to form
second herbal tea development process of
second chapter herbal tea characteristics and application range of
the first herbal tea characteristics of
second section medicine tea application
fry, bubble, usage and matters needing attention
the first herbal tea to use
second section uses herbal tea notes
fourth chapter Qing tea prescriptions and drugs
the first festival of Shufeng jiebiao class tea
second Zhike class on behalf of the tea
third day heat type tea
Fourth dehumidification class tea
fifth consumer guide type of tea
sixth Qushu class tea
seventh section temperature class tea
eighth tranquilizers tea
Ninth Chinese tea
tenth commonly used
fifth chapter Qinggong drug on behalf of the tea used
the first section critically ill rescue
second diseases targeted therapy.
third day after conditioning using
A, clear Palace tea medicine compilation
two, Qing tea recipe index
three, Qing tea medicine file photo
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: Department of internal medicine disease is exogenous disease and injury of. Exogenous disease mainly refers to typhoid, air temperature, summer temperature, humidity, heat diseases. According to syndrome differentiation classification, injury can be divided into the lung, heart, spleen and stomach, liver and kidney disease. The disease and syndromes, most of which are available on behalf of the tea therapy. Load control department of internal medicine disease of ancient and modern medical books, the tea party is endless, we would like for example to ming. Cold to feel common exogenous diseases caused by pathogenic wind, belongs to the lung disease. "Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang" "green bean tea party" by the light blue, how to eat lobster sauce, Nepeta, mint, gardenia, gypsum, Zisun tea powder, Decoction on behalf of tea, or when the clothes, has the solution table cold, and clearing heat, good governance in the fever caused by exogenous cold fever headache symptoms. Fang Xin Wen Wu to 通阳 fistular onion stalk, hairy, and played the solution table cold work; lobster sauce do not only help the drug in solution form, and mint, gardenia, gypsum and heat. A total of tea agent, use convenient, quick drink, disease transmission. With each emotion fluctuation caused by heart, as one of the most common disease, often associated with insomnia, forgetfulness and see. Honest and upright official medical records contained in the "Shen on behalf of the tea is one of the commonly used treatment with tea party. We only dragon's teeth and calamus two flavor, water frying tea, taste and less amount of light, comply with the principle of tea. Honest and upright official royal in the tea as a sedative. A kind of disease and syndrome hiccup for spleen and stomach more common, general by inverse dynamic diaphragm caused by stomach. The "emergency prescriptions" in "bamboo reed rhizome tea 'with bamboo, reed root, ginger decoction on behalf of the tea, famous tea party for hiccups. Party in bamboo shavings heat Sheng Jin, and stomach vomiting, "this after every original" refers to the. Special cleaning the stomach heat, as the virtual vexed thirst, stomach deficiency vomit inverse to the drug; Rhizoma Phragmitis Qingwei Chufan antiemetic; with "Ou Jia rejuvenation" ginger, then flat well force in particular. In view of that as the heat Chufan, Sheng Jin stop hiccup agent. On behalf of the tea frequently beverage service, easy to maintain the efficacy of hiccup, stomach heat and disease after the most suitable.
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"The tea extract (seventh Series)" is a modern famous TCM classics reprinted books.
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  •   The tea extract
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