• Diagnosis and treatment of acute severe

    "Acute severe diagnosis" is divided into twelve chapters, systematically expounds the main points of diagnosis and treatment measures to save the common clinical acute and severe and acute poisoning; and introduces the method of clinical application of emergency medicine, the end of the book of common test normal reference value. In recent years, clinical diagnosis and treatment of acute critical illness are,

  • X-ray medical interpretation

    "Write X-ray medical interpretation" is to provide a practical tool for the general image of X-ray diagnosis of books for beginners and clinicians. "X-ray medical interpretation" by organs is divided into seven chapters, including introduction, bone and joint system, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, genitourinary system, central nervous system,

  • Medical imaging simulation papers and answers.

    "Medical imaging technology simulation papers and answer detailed" compilation of the 20 papers in 10 medical institutions in China higher medical imaging technology, with detailed answers after every 1 test papers at the same time, knowledge points into questions, covering CR, DR, CT, MR, DSA, PACS,,

  • The portable diagnosis chart

    "The portable diagnosis chart" content combined with graphics layout, easy to read and understand the reader. ,

  • Chinese medical imaging

    "Chinese medical imaging (head and neck rolls) (Second Edition)" is revised from the first edition. Write to reprint content to make the corresponding adjustment, added a new chapter in Department of Ophthalmology of imaging, also increased the content of head and neck after operation imaging evaluation, the deletion of the contents of ordinary X-ray examination, increased the number of rows,

  • Color atlas of anatomy of abdominal surgical operation

    "Abdominal surgical operation Color Atlas of anatomy anatomy" cooperation by experts and abdominal surgery experts prepared, to the anatomical basis of combination of knowledge and clinical application. The clinical operation in abdominal surgery need as the basis, clearly reflect the structure, morphology, location, adjacent to the abdomen, large blood vessels and,

  • Real-time three-dimensional transesophageal Heartbeat map

    "Real-time three-dimensional transesophageal Heartbeat map" from real-time three-dimensional transesophageal Beckoning map is Beckoning chart a new ultrasound in the second half of 2007 came, and offers a new perspective for the observation of cardiac structure, three-dimensional, intuitive image display, for many cardiovascular diseases especially in congenital heart disease and heart valve,

  • Clinical laboratory diagnostics experiment tutorial

    "Clinical laboratory diagnostics experiment tutorial" in addition to the introduction, is divided into ten chapters. The introduction briefly introduces the basic knowledge of laboratory, the first chapter to the tenth chapter introduces the general examination of blood, blood grouping and cross matching of blood, bone marrow examination, thrombosis and hemostasis examination, examination of urine, feces and other body fluid examination, clinical students,

  • The grass-roots hospital emergency ultrasound diagnostic Handbook

    "The reference base hospital emergency ultrasound in the diagnosis of practical manual" for basic level hospital counterparts in the work, and strive to help grass-roots hospital with B ultrasound are the most common, the most simple, supplemented by conventional ultrasound (corresponding pictures attached), to effectively diagnose the most common, most of the disease emergency work. In addition to explain the relevant clinical,

  • Examination and clinical communication

    "Inspection and clinical communication: case analysis of 200 cases of" contains a total of more than 200 test and clinical communication case, among them, 77 clinical cases, test case 162, case 18 nursing. "Inspection and clinical communication: case analysis of more than 100 of the 200 cases were all DXY network",

  • Anatomic variation of human body magnetic resonance imaging

    "The human body magnetic resonance imaging anatomy variation" for radiologists and image of professional medical students reading. Human MRI contains two aspects of morphology and anatomy of signal change information, and the ultrasonic and CT images have the same also differences. At present, MRI has become the evaluation of human anatomy and disease diagnosis,

  • Regional anesthesia under the guidance of ultrasound and deep vein catheterization

    "Three tube" from the local anatomy, ultrasound image characteristics and specific operation method of the regional block under the guidance of ultrasound and deep vein puncture the ultrasound guided deep cervical plexus block, upper limb, lower limb nerve block of nerve block, intercostal nerve block, stellate ganglion block and deep vein catheterization technique, is,

  • Vocabulary illustrated manual of diagnostic ultrasound

    "Brief introduction of ultrasound in the diagnosis of vocabulary illustrated manual" content: the rapid development of medical ultrasound, which plays a more and more important role in the field of modern medicine. But some relatively old discipline, ultrasonic medicine is a relatively young discipline, so the standardization construction of disciplines also need further attention,

  • Hospital management

    "Hospital management: medical image management (Second Edition)" is divided into 11 chapters, in the first edition of Chinese medicine retain imaging development trends and challenges of Radiology, strategy development, operation and management of Radiology, radiation, medical services, a radiology department scientific research and academic exchanges, radiologic technology,

  • ICU Care Manual

    "ICU" as "one of the Nursing Handbook of Clinical Nursing Guide Series", content mainly includes three major parts. The first part is the introduction, development and construction of the content relates to ICU, nursing management of intensive care unit, ICU hospital infection, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, respiratory tract management of critically ill patients with sedation and analgesia, management, critical,

  • Ultrasound imaging of liver transplantation

    "Liver transplantation ultrasound imaging map" is divided into six chapters, the two chapter, the progress and status before liver transplantation of liver transplantation, so that doctors understand different surgical inspection requirements; third, four or five, six chapters detail the living donor liver transplantation, liver transplantation, transplantation in vivo the liver and,

  • X-ray film reading PDA

    X-ray film reading "palm" adhering to the "close to the practical, easy to remember, read general disease" principle, we prepared a "image film reading to learn series". This series by X-ray film reading "palm", "CT", "read a palm sized MRI reading" palm three fascicles. This set of books by Chinese,

  • Human aid self-help nursing diagram

    "Human first aid self-help nursing full graphic (set of 2 volumes)" emergency around the disease - common sense as the theme, mainly introduced the emergency rescue nursing diagnosis, disease of self-examination, human organization structure, children's disease and accidental injury, prevention and care, female body disease prevention and care, old male body disease,

  • How to read a single laboratory

    "How to read a single test" to explain the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, 10 aspects carries blood, endocrine, immune and electrolyte of rheumatism, laboratory examination, focuses on the analysis of clinical significance and data, provide a reliable reference for your analysis of disease. "How to read a single laboratory" writing,

  • The dynamic of maxillofacial and neck ultrasound

    "The maxillofacial and neck ultrasound dynamic atlas" is a description of maxillofacial and neck ultrasound diagnosis of the monograph. The book consists of 8 chapters, relates to the salivary glands, maxillofacial and neck, tongue, jaw, neck vascular, thyroid and peroneal artery perforator and other organs, 155 species of diseases, 340 cases with 340 illustrations, static, dynamic image,

  • CT and MR guided interventional radiology.

    "Interventional radiology" CT and MR under the guidance of the original by the German Andreas Mahnken, Rheinisch Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen University hospital and University of Magdeburg hospital Jens Ricke, editor in chief, 53 experts from 8 countries participated in the writing, published by Springer group,

  • Differential diagnosis of clinical and radiological studies

    "Differential Diagnosis X-ray science" in accordance with the respiration, circulation, digestion, urinary, skeletal and facial features such as the six major system is divided into six chapters, nearly one thousand pieces of pictures of X-ray features of various diseases, X-ray in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases in value of the content described in depth. In addition to the general principle of x-ray,

  • Nuclear and radiation science knowledge series (set of 4 volumes)

    "Nuclear and radiation science knowledge series (set of 4 volumes)" includes: "nuclear and radiation science knowledge series: scientific understanding of electromagnetic radiation of nuclear and radiation", "Popular Science Series: industrial nuclear radiation technology", "nuclear and radiation science knowledge series: Science Handbook of nuclear accident emergency",

  • Therapy of nuclear medicine applicator

    "Treatment of nuclear medicine" starting from a clinical point of application, introduced the application theory and method for the treatment of nuclear medicine. At the same time, more than 50 typical cases, more than 90 photos, accompanied by text the treatment principle, key points. The main contents are: the anatomy and tissue of the skin, skin, skin physiology,

  • Chinese medical imaging

    "Chinese medical imaging (ultrasonography volume) (Second Edition)" written on the revision of the first edition of part of the old contents are deleted. We strive for the revision reflects the latest progress in medical ultrasound imaging compilation purpose, "Chinese medical imaging (ultrasonography volume) (Second Edition)" increase introduced ultrasonic foundation,

  • Emergency department care manual

    "The emergency department care Handbook" as "one of the clinical nursing guide series", including emergency medical nursing history and the development present situation, the department management, emergency emergency triage, emergency pre hospital emergency, disaster rescue, management and technology, introduction to nursing in emergency ICU common emergency nursing technology, common weight,

  • Common syndrome diagnosis and treatment of emergency manual

    "Emergency common syndrome Handbook" according to their clinical practice and related literature at home and abroad, summarizes the emergency of common clinical syndrome to more than 130, wherein a plurality of syndrome is a hot topic of current emergency medicine, syndrome and some clinical rare are also described. For each syndrome,

  • Commonly used medicine image production guide

    "Brief introduction of common medical image production guide" content: the editor from the point of view of practical application, in simple language, clear clue, rich legend, introduces the reader to the main function of several commonly used graphics production software, the latest version of the operating procedure and using skills. "Common medical image making,

  • Chest imaging diagnosis of reading.

    "The chest imaging diagnosis of real case studies on" cases are derived from the medical professional website "medical video online". Cases were selected from thousands of cases in the data, that the "essence", should not be over. The book consists of 9 chapters and 191 case, involving tracheal and bronchial disease, congenital diseases and pulmonary vascular,

  • Imaging diagnosis of advanced articles

    "Advanced diagnostic imaging of article" medicine is a science of experience, the correct treatment of the disease is based on a large number of clinical experience accumulate; medical imaging is a rapid developing discipline. "Article" the atlas of imaging diagnosis of advanced medical imaging diagnosis of X-ray, CT, MRI and some rare,,

  • Comparative imaging

    "Comparative imaging" is to be a medical imaging technique US, CT, MRI comparison of reference books, examination to the system diseases three image manifestation as the breakthrough point and main line, each chapter in the normal structure and imaging system parts below, the disease of system image diagnosis and identification,

  • Portable fitness regimen of six words:

    "Introduction of portable fitness regimen of six words:" content: six words has a long history, people ask spread. The earliest documented in the northern and Southern Dynasties Liang Dynasty famous physician Tao Hongjing book "prolonging life book ยท convinced therapy", dating back more than 1500 years. The book "nano gas, sucking out the six predicate,

  • Vessels and superficial organ ultrasound guide

    "Blood vessels and superficial organ ultrasound guide" by China ultrasound Doctor Association invited many experts to participate in the discussion is prepared, is the guide for ultrasonic diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the standard the first standardized ultrasound physician examination technology, standard vessels and superficial organ diseases. The content includes: vascular ultrasound refers to,

  • The complete set of

    "Atlas" is the complete set of inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine hand, in plain language and popular style of the seemingly treatment mysterious presents to the reader, let the Chinese medicine into the homes of ordinary people. Healers parents heart, "hand" in the hope of the complete set by the "Atlas" for the vast number of read the complete,

  • Imaging diagnosis of face to face

    "Imaging of face to face: profile community medical imaging diagnostic tips": "students, old, disease, death is the law of nature" is irresistible, people hope that the connotation of insight into this phenomenon, to grasp the change rule of physiology, pathology in human body, "eugenics, disease prevention, delay aging, then,

  • Portable hand diagnosis chart

    "Portable hand diagnosis chart" content combined with graphics layout, easy to read and understand the reader. ,

  • Chest X-ray quality control handbook

    "Chest X-ray quality control manual" content brief introduction: chest X-ray examination is the most convenient method of lung lesions was found, with high sensitivity, is the most commonly used method. Now the chest X-ray examination in diagnosis of tuberculosis is increasing day by day, the suspicious cases of tuberculosis and atypical symptoms of tuberculosis,

  • Basic and clinical methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

    "Introduction to the basis of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and its" main content: methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus au-reus, MRSA) caused by the community and hospital,

  • Imaging diagnosis of dynamic patterns and clinical application

    "Imaging diagnosis and clinical application of dynamic map" based on nearly 50 years engaged in medical image diagnosis and training doctors experience, from about 100000 cases, carefully selected out of 157 cases, nearly 1900 images, sorting out and analyzing the "written and clinical imaging diagnosis of dynamic map,

  • Difficult electrocardiogram Atlas

    "Difficult electrocardiogram atlas" collect ECG examples of 210 cases with difficulty in diagnosis, in order to improve the ability of clinicians and ECG technicians analysis of ECG through the interpretation of difficult ECGs instance. "Difficult electrocardiogram atlas" selected ECG were difficult diagnosis, easy misdiagnosis, examples of various lesions mixed,,

  • Clinical Examination Handbook

    "Handbook" clinical examination content: in recent years, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, a number of new technologies, new equipment, new method is introduced to the field of medicine and clinical laboratories, inspection method inspection project growing, constantly updated and development, new methods of clinical application, the method improvement, improve the pro,

  • Clinical utility of electrocardiogram Atlas

    "Practical clinical electrocardiogram atlas" is divided into 6 chapters, with the case form were introduced in this paper, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, heart disease, arrhythmia, do film cardiac pacing and esophageal pacing ecg. Book center, electric atlas nearly 500 picture. Involving more than 300 cases, clinical utility, strong operability. Suitable for clinicians,,

  • CT read piece of PDA

    "CT read piece of palm sized" adhering to the "close to the practical, easy to remember, read general disease" principle, we prepared a "image film reading to learn series". This series by X-ray film reading "palm", "CT", "read a palm sized MRI reading" palm three fascicles. This set of books by Chinese,

  • MRI read piece of PDA

    "MRI read piece Zhang treasure" by the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, Shengjing Hospital, experts, scholars, has the rich experience of imaging diagnosis of well written. From the basic theory, the basic features of the most concise language, summed up the X-ray system common disease, frequently occurring and some rare disease, rare diseases,

  • Handbook of nuclear and radiation medicine

    "Manual" nuclear and radiation medicine prepared by radiation disease control expert Affiliated Hospital of Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA, is divided into 6 chapters, the first chapter to the fourth chapter introduces the basic knowledge of nuclear radiation, nuclear radiation and medical protection, radiation injury and acute radiation sickness, nuclear terrorism prevention and nuclear power station nuclear protection and other related content, fifth,

  • Ray flaw detection device

    "Ray flaw detection device" more detailed introduces the basic theory of ray flaw detection, radiographic and real-time imaging and X-ray detection machine structure, principle, use, maintenance and common fault analysis and troubleshooting, also introduced the development trend of X-ray detector, the detection and measurement instrument with accessories,

  • Special ECG

    "" special ECG collection of special electrocardiogram of 130 kinds of diseases, each case is from the definition, ECG, four partial mechanism and the clinical significance. Focused, distinctive features, suitable for clinicians, physicians, engaged in the work of electrocardiogram ECG, ECG in medical staff,

  • X-ray diagnosis of entry and improve

    "X-ray diagnosis of entry and improve the" Chapter 8, combined with the new development of modern X-ray imaging technology, introduces respectively the X-ray features of normal X-ray radiography, the anatomy and diseases. Introduced the X-ray diagnostic techniques in the respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, circulatory system, as well as facial features, milk,

  • Blood transfusion compatibility testing laboratory quality control and management

    "Blood transfusion compatibility of management and quality control of laboratory" brief introduction: blood transfusion (blood) the main laboratory is to provide compatibility testing and the components of blood for clinical, safety critical to the accuracy of the test results and blood components, how to get the trust and recognition of patients and clinicians, is blood transfusion,

  • Acute treatment manual

    "Acute treatment manual (Second Edition)" in the main content and characteristics of basic keep first edition, enrich the new theory and new knowledge, in recent years, the new increase of influenza a H1N1 influenza, some diseases, complement the emergency process attention in usage, and the reference advice modified for the first diagnosis treatment orders, more science,

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