Four vegetarian diet therapy.

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The copyright page: (8) try spirulina. The nutritional composition of food the best and the most comprehensive and balanced current knowledge of food is one of the oldest photosynthetic organism Spirulina on earth, it is the king of protein in Spirulina, each 100 grams, protein content is 55 ~ 70 grams, is 10 times that of rice and 18 times the milk. Spirulina is rich in nutrition, is the future of the vegetarian preferred. If you are vegetarian beginners, just start may think I eat a lot, but hungry very quickly, this is because the plant is easy to be caused by gastrointestinal absorption. Don't worry, perserve, can deeply feel the vegetarian health benefits. 13 for the long-term vegetarian what proposal? Scientists in the United States put forward some relevant suggestions for enhancing the nutritional structure long-term vegetarian. (1) the vegetarian most likely a lack of vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, zinc and calcium. Therefore, a vegetarian who should pay attention to whether they have the beriberi, night blindness, gums bleeding phenomenon. If you can increase the food changes, can avoid the deficiency of micronutrients. Vegetarians should special supplements containing vitamin B12 foods such as beer, how do the yeast, dairy products, etc.; containing vitamin D foods such as eggs, how to eat cheese, add vitamin D fortified food; the number of iron containing foods such as nuts, nuts, bean curd, melon seeds; calcium and more food such as milk and milk products, soya bean milk, bean curd, dark green leafy vegetables; zinc containing many foods such as almond, milk, tofu, unrefined grains. (2) dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, nucleolus and other natural food is the best source of vitamin and high-quality protein; tofu, soya bean milk is processed food the most respected vegetarian nutrition. (3) a vegetarian should pay attention to the types of food to the more the better, as far as possible to eat whole grains, such as brown rice, germinated rice, wheat bran, whole wheat bread and other grain foods. (4) completely or mostly vegetarian food sources from the plant kingdom. Oxalic acid, phytic acid content in more vegetarian food, easy and zinc, magnesium, iron and other binding excreted, resulting in a lack of. Therefore, we should pay more attention to food or supplements to add these inorganic salts. (5) when cooking food, the best choice of cooking oil, and as far as Celtuce salad, boiled, steamed, cold and other treatment, so better to keep the original flavor of vegetarianism. If the edible method to fry, plus a lot of oil, may lead to increased cholesterol. (6) the best reception of milk and eggs, that is not a strict vegetarian diet to avoid malnutrition, especially in children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers should not adhere to a strict vegetarian diet. (7) a person often should exercise, drink plenty of water, sun, helps the body to make more effective use of nutritional vegetarian.
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four diabetes vegetarian diet, vegetarian diet @##@ gout Ma Bianliang editor of the "four high disease vegetarian therapy" briefly introduces basic knowledge of four high disease including hypertension, high blood fat, high blood sugar and high uric acid, drink soup, porridge, soup, dishes, vegetarian diet focuses on class for four high disease, every party including raw materials, production and efficiency. "Four high disease vegetarian therapy" content is scientific and practical, suitable for the community and health care, catering staff to read.
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"Four high disease vegetarian therapy" to scientific, practical, systematic integration, the method is simple, easy to understand, the information source is wide, targeted to help readers to understand the relevant knowledge of four high disease, and applied in practice.
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