Extraction of 3D reconstruction and shape characteristics of the image of red cell SEM

Date of publication:2012-3   Press: Science Press   Author:Wang Ruihu, Fang Bin   Pages:139   Words:181000  

"Extraction of 3D reconstruction and shape characteristics of erythrocyte SEM images including VXL source library visual" mainly introduces how to red blood cell image obtained on SEM imaging processing and analysis, based on the red blood cell and VXL visual library, using shadow restoration and reconstruction technology in 3D reconstruction algorithm, the growth of height field boundary contour extracting the region at a single cell, a multi-scale surface fitting algorithm on the surface of red blood cell shape feature extraction based on statistics and calculation.
"extraction of 3D reconstruction and shape characteristics of erythrocyte SEM image: VXL open source library visual" can be used as higher based on: school senior undergraduate and graduate study analysis and processing of medical images or teaching reference books, also available to the researchers and engineers.
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The first chapter
1.1 red blood cell mechanism and shape
1.2 scanning electron microscope imaging principle of
1.3 red blood cell image processing
1.4 book review of main research contents of
second chapter overview of the VXL
2.1Linux Uubuntu operating system
2.3VXL profile
2.4VXL several core library in
2.4.1vnl digital
2.4.2vil image management class
2.4.3vgl geometry library
2.4.4vsl data stream input / output library
2.5VXL installation and configuration of
2.6VXL Library in computer vision applications in a simple br />2.6.1VXL for mathematical morphology operations
2.6.2VXL for basic image processing operations in
2.6.3VXL is used to realize image processing algorithms and data structures of
Third chapter boundary contour tracking and cell
3.1 image pretreatment
3.2 tracking
3.3 cell image to extract
3.4 boundary contour data storage and access of XML parser Expat
3.5 appendix: region growing algorithm code
3.6 appendix: for XML to save data and analytical reference code
The fourth chapter of medical image three-dimensional reconstruction of SFS
4.1Shape from X
4.2 IRE
4.2.1 for solving the linear approximation based on the Taylor
4.2.2 Jacobi iterative
4.3SEM imaging condition brightness reconstruction
4.3.1 illumination model
4.3.2SFS and IRE
4.3.3SEM red blood cell image
4.4 linear approximation method to solve the IRE
4.4.1 linear approximation of linear
4.4.2SEM imaging under the conditions of the approximation of
4.5 other
4.6 appendix: second basic forms of
5.4.3 surface first fundamental form of surface
5.4.2 code
fifth chapter differential geometry and red blood cell image curvature calculation
5.1 least squares
5.2 polynomial fitting
5.3 Gauss elimination method
5.4 surface and
5.4.1 surface curvature is defined.
5.5 curvature surface fitting and curvature calculation adaptive method
5.6 curvature calculation
5.6.1 adaptive algorithm for solving the
5.6.2 function to describe the process of
5.6.3 algorithm and pseudo code description of
5.7 appendix
5.6.4 analysis results: the main code
sixth chapters based on surface fitting Medical image segmentation
6.1 commonly used image segmentation derivative algorithm
6.1.1 region segmentation
6.1.2 edge detection
6.2 curvature calculation and the initial segmentation
6.2.1 digital surface calculation method
6.3.2 algorithm of multi-scale surface types
6.3 curvature two yuan polynomial surface fitting segmentation
6.3.1 adaptive multi-scale surface function description of the
6.4 based on the segmentation results of appendix: the main code
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