I am not a Murderer

Date of publication:2008-12   Press: Reading life and New York   Author:[method] Frederick Chaussoy   Pages´╝Ü127  

The forgotten dead I have often been asked at all in order to avoid the pain, but few people ask me to death. Perhaps, unless the eyes, or, with silence. But do not have words. Each week, we had to face the death, but very little "and" death, except when issued the death certificate. However, even at this time will not use that word...... But say "dead ends", "lost", "left", as this could not cope with the word, to the harsh direct hit on a layer of soft. People choose this occupation, in order to give life, or save a life. The treatment is not possible for good, let be Agape and tongue-tied fatalism. Even after the actual work, years of contact with hundreds of patients, even death is inevitable, sometimes fate that cannot be reversed, but, for those of us who are still very difficult to mend his ways to save him, don't treat it as a failure. However, in the intensive care, we will again meet with. Even if we know how to keep distance with, thus from my protection, avoid too strong emotion. But every time, it is the test of our. We protect ourselves, but we not put themselves in a layer of shell cover. Every death touch us, even if it has a pain free life, are stillIs the same. People not accustomed to the lifeless body, especially when the body has to fight, as we accompany them after the protests. Even after a long fight, death will give the face a rest in peace, death is still ugly. Wounds and scars, gray skin, dull eyes, and turned into a corpse, rigid body. Sometimes, we can't control myself, also associated with fear and pain. Then, just stop, give up. We witnessed the death, often...... In fact, we are only see the death of the crowd, for ordinary citizens, it has been careful to hide. I'm not here refers to those TV news shows us, knowing the body -- war, flood and other natural disaster victims, nor cause color picture on the big screen in those murders and other circumstances of death, before and after only a few minutes, there are plans to follow the prescribed order, and then to the the results. No, I'm talking about is the real death, that exudes a evil spirit, full of moaning, destroy the body, tearing the death of the soul. Let a face twisted, stubborn resistance, refused to let go of death. It determines the future of the time, or rather, in a few hours in the destruction of all the death. Then we met death, neighbors, friends and relatives of the dead...... Only one or two generations, is enough to let the death from our field of vision, and disappear from our life. And, indirectly, it became abominable doctors but exclusive "professional territory". Since then, in addition to the funeral parlor to cover the body, treatment becomes the only direct, very specifically addressed the crowd disease and death. Never clearly stated in the case, we do the patients, near death and mourning family last -- often only -- the exchange. People die in bed treatment on our. Also our hall, people cry. These private moments, how many centuries is in the home by family members to share intimate environment, it is almost however now is our exclusive shelter...... We see less of her death. First, because in most cases they died in the hospital, and people are more willing to the patient's home to visit him, and doesn't love to go to the hospital. This can also be understood. For the mainstream crowd, the hospital is always flooded with memories and fear. Indeed, people born in the hospital, to the hospital cure, however, is in the hospital, people endure pain, die...... Moreover, due to the hospital's idea is to treat patients with in the first place, and the patients will receive priority protected from outside interference, therefore, has a long, hospital for visitors is no longer as medieval as "hospitality". If purely from the prevention point of view, from the outside of the visit for disinfection of environment, a medical department will only cause pollution, not to mention there are children, they are noisy, run everywhere, ask various annoying problem. Friends came to visit, but soon found nothing to say; the family members can not hide fears; schedule of this little world usually medical sector schedule is inconsistent. Apparently, although we also host family and friends and trying to become better and better, but the hospital in this area is almost no what contribution, we have never found a way, let the outside and internal coordination, the result is a bit like life being deliberately shut out...... To make a long story short, people do not go to visit a sick man, even to his home or. People don't love sick people. They make people afraid, do not know what kind of eyes watching them, also don't know how to talk to them. Even if the medicine has proven, to a patient's bed side, and won't let a person to death or aging, however, or fear of contagion...... Disease and death into a serious taboo, even is not decent, if the show would be rude, meet on on a narrow path is very embarrassing.

According to Frederick Shoso (1953 ~), emergency physicians, France's hospital intensive care department, in 2003 September for Vincent Imbert in patients with severe euthanasia.
Author brief introduction

A mother, for her pain and no hope of cure son, unafraid to challenge the law and morality, to give him his desire to death. This is an extreme modern tragedy, is shocked an event of France as a whole, marks the era of change, forcing people to think, and to promote the improvement of our legislation. A doctor can overcome their doubts, after Mary Imbert, completed the final, liberation movement, and the book is about the doctor's experience, the related events are the most detailed account. You will not Yanjuan when completely indifferent. Here, one 's history is always in danger and he faced doing battle. One morning in 2003 September, as emergency physicians (this is a fight against all risk industry) Frederick Chaussoy decided, do an end as a result of paralysis and locked in your body in the coffin, 23 year old Fan Shang Imbert's pain. This to us all caused a shock, suddenly, all of the political debate is feeble. Unconsciously, the medical industry's Hospital force France passed a law about the end of life. The doctor's occupation resume is innocent. You will read about an honest man's life story, emotion and experience, he is happy, and let those unfortunate experience with formal training, to guide the behavior of his rescue and sympathy, guide the final decision. Thank you, Shaw cable according to the doctor. Winning is not death, but life. Patients with paralysis young want to die, do not have this right. He wants to express this requirement, can only rely on his right thumb indistinguishable action. Vincent Imbert tetraplegia, blind and dumb, but with tenacity and perseverance won. He has the right to obtain our gratitude. Whether nature or providence had refused to grant him get rid of the body of the coffin wish, then, to help him leave is the most loved his people, his mother, she challenged the law, this is precisely the beloved behavior. The mother came across the legal and social taboos, thus entered the medical history. Go to the end of life of the patients are owe her a lot. Future law would also become more gentle. Death is a part of life, the doctors have tried everything possible to let people tend to avoid death, but eventually had to admit it, because they know it best. Doctor Frederick Chaussoy chose to go one step beyond. He not only made the actual behavior, but also a responsibility, so, his not be legal behavior caused a lot of consequences. Since it has been incapable of action, will remove the ventilator, stop artificial, this kind of practice, it was full of doubts, also don't want to talk about. To engage in this behavior doctor or nurse team will get a homicide investigation, so almost all don't hope to open on the subject. We call this a practice known as passive euthanasia. The word I hate. Let's talk about help, talk with, talk about life end. Since the young man's death, many things have changed. A congressional study group after hearing from many experts, has completed a attract sb.'s attention work. Although the delegates group the views of patients, patients are still cannot be fully heard, however, this has been a very great progress. The doctor will override the patient will continues, but, after all, only in the Vincent - Imbert died a year, the new law proposals will be published, it is founded the record.
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The preface introduction a "just" live fast and accurate two, three family four twelve beds, life of five my father six save lives seven Mariba forgotten dead nine Fan Shangshi who should decide? Eleven of the things I do for twelve I thirteen said to him fourteen afraid of fifteen death need time sixteen Marie Christina Frederic in the eyes of my seventeen "crimes" Eighteen death passing nineteen in life twenty Vincent, William, Hipok to Vincent, thanks @##@ Euphrates A 22 year old young paralyzed because of a car accident, only one finger can move, for him, the body has become the soul cages. So, he relies on this finger to communicate with people, strongly expressed the hope that the intention of euthanasia. In 2003 September, his mother helped him with this desire, at the same time, this is a duty to help the disabled survivability doctors involved in this action. After the incident, the French society has aroused great repercussions, which broke out in every level of discussion and controversy. Participate in the implementation of the euthanasia physician Dr. Chaussoy and co wrote the book, describes the event, also expressed his thoughts.
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If you need a wise woman let a man comes to this world, then, also need to ferry, many need the wisdom of men and women to accompany him in this world, and helped him to leave this world very well. -- Montaigne
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