• Hypoglycemic food and dietotherapy party

    "Basic knowledge of hypoglycemic food and dietotherapy party" brief introduction of diabetes, focuses on 36 kinds of hypoglycemic food and its therapeutic side common, each party included materials, production, usage and efficacy. Its rich content, scientific and practical, suitable for the majority of diabetic patients and their relatives in reading. ,

  • Eat what I call the shots

    Modern TCM dietary assort or arrange in pairs or groups of book, "what to eat to me (Modern Chinese dietary assort or arrange in pairs or groups book)" by Tian Shengli, He Chunmei, what to eat? How to eat? "Food is what matters to the people", this is people everyday thing. A bad mood, depression and "eat"? Fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, tumor etc.,

  • Remarkable therapeutic side

    He treated || illness prevention, "the great therapeutic side: illness treatment, serious illness prevented" illustrates 200 common cure ingredients analysis properties of each kind of food, healing factor analysis of food, teach you to their constitution and disease, eat on the table the "medicine"; "don't play therapy Party: illness treatment, serious illness prevented" also profound interpretation of the 8,

  • A fully understand Chinese food therapy manual

    "A fully understand Chinese diet manuals (health school upgraded version)" content brief introduction: nutrition experts pointed out that human daily nutritional requirements are divided into six categories: protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals (microelements and macroelements) and water. Many major diseases and micronutrients,

  • The cancer vegetarian

    "Cancer vegetarian book" covering layer is wide and deep, from the most basic how to buy, washing fruits and vegetables preservation cooking principle and so on, are meticulously patiently provide correct guidance. Will provide vegetarian principles anti-cancer natural food and cooking methods, reduce the side effects of treatment, crack error vegetarianism,,

  • The beauty of the diet

    "Diet beauty by the" Content Description: love beautiful heart, the person all has. The beauty of the face for women, is worth paying attention to the life lessons. Many women spend big price to buy the expensive skin care products and skin care products, are often difficult to receive the magical effect of dream. They were very puzzled. In fact, the appearance and,

  • Wang Fengqi's health table

    "Wang Fengqi's health table (fruits and vegetables article)" content brief introduction: Chinese medicine is broad and profound. Ancient cloud: "paraquat poison attack, mince cure all diseases." "Wang Fengqi's health table (fruits and vegetables article)" selected some commonly used in health food, both to reinforce the main food, but also eliminating therapy,

  • Patients with liver disease should eat food

    "Patients with liver disease should eat food" on the basis of our abundant medical books and a lot of research data, from the Chinese diet health point of view, to user-friendly, simple language to introduce the basic knowledge of natural food of liver disease and 42 are effective, and the use of these foods formulated more than 570 therapy experience,

  • Chinese food therapy health wisdom

    "Chinese dietotherapy health wisdom (a la page)" Chinese medicine "medicated analogy", "food and medicine, food aid effect" theory as a foundation, to explain the traditional Chinese food, knowledge and methods of food, diet, dietary contraindication. Eating Chinese broad and profound, the authors explain profound theories in simple language describes four seasons food, different physical food,,

  • Article 100 of the dietary prescriptions

    "Qian Jin Fang" is the "King" Sun Simiao set a few decades of effort to write the classic, is the earliest a medical encyclopedia. "100 therapeutic prescriptions in the (the latest color chart)" capture the "Qian Jin Fang" in the most practical, the most essential part, wherein the diet prescription on the treatment of the disease in the living,,

  • Professor Li Zhong talking about cancer patients how to eat

    "Professor Li Zhong talk about cancer patients how to eat" is a specially designed for cancer patients and written diet instructions. The book brings together the Li Zhong lectures in various television programs in the essence, the close relationship between thoroughly on the rehabilitation of dietetic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and disease. Lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer and other various types of patients,,

  • The whole family cereals manual

    Has an "grain for the support, the five fruits in order to assist, five animals for the benefit, five dishes for the charge, the smell of joint and service, in order to supplement Qi Jing", the grains have an irreplaceable role in the Chinese diet culture. "The whole family cereals use manual" the closer to the readers the most novel format to write. The book details,

  • Stabilize blood sugar and diet

    For diabetics, the protection of glucose homeostasis is very important in the normal level. Ji Changqun, Xie Yingbiao editor of "stabilize blood sugar and diet" briefly introduces the basic knowledge of the definition, etiology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and diabetes testing standards for diabetes, focuses on diabetic patients for long-term,

  • Compendium of Materia Medica dietotherapy prescription

    "Compendium of Materia Medica dietotherapy prescription" tells the story of the "compendium of Materia Medica" embodies Li Shizhen's life's work, its great value not only reflects the literature contains rich and precious, more valuable is through practice, Li Shizhen's on-the-spot investigation, the reliability and science of the received drug is far better than any of the ancient Department of the,

  • The five generation Chinese family diet cure all diseases

    "The five generation Chinese family diet cure all diseases" is Zhang Zhongyuan and his son Zhang Weijun to the pen, a therapeutic health paste. The book brings up more than 120 years of family medicine secret recipe and the five generation of clinical practice, tell you how to recognize the characteristics of Chinese medicine ingredients, learn knowledge simply, how to effectively use,

  • The whole family of fruit and vegetable juice manuals

    "The family's vegetable juice using manual" selected health vegetable juice is recommended by nutritionists elaborate, health vegetable juice is not fine can let you clear the toxin inside body, make you healthy and slim down, but also can supplement the vitamins and minerals, and gradually improve the physique, improve immunity, in the beverage to upgrade at the same time, let the health protection,

  • Food nutrition bible

    400 kinds of food nutrition analysis, "food nutrition bible: 400 kinds of food nutrition analysis (Revised Edition)" is a classic of Chinese food. Health is the most important and reasonable intake of essential nutrients, to meet the appetite and obtain the effect of health care. The so-called healthy eating or eat out the disease eat back to its base,

  • Replenishing the fruit and vegetable family manual

    "Invigorating and family use manual" written by Li Jian. As the saying goes: "not drug sibu." Regular consumption of our life in the fruits and vegetables, is the best tonic. Fruits and vegetables contain protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, fat and other substances, reasonable food can not only maintain the body,

  • Maternal nutrition

    "The maternal nutrition" system introduced the nutritional needs and diet of pregnant women and women of the collocation points, provided the scientific and practical solutions for a variety of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. "The maternal nutrition" content is scientific and practical, easy to understand language, widely applicable to people, especially suitable for pregnant women and their families,

  • Five bean fill five internal organs. The most convenient to Party organs

    The most convenient viscera nursed back to health, "five bean fill five internal organs: introduction to the most convenient viscera nursed back to health" content: Minyan "PAC money every day, he needs to be taken in", meaning that often eat legume food, can not only from disease, also can assist the treatment of some diseases. The traditional diet is also a "grain should be kept, loss of bean is bad" argument. ,

  • Anticancer

    "Anticancer recipe: main contents of tumor patients with TCM diet nursed back to health guide" cancer is becoming the first killer of mankind in the new century. How to eat is the cancer patients, patients and their families are most concerned about the topic. "Anticancer recipe: Patients with tumors of the Chinese diet nursed back to health guide" the surgery combined with clinicians, feng,

  • Seven kinds of food, eat a healthy

    "Seven kinds of food, eat only healthy" content brief introduction: cold and heat balance of human body with the food of cold, with seven kinds of taste of the different effects of curing the viscera, adjust the mood, prevent disease, enhance resistance in different seasons of food. Most people like to explain some tonic, eat right, eat the food, play,

  • Anorectal disease therapy

    Anorectal disease therapy, medicated diet is an exotic flower in Chinese medicine, renowned at home and abroad. The aroma and non-toxic Chinese herbal medicine and food is the combination of medicated diet. Medicated diet can not only health and disease prevention, but also has the role of adjuvant therapy for common diseases. "Diet" anorectal disease by clinical experts Yu Hanming, Tian Jian,

  • Garlic regimen

    "Health" content introduction garlic: garlic, is a very common food in life, there are people like its taste, some people dislike its smell, but whether love or hate people, may not know ordinary garlic has the function and history so extraordinary. Garlic, also can saying is a kind of magical food,

  • Food and drink are in good health

    "Food" in the Yellow Emperor's internal road, you eat? This is the Chinese daily greetings mantra. In the face of increasing eat out of the disease, to have this word is afraid that you eat right? Early in the thousands of years ago, "Huang Di Nei Jing" warned people: improper diet malady. Modern people's improper eating habits and the resulting disease proved,

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