• Medical and language

    "Medicine and language: the main object of study on medical history, body, text and clinical view of language" is the medical activities of the subject, text and other produce. In fact, explore the nature and concerned with self - since ancient times is the development of human knowledge of the poles. Foucault think, 1-2 century western already,

  • New medical.

    Abstract: the book is divided into the total narration discourse, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention, health articles, articles, miscellaneous articles of cancer prevention and treatment, teaching and research of 6 parts. The author summed up the experience of clinical teaching, learning a lot of inspiration. ,

  • Study on the theory and method of art therapy

    The book is divided into eight chapters, including the theoretical origin of art therapy; art therapy; art therapy construction met with diagnostic art frame; a formal art therapy with the object of individual art therapy; psychological motivation and psychological education method. ,

  • Medical management of scientific research in Military Science

    "Medical management of scientific research in military science" research management personnel by the health department of general logistics organization army experienced writing, sub pandect, the text and the appendix three parts. Pandect includes an overview of medical scientific research management in military, medical research organization, task, characteristics, basic procedure of scientific research management, science and technology policy and law,

  • Introduction to health management

    Introduction to health management, health management introduction, ISBN:9787564807955, authors: he hong,

  • Medical application of computer information

    Medical computer information application, medical application of computer information, ISBN:9787030343239, author: Wang Husheng, Chang Pei series,

  • Li Jianyi medical papers

    "Li Jianyi medical papers" content brief introduction: Mr. Li Jianyi from twentieth Century the beginning of the 20's that is engaged in clinical medicine, is committed to promoting the reform of Chinese medicine. "Li Jianyi medical papers" record of Mr. Li Jianyi from 1920 to 1949 kinds of Medicine published more than 180 papers. The paper is to,

  • Shi Jinmo to the medicine

    "Shi Jinmo of medicine" written by the famous old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Shi Jinmo's favourite pupil Lv Jingshan, revised from the two edition of the. Introduces in detail the Shi Jinmo couple herbs to more than 370, including each of the medicine composition, single function, combined with function, indications, dose and clinical experience. Composition is simple,

  • Zhang Shanlei medical papers

    Wang Mimi compiled the "Zhang Shanlei medical papers" collection of Mr. Zhang Shanlei from 1923 to 1934 published in dozens of journals of nearly 80 articles in medical papers. Its content mainly includes five aspects: first, the relevant experience of the classic Chinese medicine, can let the reader from this context to explore Shan Lei first,

  • Chinese medical humanities review 2012

    Brief introduction of "Chinese medical humanities review 2012" content: health care reform tide is enormous and powerful, medical humanities nature can not stay out, and now the reform has infiltrated into the deep water area, point of confusion is all behavior, concept, nature of reef, not seek breakthrough methods from the medical humanities level, difficult to see the true, untie the knot. For example,

  • Antibacterial drugs on

    Antimicrobial farce, "antimicrobial" when not to tell you can treat the kind of disease which kinds of medicine, also not say what disease to need what medicine to cure, but want to more understandable language, introduce the family of rational drug use common sense and it contains the basic principles simply to you, try to explain profound theories in simple language introduction, and the life is,

  • Medicine and Yi homology

    "Medicine homologous" to the first part of the main analysis and research content: the relationship between traditional Chinese medicine and the book of changes; calculation method five and six gas; the relationship between seasons and typhoid fever, epidemic febrile disease of spleen and stomach, the basic principle of judgment and drug therapy; drug resistance; "the relationship between transport and gas" and drug resistance the basic treatment; traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Health human

    The health humanities, ISBN:9787040360981, author: Wang Wenping,

  • Abnormal electrocardiogram Atlas

    Cardiovascular field in clinical medicine is important and active, as an important branch of Cardiology -- electrocardiogram plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the. At present, although the development of inspection method, advanced sophisticated clinical and therapeutic means to constantly update and electrocardiogram, but is still a,

  • The concept of sublimation in practice innovation

    Kunming Medical University school scholarship,

  • Standard graphic operation department work flow

    "The standard graphic operation department work flow (disc)", the book is divided into four chapters. The first chapter operation management process includes 26 processes of clean operation Department, nursing station, operation personnel entry clerk operation, patient safety, patient rooms, the entry verification platform operation hospital infection prevention and control. Article,

  • The basic reproductive and sexual science

    Reproductive and sexual science, ISBN:9787549000609, author: Shi Baoguang,

  • Free radicals and health

    Free radicals and health, ISBN:9787538176414, author: Poseidon, the,

  • Xie Zhongmo medical papers

    "Xie Zhongmo medical papers" collected before Mr. Xie Zhongmo published in 1949 in various kinds of Chinese journals, about 70, 100. The textual research person Mr. Xie, the majority are serialized, the profound impact on the "view of history of medicine and improvement theory", this is the modern earlier,

  • Introduction to modern medical information

    Intelligence is pushing the development of science and technology, it is the engine of medical progress. Without the development and progress of science than medicine which rely more heavily on information resource, information technology and information activities. "Introduction to modern medical information" as the medical graduate and undergraduate teaching, emphatically introduces the basic theory of information science, modern medicine,

  • Chinese pharmaceutical business alliance

    A disk has been chess game, generation of navigation, Li Yuqiang, Yang Lianliang editor of "Chinese pharmaceutical business alliance -- a game" has already begun, this is the first comprehensive history, current situation and development trend of Chinese pharmaceutical commercial union books, also introduced the development status of related alliance, has a strong historical data the value and significance of the research. ,

  • Fifty years of health education China

    "Chinese health education fifty years" systematically recorded history of our health promotion, health education and health promotion development for half a century, it has certain historical value and practicability. Although we work of health education and health promotion in theory and practice are to be further development and innovation,,

  • Design and analysis of medical scientific research

    "Medical research design and statistical analysis" for clinical medicine, basic medicine, pharmacy, public utilities management, nursing, undergraduate, graduate, and medical research staff reading, reference, also can be used as "teaching materials" course of medical statistics. Research design is the first step of medical research. Positive,

  • The pain

    "Pain: pain and pain disease science popularization education self-help books" is a book about pain and pain disease science popularization education self-help books. "Pain: pain and pain disease science popularization education self-help book" in plain text with pictures and clinical experience, a comprehensive introduction to the development history of pain, pain and pain,

  • Experimental technology of medical organizations

    The "guiding experimental medical histology (Bilingual Edition)" includes the basic structure of the four basic tissue and organ systems, and how the microscope on the decision, apply to the clinical medicine, forensic medicine, oral, prevention, nursing, pharmacy students histological experiment. Zhou Lin and liu,

  • By analysis of Zhang Zhongjing

    This book describes the theory and the classical academic point of view, briefly introduces the six meridians syndrome, eight principal syndromes and the content of the pulse diagnosis. Part two introduces 257 Decoction of twenty-seven kinds of syndrome. The soup sides in accordance with the composition, usage, calcite, Zhongjing discusses analytical, clinical thinking, dialectical point of theory and case,

  • History of medicine in south of the Five Ridges (in Chinese)

    "South of the Five Ridges medical history (in) (fine)" edited by Liu Xiaobin, Zheng Hong, is from south of the Five Ridges area from late Qing Dynasty to the period of the Republic of China medical development process and development law and the historical achievements of professional books, it is not only a regional medical history books, but also thousands of years of history of Chinese medicine component. This,

  • Modern computing technology and information on traditional Chinese medicine treatment

    Modern computing technology and traditional Chinese Medicine Information Office (Modern Computational Approaches Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine), ISBN:9787308084574,

  • The best evidence of perinatal medicine

    "Chinese medicine" the best evidence of evidence-based medicine basic concept and theory, practice methods and steps, with emphasis on clinical evidence of perinatal medicine, and provided more than 200 clinical evidence in recent years. ,

  • The ten China medical record

    "Chinese dynasties ten doctors recorded" content: China traditional medicine, has a long history, ancient doctors come forth in large numbers, academic achievements, the book is bristly, rich and colorful content, thus forming a unique medical system, make a great contribution to the national health service. This is very valuable, but also should be followed,

  • Management and quality control of the hospital infection

    "Management and quality control of hospital infection of" practical, the main contents include: general, hospital infection management organization and responsibility, important hospital departments, the hospital infection management of rational use of antibiotics, hospital infection monitoring, special hospital infection prevention and control measures. ,

  • Nutrition

    Concepts and controversies, "nutrition: concepts and controversies" (Eighth Edition) is the Millennium Edition (Eighth Edition), the biggest feature of the book is almost the contents of each chapter are from some people daily dietary encounter starts, such as "nutrition food what can prevent disease? "," vitamin B and heart disease have what relation? ,

  • On the history of Medicine

    Liu Lipeng editor of "the history of medicine" according to the time sequence of the development of human civilization, the human medical development in human society background of spatial scale, the main thread through the way of trying to sort out the development of medicine, discusses the basic rules of medical development. "On the history of medicine",

  • Biomedical data mining

    Data mining is an independent subject in the development of statistical analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning and database technology based on the. The new subject has a strong theoretical and practical application value, which is reflected in: combined with other disciplines including biomedical, for the development of these disciplines provide novel,

  • Wang Zili case selection

    Wang Zili's medical records, ISBN:9787542414366, author: Wang Yu,

  • General practitioner training exercises

    "General practitioner training exercises" in order to implement the "CPC Central Committee, the State Council decided to" on health reform and development, all over the country to carry out the training of general practitioners working in different degree. After we published "general practitioner Handbook", with the general practitioner training, for the majority of grassroots medical staff to learn,,

  • Modern medicine for the benefit of mankind

    "Modern medicine" for the benefit of mankind is an interesting medical popular science books. It tells the story of modern medicine sequence of events with a unique perspective, simple language, the relationship between modern medicine and health promotion. Serious for organ transplantation, contraceptive and reproductive system cancer, mental health, and the harm of tobacco and alcohol,

  • Famous traditional Chinese medicine medical wonderful solution

    "Chinese famous medical wonderful solution (DVD-ROM 1 CD)" Content Description: 10 the sales book carefully assembly, 300 experts to create elaborate, Instant Check required knowledge, without any plug-in installation. ,

  • Clinic planning and Design Manual

    "Planning and Design Manual" content introduction clinic: the way of working out a doctor. Clear the work flow, the office system and hidden in the quiet strength is mainly caused by the spatial structure to decide. Space design of a clinic needs to consider the separation of rationalization, the working process of the working area and living area,

  • Clinical evidence of heart.

    Chen Jinchun editor of the "clinical heart Enlightenment -- Chinese medicine hospital in Xiamen city set" collection of Chinese medicine hospital staff in Xiamen city from 2003 to 2008 the level of papers published, a total of more than 500 articles, divided into two volumes, about 300 words. Introduced Xiamen City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in recent years clinical medical treatment, nursing, tube,

  • SAS Vq medical statistical analysis application

    "SASV9 medical statistical analysis application" content: SAS called Statistical Analysis System, Chinese meaning: statistical analysis system. SAS is a module of the SAS software produced by America research statistics application software system, by,

  • An introduction to medicine

    An introduction to medicine, "medicine" includes introduction, origin and development of medical science, medicine, architecture, medicine, medical model, medical and social, medical education, medical study of 13 chapters. ,

  • Operation of family planning science

    "Focus on the family planning operation" is to proceed from the perspective of clinical birth control operation, all the current has been extended and more practical contraceptive operation are incorporated into the operation treatment, especially the preparation of various birth control operation complications, and strive to adapt to clinical application. The book includes operation room, operation activities, anesthesia, abdominal wall,

  • Medical information retrieval and utilization

    "Medical information retrieval and utilization (Second Edition)" edited by Zhou Xiaozheng, "medical information retrieval and utilization (Second Edition)" to identify information needs, access to information, to obtain information and to the ethical and legal ways to use medical information and revised strategy evaluation, a series of energy and commitment to lifelong learning,

  • Study on Application of sports nutrition food technology differentiation

    Study on the technical application, meal athletic nutrition diagnosis ISBN:9787564406639, author: Zhao Peng, Christine, the in,

  • Practice Handbook of new accounting system in basic medical and health institutions

    The main contents are: the basic medical and health institutions financial management, basic medical and health institutions introduction to accounting, basic medical and health institutions current assets accounting, basic medical and health institutions of accounting income. ,

  • Cao Bingzhang medical papers

    "Cao Bingzhang medical papers" content brief introduction: Mr. Cao Bingzhang is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine literature scientist at the beginning of twentieth Century influential activist. He spent his life in work hard for the traditional Chinese medicine of the inheritance, development. Clinical diagnosis and treatment of his influence in my hometown is very, but his works mainly in Journal editing,

  • The work points of pharmacists and details of medical institutions

    "Medical institutions working points of pharmacists and details" according to the state in recent years by the pharmaceutical administration law, regulations and department rules; in recent years the Chinese Hospital Association "patient safety goals to improve drug safety"; the Ministry of health "the year of hospital management, medical quality around the world", "the clinical application of antibacterial drugs special integration,

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