Atlas of common common surgical operation

Date of publication:2002-10   Press: Science and Technology Literature Press   Author:Zhang Zuofeng   Pages:460   Words:707000  

Book in graphical form system this paper introduces the common method of operation in general surgery, which describe the main operation steps as the focus, illustrations, concise. The operation skill and operation points in detail introduced, at the same time the operation refers to the preparation and postoperative syndrome and preoperative treatment also made the necessary instructions. This book the author many years of clinical experience accumulate, and large number of literatures in recent years at home and abroad, with the classic standardized operation, fusion of successful experience in recent years was improved, the operation time, efficient techniques. For the majority of teachers and students? Surgeon and medical colleges reference reading.
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Zhang Zuofeng, Binzhou Medical University professor
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Radical resection of gastric cancer radical distal gastrectomy?? 8.7.1?? 8.7.2 total gastrectomy??? 9 intestinal operation?? 9.1 reduction of intussusception?? 9.2 partial small bowel resection?? 9.2.1 partial small bowel resection anastomosis of small intestine?? 9.2.2?? end-to-end anastomosis?? side to side anastomosis of small intestine made?? 9.3 the small intestine fistula?? 9.3.1 (Stamm suspension fistula enterostomy)?? 9.3.2 intestinal tunnel fistulization (Witzel enterostomy)?? external fistula of 9.4 intestinal fistula resection and suture operation?? 9.4.1?? 9.4.2 intestinal resection and end-to-end anastomosis fistula indwelling?? 9.4.3?? 9.5 intestinal plication?? 9.6 Meckel's diverticulum excision appendix operation??? 10?? 10.1 appendectomy appendix abscess drainage in 10.2????? 11 colon operation?? 11.1 colostomy?? 11.1.1 cecostomy?? 11.1.2 double barrel Transversostomy?? 11.1.3 sigmoid colostomy?? external fistula of colon 11.2?? 11.2.1 simple closure?? 11.2.2 stump resection method?? 11.3 colectomy?? 11.3.1 3 type right hemicolectomy resection of transverse colon?? 11.3.2?? 11.3.3 left colectomy?? 11.3.4 total colectomy??? 12, rectum, anal canal operation?? incision and drainage in 12.1 anorectal abscess, anal fistula operation?? 12.2?? 12.2.1 anal fistula Seton Therapy?? incision of 12.2.2 anal fistulectomy?? 12.2.3?? 12.3 excision of anal fissure?? 12.4 hemorrhoids hemorrhoids injection therapy operation?? 12.4.1?? 12.4.2 hemorrhoids ligation hemorrhoidectomy?? 12.4.3?? 12.4.4 thrombotic external hemorrhoids resection of rectal prolapse operation?? 12.5?? 12.5.1 perirectal injection of sclerosing agent therapy?? 12.5.2 rectal submucosal injection method?? 12.5.3 resection and anastomosis of pudendal rectosigmoid part?? 12.5.4 rectopexy for rectal cancer operation?? 12.6?? 12.6.1 abdominoperineal resection (Miles operation)?? 12.6.2 abdominal rectal resection (Dixon operation)?? 12.6.3 abdominal anal rectal resection (Parks operation)??? 13 liver operation?? 13.1 liver anatomy application form??, and its location adjacent to the surface of liver 13.1.1?? 13.1.2 liver structure and ligament?? 13.1.3 liver divided leaves and subsection method?? pipeline system 13.1.4 liver?? 13.1.5 anatomy of hepatic portal area?? 13.2 in liver of hepatic blood flow occlusion operation?? 13.2.1 normothermic hepatic inflow occlusion method?? 13.2.2 half hepatic inflow occlusion method?? 13.2.3 at normal temperature selective retention of non disease side of hepatic arterial blood supply of hepatic inflow occlusion?? 13.2.4 normothermic hepatic inflow occlusion method?? 13 3 liver injury in operation?? incision and drainage of liver abscess in 13.4?? 13.4.1 anteriolateral extraperitoneal incision and drainage of?? 13.4.2 rear extraperitoneal incision and drainage of?? 13.4.3 transperitoneal incision and drainage of liver resection?? 13.5?? 13.5.1 partial hepatectomy?? 13.5.2 left lateral lobe of liver resection (resection II + III) operation?? 13.5.3 left hepatectomy (Ⅱ + Ⅲ and Ⅳ segmentectomy)?? 13.5.4 right hepatectomy (V + VI + VII and VIII segmentectomy)?? 13.5.5 hepatectomy (Ⅳ + V + VIII segmental resection of hepatic 13.5.6)?? section or combined liver resection?? III (resection of left lateral lobe of liver segment resection)?? Ⅳ stage resection operation (within the left hepatic lobectomy)?? Ⅴ segment resection surgery resection of segment Ⅵ of?? (right posterior segment resection resection)?? VII (section of right posterior lobe segment resection)?? Ⅳ and Ⅴ segment resection?? Ⅴ and Ⅵ segment resection?? VI + VII segment resection (right posterior lobectomy)??? 14 biliary operation?? 14.1 biliary anatomy using 14.1.1?? intrahepatic bile duct system in extrahepatic biliary system?? 14.1.2?? 14.2 gallbladder operation?? 14.2.1 gallbladder fistula cholecystectomy?? 14.2.2?? cholecystectomy ?? television laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC)?? 14.2.3 radical resection of gallbladder cancer?? 14.3 common bile duct exploration and drainage?? 14.4 duodenal Oddi's sphincter incision and angioplasty?? 14.5 hilar bile duct operation?? 14.5.1 hilar bile duct cut open and check?? 14.5.2 liver hilar bile duct incision surgery and repair?? autologous vascularized flap to repair the retain biological?? Oddi sphincter function free vascularized jejunal segment of hilar bile duct (basin)UX? En? Y anastomosis?? 18.8 sacrococcygeal teratoma operation?? 18.8.1 the sacrococcygeal teratoma resection?? 18.8.2 abdominal sacral joint teratoma resection?? 18.9 vitelline duct arteriosus operation?? 18.10 urachal arteriosus operation??? The main references
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