80 Chinese herbal tonic family

Date of publication:2012-2   Press: Chemical Industry Press   Author:Liu Chunsheng, Chen Yuting.   Pages´╝Ü166  
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And can assist the treatment of atrophic gastritis, postpartum deficiency, skin white to golden yellow, section, the chewing of mucus preferable. According to these characteristics can be in pharmacies, farmers markets and supermarkets to buy real, good quality of these medicines, can also according to the book of medicated diet or the process of making tea, in order to keep the tonic or prevention of diseases; in addition, some drugs presents interesting story, all is the name, about their efficacy of sources second, enable us to deepen the understanding of the traditional Chinese medicine in a knowing smile. This book is suitable for ordinary families, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine colleges enthusiasts reference. Due to time constraints, the book inevitably omissions, urge readers to make your valuable advice, so that our correction. In 2011 October   editor; Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
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