Ultrasound biomicroscopy of Ophthalmology

Date of publication:2002-8-1   Press: Medical and Health Publishing   Author:Wang Ningli, Liu Wen   Pages:310  

Ultrasound biomicroscopy examination tool is a new type of B ultrasound department of Ophthalmology developed in recent years, the anterior segment image can provide similar low magnification optical microscope effect, has the advantages of high resolution, real time, non interfering, quantitative, not affected by non transparent organization etc.. The chapters of this book are for the clinical application of domestic experts engaged in the preparation of UBM, many data are published for the first time. This book includes the basic imaging principle of UBM and the examination method for clinical articles, each eye forepart disease UBM image feature, at last introduces the prospect of UBM in the experimental study of extreme and domestic UBM development and the development of UBM. Especially, this book describes in detail the agencies don't too new theory and new knowledge, new ideas, in the almost and clinical application in Department of ophthalmology. The book written by pictures, a large number of UBM images and color control, help readers understand. This book explain profound theories in simple language, suitable for all levels of B ultrasound department of Ophthalmology physicians, physician, teaching and research staff, eye a graduate and biomedical engineering and technical personnel to read. Author brief introduction: Wang Ningli, male, 45 years old, in 1992 attained the medicine doctorate in Zhongshan Medical University in Guangzhou. In 1998 he appointed a full professor at Capital Medical University in Beijing, chief physician, Department of Ophthalmology deputy director and Professor, director of the hospital department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology center of Peking University, professor. In 1987 by the famous educator glaucoma expert Professor Zhou Wenbing, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology and glaucoma in clinical and basic research work, in 1996 once for short visits to study in Singapore and America, March to 2000 in 1998 August in California as a senior visiting American university scholars and post doctoral research work, now in the Department of ophthalmology clinical work, teaching and research work in 20 years, engaged in glaucoma clinical and research work for 15 years, beginning in 1995, engaged in clinical and Research Masters and doctoral work, has trained 8 graduate students. He edited 2 monographs, and participated in the preparation of 5 monographs, published articles in magazines, more than 70, foreign SCI login five papers, 13 papers in Chinese journals. In 2000 won the first prize of science and Chinese high school a, Guangdong Province Science and technology progress award item, Guangdong Provincial Health Science and technology progress award item, Asia glaucoma society contribution award a 'Chinese Medical Association Outstanding Paper Award "a. Since 1997, undertaken by the National Natural Science Fund projects 3, 4 provincial and ministerial level projects, international cooperation projects a, other projects 4.
Author brief introduction

Wang Ningli, Ph. D, Professor, director of the Department of Ophthalmology physicians. In 1987 admitted to the Zhongshan Medical University, Professor Zhou Wenbing of our country famous expert of Department of Ophthalmology, scientific research and clinical training graduate students, in 1992 LLII~ won the eye doctor of science degree. 1998~2000 years in the USA California San Diego Department of Ophthalmology center at Shiley brother visiting scholars and postdoctoral. 1992~2002 years in Zhongshan Medical University associate professor, professor. The Capital Medical University Beijing Department of Ophthalmology director, deputy director of physicians and the hospital department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology director Professor, Professor of center of Peking University. As the "Department of Ophthalmology" deputy editor in the academic organization; "review", "International Journal of glaucoma in Chinese Medical Journal (English version)", "Chinese Journal", "Sino US International Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology magazine" and "Journal" editorial duties; Institute of the Department of Ophthalmology glaucoma group member, Chinese Institute of ultrasound department of Ophthalmology branch member the Asia Pacific region; glaucoma evidence-based medicine working group members, members of the association of Asian angle closure glaucoma research, membership America Vision Sciences society. In the Department of ophthalmology has been 20 years and glaucoma clinic for 15 years. Mainly engaged in the Department of ophthalmology clinical and basic research. 1996 to participate in and through USA Medicine Department of Ophthalmology physicians basic knowledge examination, solid basic knowledge of the Department of Ophthalmology, Department of ophthalmology operation skill is very good, has completed the class Department of ophthalmology operation about 6000 cases, has the rich clinical experience. In the first study in vivo ultrasonic microscopy in the pathogenesis of glaucoma, first proposed the idea of China's closed angle glaucoma angle closure mechanisms for diversity, and on the basis of the classification and treatment principles of new, achieved a good therapeutic effect, this study was China natural science achievements in Colleges and universities award. Bear and provincial national each four, won the two provincial and ministerial level awards; other provincial awards three. Published more than 70 papers, of which the first author of 41 articles in foreign journals, papers and 6 abstracts, 20 papers published in domestic A-class publications. As editor in chief, Wei, editor, published many monographs and multimedia teaching. Liu Wen, PhD, associate professor of the Department of Ophthalmology, deputy chief physician. Hubei province Qianjiang. 1992 was admitted to Zhongshan Medical University Department of ophthalmology clinical postgraduates and clinical doctorate, Professor Wu 启崇 professor and Chen Jiaqi of our country famous expert of Department of Ophthalmology, graduated with honors after leaving Guangzhou Zhongshan Department of Ophthalmology center, mainly engaged in the study of vitreoretinal disease pathogenesis and diagnosis and treatment. In the Department of Ophthalmology work for more than 20 years and fundus diseases in 10 years, the basic knowledge and skills of operation treatment of Department of Ophthalmology solid, especially good at various kinds of fundus diseases, retinal detachment and diabetic eye disease. 1996 start application of ultrasound biomicroscopy in the diagnosis of anterior vitrectomy of retinal disease, at home and abroad, the earliest use of ultrasound biomicroscopy of the anterior proliferative retinopathy glass body is typing, diagnosis and treatment of this complex vitreoretinal diseases is of great clinical significance to. More than 40 papers published at home and abroad, the first author of more than 30 articles published in Department of ophthalmology. In the preparation of the Department of Ophthalmology of three monographs, won the provincial scientific research achievement award two.
Catalogue of books

Order the first Department of Ophthalmology ultrasound biomicroscopy examination first chapter of high-frequency ultrasound effect principle of section 1 basic features second ultrasonic high frequency ocular tissue characteristics of third pulse echo image principle section fourth resolution and penetrating the second chapter ultrasound biomicroscopy principle section scanner design second UBM image quality and accuracy the third section of the third chapter of the safety of high frequency ultrasound in vivo ultrasound microscopy technique first introduction to UBM second UBM inspection technology chapter fourth normal eyes in UBM image fifth chapter anterior segment structure of computer aided quantitative measurement of the first section UBM image acquisition, merging and the value of the two section of the second anterior segment structure of the quantitative measurement of second Department of ophthalmology the sixth chapter corneal disease disease first normal corneal UBM image section second abnormal corneal image of UBM third UBM in the cornea has been used in operation the seventh chapter scleral disease first scleritis second scleral staphyloma chapter eighth uveal Diseases Section iridocyclitis section second Intermediate uveitis third posterior uveitis or uveitis glaucoma ninth chapter first normal ocular UBM image characteristics in second UBM in glaucoma diagnosis and research in the application of the tenth chapter of lens in cataract disease section UBM in the diagnosis of second UBM in the lens shape and position of fault diagnosis application of third UBM in artificial lens implantation operation curative effect evaluation of application of eleventh chapter vitreous disease first normal vitreous UBM graphics second vitreous disease UBM graphical summary of the twelfth chapter of retinal diseases section normal retinal UBM graphics second retinal UBM image characteristics of the thirteenth chapter of fourteenth chapter of retinopathy of prematurity ocular trauma section contusion of eyeball perforating injury of eyeball in section third, section second a summary of the fifteenth chapter of intraocular foreign body in anterior segment tumor section iris ciliary body tumors was second day third festival all over the Department of choroid tumor section fourth bulbar conjunctiva and ocular adnexal lesions in the sixteenth chapter of ciliary body and ciliary body disease control The first section of the ciliary body of normal anatomy of second normal ciliary body image of UBM third UBM application of ciliary body were observed by UBM on the fourth day of ciliary body regulating function and morphological quantitative detection of the seventeenth chapter Department of Ophthalmology first section UBM laser in the treatment of glaucoma in second section UBM laser fundus diseases the application in the treatment of the eighteenth chapter of vitreoretinal operation the first day after scleral buckling surgery UBM examination in second day after vitrectomy of UBM examined third studies and prospects of the nineteenth chapter of experimental corneal alkali burn, the twentieth chapter ultrasound biomicroscopy history and in the twenty-first chapter Chinese development of anterior segment imaging UBM chapter twenty-second in China Department of Ophthalmology, clinical applications and research the problems should be noticed in the first section of UBM in glaucoma research and application in the diagnosis of second UBM in the anterior proliferative vitreoretinopathy diagnosis using third UBM in retinal photocoagulation in evaluation of the effect of application of fourth UBM in cataract diagnosis and artificial lens implantation operation effect evaluation fifth UBM application of sixth in the study and diagnosis of corneal disease section in the UBM application of seventh in the diagnosis of ocular trauma in section UBM in the diagnosis of ocular tumors in eighth normal eyes in vivo measurement and physiological and pharmacological research section ninth animal experiment tenth UBM should be paid attention to in clinical research application problems in the eleventh quarter Outlook Index
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