Atlas of regional anatomy of hierarchy

Date of publication:2002-8   Press: Shanghai Pujiang Education Publishing Company Limited (formerly the Shanghai University of Tradition   Author:Yan Zhenguo   Pages:283   Words:677000  

Yan Zhenguo, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor, doctoral and post doctoral tutor, university teachers and academic leaders, traditional Chinese medicine acupoint anatomy and founder of the discipline of applied anatomy series. Since 1956 engaged in university teaching and research for 50 years. As a domestic, outside the six university part-time or honorary professor of College of traditional Chinese medicine. The Department of anatomy textbook editor for many times. The national outstanding contribution award winner, won the State Council lifelong special allowance, Shanghai outstanding educators, won the first prize of national excellent teachers. The editor at home and abroad published monographs, textbooks and Atlas 120 kinds, some works published in English, Japanese, German, Spanish, law, Korea, Russia, Arabia, and many other words, in the domestic and foreign journal published more than 150 papers in scientific research. Has won the national, Ministry, city, the bureau level scientific research and teaching achievement award, award of progress of science and technology, excellent and national key science and Technology Book Awards 26. Won the America, Britain, Japan and other five countries scientists biographical center and celebrity input selection.
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"Atlas" local level applicable to medical anatomy, medical students and clinical physician learning reference.
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The first part of upper limb Fig. 1 systemic partition (front view) Figure 2 thoracic region and the anterior abdominal wall superficial vessels and nerves 3 thoracic abdominal superficial muscular Figure 4 pectoralis major, deltoid (front view) Figure 5 axillary artery branch Figure 6 right arm plexus Figure 7 left axillary deep vessels and nerves 8 shoulder anterior muscle figure 9 shoulder area before the nerve and blood vessel of Figure 10 scapular muscles in Figure 11 the dorsal scapular nerve and vascular Figure 12 left articular surface (the outside view) Figure 13 right shoulder frontal plane figure 14 left shoulder and acromioclavicular (front view) Figure 15 Zuo Jian before the joint capsule (posterior view) Figure 16 right shoulder (rear view) Figure 17 right shoulder and the sac and muscular Figure 18 incision of the right shoulder nest figure 19 left upper limb superficial vein and cutaneous nerve (front view) FIG. 20 the left upper limb superficial vein and cutaneous nerve (posterior view) figure 21 left forearm superficial vein and cutaneous nerve (posterior view) Fig. 22 variation of superficial vein of upper limb in Figure 23 upper extremity skin nerve segment distribution figure 24 right shoulder, arm muscle (front view) Fig. 25 the right shoulder, arm deep muscle (Figure 26 left anterior posterior view) shallow muscle figure 27 left anterior region by God Deep muscle and vascular figure 28 left anterior area 29 left anterior region of nerves and blood vessels in Figure 30 arm muscle (lateral view) figure 31 left posterior nerves and blood vessels (superficial) figure 32 arm and shoulder deep muscle (lateral view) figure 33 arm back deep nerve and artery figure 34 right upper limb and chest muscle (lateral view) figure 35 upper extremity arterial diagram 36 the cross section of right upper humeral head (top view) Fig. 37 the cross section of the right humerus (top view) in a figure 38 left forearm superficial muscular figure 39 flexor digitorum superficialis and muscular figure 40 left anterior arm nerves and arteries (front view) figure 41 left forearm deep muscle (front view) figure 42 left forearm nerve and artery (deep anatomy) figure 43 elbow region of the nerve and artery (medial view of Fig. 44) elbow nerve and artery (lateral view) behind figure 45 left forearm superficial muscular figure 46 left forearm superficial layer muscles (lateral view) figure 47 left forearm posterior neural and vascular figure 48 left forearm posterior thumb muscle figure 49 left forearm posterior nerves and blood vessels (deep anatomy) figure 50 left forearm posterior deep muscle...... The second part third part fourth part of thoracic abdominal perineal and pelvic limb fifth part sixth part seventh part back, spine and spinal cord cervical and head attached: Chinese English human anatomy nouns @##@ info "Atlas" local level in western medicine, anatomy is students to clinical has the important reference book. It consists of upper limbs, chest, abdomen, perineum and pelvic, lower limbs, back, spine and spinal cord, neck and head, the seven part, share distinct line map 379, detailed introduces the reader to the anatomical structure of the human body. The content of considerable depth, and anatomical term graphs are used in English and Chinese forms attached to the book, easy to learn information. This book is for doctor in the west, medical students and clinical physician learning reference.
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