Primary care physicians emergency first aid guide

Date of publication:2013-1   Press: Chinese medical science and Technology Press   Author:Pang Guoming Zhang Shengqiang Mu Hongdi   Pages:148   Words:195000  

"Primary care physicians emergency first aid guide" includes the introduction, common first-aid techniques, common
emergency department of internal medicine, emergency, acute poisoning, common unexpected emergencies, appendix, a total of 6 chapters, 78 flow diagram of
. Can effectively regulate the emergency operation of primary medical care personnel, to avoid operation disorder and error. According to the emergency rescue process, improve the level of first aid and medical quality and reduce medical accidents and medical disputes.
"primary care physician emergency first aid guide" by Pang Guoming et al.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter is the introduction of
the first emergency medicine overview of
second basic medical and health institutions and emergency
second chapter common first-aid techniques
the first section CPR techniques
second electrical defibrillation and cardioversion technology
third airway foreign bodies blocking removal technology
Fourth tracheal intubation
fifth thyrocricoid puncture technique
sixth pleural puncture technique
seventh femoral vein puncture technique
eighth trauma technique
ninth sputum suction technique
tenth < br > eleventh oxygen technology festival urethral catheterization technique
twelfth gastric lavage
thirteenth bedside monitor technique
fourteenth gastrointestinal decompression technique
sixteenth enema mobile vein puncture indwelling vein needle
eighteenth day fast blood glucose monitoring technology of
third chapter common emergency
the first heat shock
third day coma
fifth headache
section sixth dyspnea.
seventh < br > chest pain The eighth section abdominal pain diarrhea
eleventh hemoptysis syncope
twelfth hematemesis and hematochezia.
fourteenth heatstroke hematuria.
fifteenth drowning
fourth chapter Department of internal medicine emergency
the first cardiac arrest in
second acute coronary syndrome
third acute left heart failure and cardiogenic shock.
fifth severe arrhythmia in
sixth hypertensive crisis.
seventh acute aortic dissection
eighth acute respiratory failure.
ninth acute respiratory distress syndrome.
tenth severe to critical bronchial asthma.
twelfth spontaneous pneumothorax section of pulmonary embolism
thirteenth acute pancreatitis
fourteenth hepatic encephalopathy.
fifteenth acute upper gastrointestinal massive hemorrhage.
sixteenth hypoglycemic coma
seventeenth diabetic ketoacidosis.
eighteenth hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state
nineteenth cerebral hemorrhage and
twentieth subarachnoid hemorrhage.
the twenty-first section
twenty-second with acute cerebral infarction Epileptic status epilepticus
fifth chapter of acute poisoning of
the first festival of acute alcohol intoxication.
second acute harmful gas poisoning.
third acute organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning
Fourth carbamate pesticide poisoning
fifth pyrethroid pesticide poisoning
sixth organonitrogen pesticide poisoning
the seventh section herbicide poisoning
eighth rodenticide poisoning
sixth chapter common accident emergency
the first multiple injuries
second craniocerebral trauma.
third thoracic injury.
Fourth spinal cord injury.
fifth limb trauma
sixth burn
seventh section electric injury.
eighth day scorpion stings
ninth bee stings.
tenth animal bite
> Appendix 1 appendix
Appendix 2 basic common emergency medicine
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Emergency medicine is developing fast, the risk is high, professional and strong, involving a wide range of an emerging discipline. Treatment of acute severe level not only reflects the ability of a comprehensive medical hospital, also embodies the strength of public health emergency response. Pang Guoming compiled the "primary care physician emergency first aid guide" to the chart reflects the first-aid process, the form is novel, concise, practical strong, clear, easy to use, in order to rescue in the chart at a glance, the grass-roots medical personnel handy in rescuing patients. The contents include introduction, common first-aid techniques, common diseases, Department of internal medicine, emergency, acute poisoning, common unexpected emergencies, appendix, Chapter 6, 78 flow chart, covering the clinical needs of emergency medical personnel.
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