Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise

Date of publication:2009年7月   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Yan Yubing finishing   Pages:185  

Inheritance of ancient China has health, strong body, the health of the "static qigong" and "work", "method are used to regulate the body, pranayama, aligning" roughly, "refining, refining, training of mind" of the practice, to achieve "illnesses, health, longevity" purposes. In the work, "Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise" become a system oneself, become an independent school, although many people classify it as external work, the so-called "external refining, bone to tendon, skin" as the "strong" Kung fu. But really, really high level dynamic qigong practice should be internal and external consistency, with "Damour" as muscle-bone strengthening exercise, is actually in the "refining, bone, tendons and skin" at the same time, also to "concentrate, clear heart, luck, pranayama" Kung Fu, played a "refining essence, gas, God" the role of. Is moving in a static, Cliffide Flower. Take "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise to reach the realm, only rely on the Xi Lian 'understanding and personal efforts are not enough, the key is to have a good teacher (inheritance), a good teaching material (text) and a good set of methods (Teaching). I am very glad to have the opportunity to meet with profound knowledge and rich teaching experience on the study, practice and teach "Damour," Mr. Yan Yubing muscle-bone strengthening exercise. I have carefully read him about "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise book, also have the honor to have to watch his live performances to refine the wonderful "Yi Jin twelve potential". I feel he's "Damour" is the muscle-bone strengthening exercise a systematic, detailed, in-depth teaching "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise power and the theory of good material, the dissemination and promotion of Mr Yan Yubing himself has for decades been at home and abroad dedicated to "Damour" and so muscle-bone strengthening exercise China traditional health culture, is a have a good accomplishment and profound teaching experience good teacher. In addition, as a study of "Damour" and muscle-bone strengthening exercise Chinese traditional health culture of well-known scholars, Mr. Yan Yubing in this book also expounded his experience on "Damour" theory and practice research muscle-bone strengthening exercise experience, this for the future development of academic research in academic circles "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise more in-depth, provide a lot of inspiration the guidelines.

"Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise" is a set of collation of ancient books and theoretical and practical guidance for the integration of health care books. The book is divided into two parts, the first part for "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise a refined version of "yamen hide the" collation, annotation. The second part, according to the inheritance and the years of their own experience, theory, methods to explain in detail the Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise, with complete walkthrough guides diagram, and comes with CD-ROM and posters.
Author brief introduction

Yan 蔚冰, was born in Shanghai in 1951, martial arts, under the tutelage of Tang Jinyuan, Zhu Xinxiang, Xie 映斋 martial arts masters. Senior Qigong master, counselors, 2002 was China International Healthcare Association awarded the "outstanding talents China natural medicine" title. The World Association of medical qigong, executive director of the China healthcare International Exchange Association director, Shanghai Jiayuan sea culture development director of Technology Co. ltd.. Published health class works are "practical Taoist Qigong method" (Guangxi people press, 1989), "Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise" in traditional Chinese (Taiwan Dazhan Press Limited, 2008), "Damour wash the pulp" in traditional Chinese (Taiwan Dazhan Press Limited, 2009); published "Taoism West headstream" Parkinson, "in the whole exercise method" in dozens of articles.
Catalogue of books

A sequence of two order and three order of the 1 Bodhi Damour and "muscle-bone strengthening exercise" 2 "this ancient Tibetan plate" "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise 3 back to recover one's original simplicity Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise volume two Zhengzhou Jackson ordered muscle-bone strengthening exercise order muscle-bone strengthening exercise and Shen Yong ordered a general two film on three strong on the four kneading five oil six seven eight strong prescription medication early nine months Decoction wash formula works December eleven March twelve April Gong Gong Gong thirteen line power lines fourteen hard degree of superficial and deep fifteen two ribs and Kung Fu sixteen wooden pestle gavel said seventeen stone bag eighteen, seven, five or six and August nine, ten, eleven "nineteen, December and twenty with power law twenty-one lower for power line twenty-two work taboo twenty-three lower a twenty-four war twenty-five Zhuang Shen Yong twenty-six Lian hand work of twenty-seven strong powers eight section brocade twenty-eight Shen Yong work twenty-nine Jia Li capacity potential thirty" muscle-bone strengthening exercise "Twelve potential 1 Skanda offer pestle first potential Skanda offer first 2 Skanda offer pestle pestle second potential 3 the stars change bucket potential 4 claw wings potential 5 pulling down nine oxtail potential 6 nine ghost pull Sabre potential 7 three wheel landing potential 8 Qinglong probing claw potential 9 Crouching Tiger prey potential 10 dozen Bow potential 11 tail potential 12 potential thirty-one rub shoulder wrist thirty-two tart refining brothers thirty-three refining muscle-bone strengthening exercise fingering under Appendix A point Yuhuan said two experience prescription four is three, and two pulse forty-two meridians Figure 1 hand Taiyin meridians Figure 2 hand Yangming Meridian bar reinforcement Figure 3 Figure 4 foot Taiyin the bars 5 hand Shaoyin meridian sinew Figure 6 in the sun by the bar graph 7 foot Taiyang meridian sinews figure 8 foot Shaoyin meridian sinew Figure 9 of hand Jueyin meridian sinews of hand Shaoyang meridians Figure 10 Figure 11 foot Shaoyang meridian bars 12 foot Jueyin meridians figure five Qi said "Damour" inheritance and muscle-bone strengthening exercise "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise experience on learning martial arts causes two "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise on three "Yi Jin twelve potential" inheritance "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise 1 about twelve potential 2 on the preparation of potential and the potential of four "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise on Appendix 1 "harmony but not sameness that 2 ancient muscle-bone strengthening exercise" comparison "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise the 2 result of a Yan Yubing play Lian Yi Jin twelve 1 2 Wei Tuo offer potential for potential pestle first potential 3 Skanda offer second potential 4 stars for fighting a potential 5 clawed wings potential 6 pulling down nine oxtail potential 7 nine ghost pull Ma this 8 three wheel landing potential 9 Qinglong probing claw potential 10 Crouching Tiger prey potential 11 play bowed potential 12 Hydraulic tail potential 13 potential 14 sit two work three times breath and taboo......
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: Volume II film Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise on a human body, and the viscera, and all the limbs and bones, and the essence and God, with the meat and bones, into one body. If the viscera, muscles and bones, muscles; the muscles, blood vessels of God. Whole body from top to bottom, shake the lively, this is main to gas. Is the practice of power, in the culture of Qi and blood, as I have. As days of biological, also [Mo] does not vary with the Yin and Yang, and theAll things grow, condition in life? And condition in practice? Besides fine, gas, God is invisible, tendons, bone, meat is tangible body. This method first tried to tangible, invisible, intangible, culture, as the visible auxiliary, is a two, two a person also. If the special culture of intangible and tangible is not abandoned. Special mixing tangible and intangible is abandoned, but can not. So the physical body, shall be invisible gas, contingency and not contrary, but not bad. A contrary not contingency, tangible and intangible, also. The mixing bar, must be refined film, the film must be refined. However, refining and refining reinforced easy, difficult to film; mixing membrane, and the more difficult. Start from the very difficult, very messy place standing heel, backward still not recognized 斯真法 at. Wu Pei its vitality, keep to the gas, the upright, protecting the kidney, raise the liver qi, regulating the Qi, the temper, which was down the foul air rise, closing its evil, not gas, not to injury in the gas, do not reverse in the gas, do not sorrow sadness and anger, the gas in the pre the air is clear, flat, flat and smooth, and while, can to tendons, on film, and the whole body movement, no no, no no. Gas to the membrane, gas lines, film, can play to Zhang, film and Zidentsi solid. As a refiner and ribs not mixing film, and film without the LORD; refining the film does not exercise bar, while the film without depends; smelting, refining the film without the tendons, and fascia mud without; gas without refining fascia, and gas flaccidity, not propaganda, flowing in main and collateral channels, air can not flow on is not strong, reinforcement. This so-called canhu shared, intricate its way. We tried to play after reinforcement, will should be doubly skill, make sure the body membrane, can rise, and Jin Qijian, only for the child when. Otherwise the rib Caine helpless, such as plant, soilless culture, it all work?

The simplified version of "Damour" forthcoming muscle-bone strengthening exercise. In addition to retain the original text, an increase of DVD video presentation and twelve potential decomposition maps, books "inheritance and experience" continued in subsequent, when the right to play a valuable role, Tongren welcome advice. At the moment of gratitude carry martial arts culture in many fathers, teachers and friends. Thank China health science scholar Professor Zhuo Dahong, Professor Lin Zhongpeng, Professor Zhang Tiange in his busy schedule to this book preface. Thank you Mr. Li Mingquan, the editor of Shanghai ancient books publishing house of Mr. Tong Lijun, Mr. Liu Haibin put forward valuable suggestions, and paid the hard work. My son Shi Qing is assumed almost all the shots and finishing work, thanks here. I wish: no reservation will inherit the open, hope more people health and longevity. This is the Shanghai martial arts circles predecessors were most willing to see.
Editor recommends

"Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise: inheritance the thousand years the health preservation, highly respected Zen power source. "This ancient Tibetan plate" "Damour" muscle-bone strengthening exercise for the ancient official block printed edition, a private edition, mill block printed edition is closer to the original text, has a higher literature value. According to legend, known as the Zen. Damour was the source of "muscle-bone strengthening exercise", has always been regarded as a Mount Taishan and the North Star martial arts. Chinese martial arts in the development process, especially since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, theory, techniques of various factions constantly fusion, the existing "muscle-bone strengthening exercise" theory on Buddhism, two; power absorption of Daoyin Yangsheng operation, and make the martial art skills outside the chain combination; effect on both stress "strong man" Wushu and "stretch bone tendon pull, gas and" health fitness two functions. Mr. Yan Yubing sorted by "Damour" in the new muscle-bone strengthening exercise, comprehensive display of ancient "original" muscle-bone strengthening exercise at the same time, according to the characteristics and needs of modern life, highlighting its health care function, provides a set of simple and easy to learn qigong practice for readers. The book is divided into two parts: the first part for the "Ya reservoir plate" "muscle-bone strengthening exercise" collation, annotation, in order to save and restore the power law true colours; the second part is based on the inheritance and the years of their own experience, theory, power law to explain in detail the Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise, illustrated with complete demo guide, and with the the book comes with a CD-ROM and posters. Understanding the sage wisdom eliminate disabilities from Mr. Yan Yubing was famous martial arts, the inheritance of Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise in 2009 June selected Shanghai intangible cultural heritage. This book aims to collate, protection and promotion of Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise, clarify the inheritance vein, also the health appearance, so that this ancient Chinese health preservation is better for the modern people to service.
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