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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Tsinghua University   Author:Qin Yinhe, Wen Degong, Chen Xiaohong   Pages:406  


The book is based on the people's Liberation Army General Hospital "medical humanities Doctoral Forum" to invite the famous people in the past two years the speech carefully edited, through the revision and supplement my. The content relates to life philosophy, medicine and human nature, medicine and humanistic culture and scientific culture, medicine, medical science and politics, and the realm of life and culture and so on, all crafted, aftertaste, conform to no conventional pattern, high-end gathered, dash, views of excellence. Wu Jianmin's "the situation and thinking", Li Yining's "China sustainable economic and social development problems," Wu Jinglian "to the entrepreneurial attitude to realize their pursuit of life", Yi Zhongtian's "Chinese cultural spirit", Pan Shiyi's "my philosophy of life", Chen Danqing's "education and culture", Qin Boyi's "combination of art and science, develop simultaneously", Jin Yuxi's "everybody's life can be more meaningful" and so on, believe each one will give the reader a reflection and inspiration rich. This book is not only a medical personnel read this, is also the general reader's soul nourishing books.
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The Milky Way: the Qin Han Qide: Order: Jin Yuxi and Wu Jianmin think situation: everyone's life can be meaningful Pan Shiyi: my philosophy of life: Li Yining Chen Ping a few questions China sustainable economic and social development: from biological complexity to the economic complexity of Wang Qiwen: Li Shaorong application of management science in management decisions: game theory to the revolution of economics Wu Jinglian: the entrepreneurial attitude to realize their pursuit of life -- Commemorating mother Joe pine floor: what is the effect of the scientific research and academic innovation of Qin 伯益: combination of art and science, develop simultaneously Yi Zhongtian: Chinese culture history Yu Zhui: China ancient one view of Cao Wenxuan: an interpretation of Kong Qingdong on the four idioms: Jin Yong's novels Yang mirror: promote humanities medicine development, promote the medical humanities education of Medical Humanities: Zhang Daqing: known to be easy or difficult to know easily bard: genomics and medicine -- Humanistic enlightenment of Chen Danqing: education and Humanities tensioned: see stupa Zhao Meijuan from aesthetic point of view: the awe life
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Wu Jianmin: the world and thinking about the situation is in a big change. I from 1994 to 2003 in Europe after 9 years as an ambassador, the first stop in Holland, the second station in Geneva Chinese, namely the United Nations Office at Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland ambassador to France third stations. The 9 year is the international situation has undergone profound changes in time after the end of the cold war, when the ambassador often deal with local and international elite, found that there are many different views on the international situation. In 2003 July, I ended up in the French service, after returning home, was appointed president of China Foreign Affairs University. China Foreign Affairs University is the Premier Zhou Enlai personally created, there are two "Chinese" "learn to be affiliated to China Foreign Affairs University, which Chinese Institute of international relations and China society of international law. President China Institute of international relations is the State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, I was the executive vice president. President Chinese society of international law is the Supreme People's court standing vice president Cao Jianming. I went to China Foreign Affairs University, and international relations Chinese academic contact up, I was surprised to find China domestic views on the international situation also has the very big difference. After I return home soon, once, a newspaper to the foreign practices, invited three experts to lunch, "Chinese peaceful rise" comment. When the "peaceful rise" is a new formulation, attracted international media attention. Media invited three experts and a Beijing University Professor, is an expert China Academy of Social Sciences, and I. They asked the lunch is really fast, next to a tape recorder and the reporter recorded our discussion. The day I arrived late, I arrived they immediately asked me to make a speech, I think I just came back home soon, be all at sea feel at a loss, or please famous professors speak first. So, the professor will speak first, came a few words startled me. He said: "peaceful rise is not possible! Which country in the world is peaceful rise? To rise to the expansion, Chinese is no exception!" I have decades of diplomacy, what time to go China expansion? The famous professor actually is so to speak.

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"Medical humanities forum" is not only a medical personnel read this, is also the general reader's soul nourishing books.
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  •   This book contains all the current domestic well-known all lectures, look after the benefit does not poor, hope everybody to have a look, some words have taste. Especially the collection of Yi Zhongtian's lecture, about Chinese culture, very good. Worth reading!!

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