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Date of publication:2010-3   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Peter Shorewood   Pages´╝Ü385  

This book deals with the natural medicine -- throughout history (including prehistoric) medicine is used by most people -- history and philosophy. The publication of this book can be said to be a well timed, especially those enthusiastic, misguided on so-called Medical Science (Biomedical) supporters of the natural medicine attacks cause a temporary clamour of is even more so. The Science (truth) and scientism (blindly believe that science is all) confused with people may not know it, according to the WHO report, 80% of the people in the world are using natural medicine. Although in the back of the content of Biomedical Engineering and scientific (refers to the practice of science, rather than on the philosophical basis of derivation, untested science) criticism, but the authors do not intend to great efforts to discredit the real health workers do, their work is vital to society. They include emergency workers, nurses, doctors, researchers, managers, and other personnel engaged in health care. But those incompetent, unqualified, often caused by medical accidents will be discussed at. If this book is what prejudice word, that is: there have been many books about the great success of biomedical, no need to repeat. In addition, those books often remain silent on the risk in biomedicine. Biomedicine has been proven in practice will be difficult and dangerous lot. Medical errors is part of epidemiology, such as side effects of drugs and nosocomial infection. These problems are so severe, that unless you have very serious disease, or the most dangerous in the world thing is to go to the hospital has a bed.

This book deals with the natural medicine -- throughout history (including prehistoric) medicine is used by most people -- history and philosophy. The publication of this book can be said to be a well timed, especially those enthusiastic, misguided on so-called Medical Science (Biomedical) supporters of the natural medicine attacks cause a temporary clamour of is even more so.
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Peter Shorewood, from 1968 the first access Chinese, on the Chinese, especially Chinese medicine with the fans. As acupuncture and qigong master, he created the Australian natural medical school with 4000 pupils and 5 campus. He is also the Australian University doctoral thesis assessors. His research direction is the history, philosophy and practice of natural medicine, as well as the people's way of life. For these studies, he visited 38 countries and area, plays a very important role in the development of Australia, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia natural medicine. He is also a professor at the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University.
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The first natural medicine: from prehistory to the first chapter of natural medicine prehistoric human medicine animal medical human evolution -- from monkeys to the farmer human medical and comprehensive health religion, art and social cooperation summary references second chapters of ancient natural medicine Mesopotamia Egypt Egyptian conquerors to Greece and Rome in third chapter summary references natural medicine and natural medicine, the wise woman everywhere religious wizard on group mind attack -- the control of natural medicine Crusade medical occupation of political reality of second references medical separation the fourth chapter from the general medicine to biomedical medicine and church power Paracelsism -- medical alliance collapsed opportunity -- Carle pepper in order to popular herb Harvey -- to Galen blood therapy based on facts refute Bacon -- Descartes -- science like machine science to the rational development of germ theory of vitalism: energy or frequency energy medicine summary references fifth chapter of modern natural medicine development in Europe and North America scientific support regular medical nature medicine Su Wake up from the European natural treatment to USA natural therapy important support of Australia's experience summary references chapter sixth natural medicine is an important integral of the natural medicine on the support of natural therapy and scientific summary of the third references of modern medical theory and practice the seventh chapter Western influence of natural medicine and natural therapies name contains what natural medicine and natural medicine herbs therapy summary nutrition homeopathic flower essence and Australia flower essence spice treatment massage reflexology American Reform: osteopathy and spine refers to the future development of pressure therapy summary references eighth chapter, ninth chapter of India medicine traditional Chinese medicine fourth natural medicine: medical myth, media, evidence-based medicine and the tenth chapter medical integration medical science or medical myth eleventh chapter and twelfth chapter of medical media medicine thirteenth chapter of evidence-based medicine, strict evaluation and natural medicine in the next
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Archaeological records can be accurate and detailed description of prehistoric life, including medical, religious, artistic and social. Rudy believes that the stone age people are similar in many aspects and modern society, they are highly intelligent, resourceful, very artistic, creative, and has a strong practical ability and high skills. They can take care of their companions, and offer help when needed. In Europe and Asia, stone age people have started to drink Wine, beer and honey wine, even before it began using opium and marijuana. Spiritual and religious beliefs of prehistoric people began to have the mental activities and their faith, the belief in the great temple of forcing them to the ground and underground complex building structures. The 23 temple in Malta is the most ancient relic temple, they began to build in 5500 -- than the Egyptian Giza plateau in Pyramid earlier in 1000. Malta Temple 6 meters above the ground, some need to cut and transported to the construction site of the stones weigh 50 tons. Where found evidence that religious rituals included offering and the worship of the goddess. The earliest evidence of the goddess worship is found in the Republic of Czech. There is a 26000 iceThe goddess of fire clay sculpture era. This is a long history of goddess worship and 'earth worship' or 'worship' about. If so, worship is the fear of the natural cycle, faithful hope to live in a more harmonious in nature. The cave in the last glacial period, continental Europe is often used as a cave temple. Some caves in France there in 15000 before the sculpture, and in Xiao Weiyan hole. Also in 31000 before painting. Determination of radiocarbon age of French Lott county can distinguish between prehistoric cave earliest and latest 10000 painting, the painting includes many of the animal description. All these paintings are not fighting or war, this traditional Egyptian art, which is full of wars and conquests.
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Since in the early 80 century began to study natural therapy, Chinese medicine and homeopathy, I was looking for a book like this. As a student, such a discussion of historical and philosophical works, will help me in his will to work in confidence. As a practitioner, this book will save the research time I spent thousands of hours, can let my patients to find many of the problems they have to ask oneself answers. This is a landmark and is very timely book. Thousands of historical, philosophical picture shows the natural medicine prototype. It also provides a natural medicine global trajectory. -- Griff Powell (ClivePowell)
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"Iatrogenic": now 80% of the world's population had received treatment of natural medicine. Natural medicine is a kind of health care philosophy, it contains such a view of life. Is to be able to see the future of health and disease, to provide a full of fun and happy life.
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