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Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Zhang Ying Guangdong Province publishing group, Guangdong People's press (2009-06)   Author:Zhang Ying   Pages´╝Ü118  

My childhood and youth was spent in a small town in Inner Mongolia Erdos on the plateau. My father is a doctor in township health centers in the local, we live in the hospital courtyard, I have very little time to understand the doctor's life is full of admiration for the doctor, but the sick people are deeply sympathetic. Participate in the work you have engaged in hospital management, with the infinite love of health care, and later entered the hospital management consulting and training industry. Along the way, so I feel this occupation doctor of sacred and great, and the people's life is so cannot be separated, and the happiness of life is soVietnam is closely related to, a person from birth to death, the inevitable cannot do without the doctor's care and accompany all the way. Unfortunately, the flow of time to the beginning of this century, doctors are faced with unspeakable embarrassment, medical industry and the social position of the doctor's image began to fall in the eyes of the public, medical dispute and medical conflict increased significantly, with entanglement doctors even hurt doctors have occurred, should have full trust close cooperation between doctors and patients, to overcome the disease would be the opposite, this situation not only affects the treatment effect of the patients, but also influenced the development of the medical industry and the progress of medical science.

They proceed without hesitation to wrestle with death, but always face the unknown results; they are rarely understood, but always be misunderstood; they love others, seldom be loved. I say: love is each other warm and thoughtful, emphasize only one love is better than to be afraid of cold, cruel. Life is short and fleeting, everyone is longing for a colorful life and glory. If there is no health, there is neither exciting capital, nor a brilliant mood. At every stage of life, a way we all need a doctor to accompany and care. For such care, we should give respect and reverence. As a doctor, disadvantages, instead of complaining system social misunderstanding, the patient's picky, so from now on we sincerely treat every patient is sitting in front of you. The doctor existence value lies in the life care. The patient to the doctor does not trust, is that patients cannot from doctors who felt the warm and thoughtful, unable to feel compassion and responsibility. The doctor is a sacred occupation deliver all living creatures from torment, need to fill the post of people with open-minded, exquisite technology, good communication, his realm of life must be impressed people, let people worship. In modern society, the doctor's influence is directly related to the degree of harmonious relationship between doctors and patients, the treatment effect and the doctor's value. "Doctor, doctor" release your influence from the reality of the situation, the doctor's existence value, the doctor's marketing skills, doctor's ability, communication arts, doctor doctor's realm of six aspects of the doctor's influence made interpretation and discussion, we hope to doctor friends to improve service skills and promote the harmonious relationship between doctor and patient help; at the same time, also hope that "doctors, release your influence" can bring about a way to understand the doctor doctor, doctor and identity for the general reader.
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Zhang Ying, chief adviser to the chief researcher, Institute of Jinghui management Jinghui Management Consultants limited. In enterprise hospital, the government public hospital, Sino foreign joint venture hospitals, private hospitals have been engaged in the management work, served as the director of general office duties, senior director, human resources department executive director. Served as deputy editor in chief, in the medical journal operations director, served as general manager, chairman of the company. Has published a Book of poetry, prose, novel 6 sets, hospital management over 10 monographs, edited and compiled 30 books. Provide management consulting has 100 hospitals, to provide management training for 200 hospitals, 30 hospitals served as a management consultant or advisor to the dean. All the year round in the Tsinghua University, the Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, University Hospital Dean senior class teaching hospital management courses, lectures on health cadre training center and some provinces Tingju health, national industry association of hospital management conference and training. In recent years the annual teaching for more than 100 days, years of travel more than 10 kilometers. 2001 has trained 6000 directors and 100000 person times of medical workers. Consulting and training for human resource management in the hospital, the hospital management, hospital culture management, middle-level cadre management skills, the doctor and the influence of the full service quality promotion etc..
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1 how to understand the social evaluation -- the realistic situation people doctor: why not feel happy to see a doctor? Always feel "stuffy" I don't understand, so I worry about what all don't have the hospital than the "market" Government Reform: why so difficult? Public performance guarantee to cure all diseases? Fairness and efficiency can both? A thousand to million change is to let people into a hospital doctor: why is there suffering? Pressure, pressure, or pressure often feel not know what course to take us into the depressed recycling station to a rational view of medicine and medical doctor's role is limited doctors also live in reality can not avoid the information asymmetry to cure all diseases is not possible disease incidence rate is much faster than the growth rate of medical at best or empirical science obviously. The defects of the system in the future still clinging on to have a good system and mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of the platform is the key to the doctor doctor itself to be trained with regularity doctor needs the humanities long-term influence 2 how to understand medical purpose -- doctor doctor is the existence value of life management to maintain the overall health of the people to give the ultimate humanistic care doctors out of the traditional thinking errors don't do technology activists to see its limitations 3 how to understand the needs of the patient - doctor marketing skills what is medical service marketing? The patient's medical service demand medical service demand of three levels and three levels of the medical service products patient decision-making process of patients for medical service perception patients on medical technology level of perceived patient perception of service quality on the perception of patient cost of patient and doctor's five levels between the doctors how to carry on the marketing of disease development insight into the mental patients to highlight the characteristic of specialty establishing a personal brand 4 how to face the complex patient -- doctor training doctors basic character of doctor's ability to cultivate empathy management ability of clinical ability of emotion management ability management how to deal with the relationship between the 5 doctor how to obtain the patient's trust -- the doctor communication arts understanding communication element communication the principles of communication level influence factors of communication application of body language communication between doctors and patients know the patient to our dissatisfaction with the root cause? Good communication between doctors and patients who won? Why poor communication? The realm of doctor-patient communication skills 6 how to experience the happiness of life -- the doctor's sublimation using traditional culture to practice his credibility is the cornerstone of the affinity relationship between doctors and patients with excellent ability to learn to balance work and family in a correct view of wealth Institute of Thanksgiving, know how to return
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Illustration: the patient perception of service quality refers to the patient satisfaction feeling and need for cognition on extension in medical service acceptance. Usually, the patient perception of service quality by the service to meet individual needs, service reliability degree of service and overall evaluation of the three aspects. Investigation shows, treatment only 50% - 70% patients complied with the doctor's treatment, most do not match the reason and the doctor service quality doubt about. Some patients seemed very "picky", that is he does not agree with the performance of medical service, as a doctor should try various devices to meet the rational demand of patients, let the patient to have trust in the quality of service. The patient to patient an evaluation of the cost to accept in the process of medical service time, spirit, strength and the currency of payment funds and attitude to into the city in the sense of cost is perceived patient. For the patient, the cost during the medical service cost mainly includes the monetary cost, time cost, the mental cost and manual cost. The cost of money: money cost refers to all the money paid by the patients in the whole process of medical service. The patient first consideration in medical service is the monetary cost size, because the cost of money is the main and basic factors of the total cost of medical services.
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"Doctor, release your influence" life is fleeting. Everyone is longing for a colorful life and glory. If there is no health. There is neither exciting capital, nor a brilliant mood. At every stage of life, a way we all need a doctor to accompany and care. For such care, we should give respect and reverence. As a doctor, the disadvantage and the complaints system, social misunderstanding, the patient's critical, as from now on will sincerely treat every patient is sitting in front of you. The doctor's occupation is sacred -- because he guarded the patient's life and health doctor's occupation is lofty -- because discomfort and pain doctor he released the patient's occupation is holy -- because he comforts the patient heart and dreams
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