Medical imaging technology and operation guide

Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Jiangsu University press   Author:Wang Jun, editor in chief of Oasis   Pages´╝Ü274  

The book is divided into four chapters, the main contents include: X - ray examination technology, CT technology, magnetic resonance imaging technology, ultrasound technology.
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The first Chapter X ray examination technology of

head neck chest abdomen

bone and joint
second chapter CT examination of brain

abdomen chest bone and joint
third chapter magnetic resonance imaging

brain and spine and spinal
bone and joint
fourth chapter ultrasound technology and

abdomen chest bone and joint
Editor recommends

Wang Jun compiled the "medical imaging technology and operation guide (Illustrated Edition)" to write the instructions to graphic corresponding form, the book according to different imaging department for X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound examination of four chapters, each chapter according to the typical technical inspection body carefully choreographed content for students and new staff use and reference. According to the students' clinical practice management, the book also specially design practice and operation work notes, for daily work record and weekly summary and evaluation.
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  •   A good book! Illustrations, simple easy to remember.
  •   Help my friend, he just work, a lot of knowledge posture photos do not know. According to his reaction to this book is good. Very practical,

    five year medical imaging undergraduate. Work in the radiology department,
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