• Traditional Chinese Medicine Dictionary

    "Dictionary of Chinese medicine" in the "new curriculum" requirements, refer to national each big city primary school Chinese textbooks. More than 3000 entries and is composed of more than 8000 words, suitable for middle school students and their use in the lower grades. Each header is provided in Chinese Pinyin, radical, stroke number and construction. Part of the word matching,

  • Medical information retrieval

    "Medical information retrieval" content brief introduction: in today's information society, grasp and utilize the information resources of modern information technology, is the essential quality of each science and technology workers. "Information retrieval" medical information retrieval and utilization focuses on modern medicine. Contents include introduction, library, reference books, Chinese,

  • Medical statistics

    "Medical statistics (case Edition) (Second Edition)" to conform to the trend of the teaching reform of the Ministry of education and the improvement of the existing teaching mode, to adapt to the current status of education in medical colleges, and improving quality of medical education, the cultivation of innovation spirit and innovation ability of medical personnel, science press on the basis of investigation. Lead,

  • Latin of traditional Chinese Medicine

    TCM Latin, "higher education" eleven five "national planning materials: Latin of traditional Chinese medicine (Third Edition)" from 14 medical colleges and universities have long been engaged in Medical Teaching Latin teacher according to the modern teaching and the actual needs, based on the revision and the consummation in the second version of the textbook content completed the revision,

  • China yearbook of traditional Chinese medicine (administration volume)

    "2007 China yearbook of traditional Chinese medicine: Administrative rolls" incorporate content by the end of 2006. The 2007 volume is divided into 17 parts: 1 important meeting report; 2 policies and regulations; 3.2006 key work; 4 of Chinese medicine "fifteen" review; 5 work in progress; 6 of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Medical English Chinese Dictionary of simplified traditional abbreviations

    "The main content of medical English and Chinese simplified traditional dictionary": the development of modern medicine is very rapid, medical information explosion, the branch of medicine that cross each other, mutual penetration, the old term has been unable to meet the needs of the new term, emerging, many medical term for more than 10 words. In order to convenient writing and save the book,

  • Medical writing

    "Medical" applied writing "brief introduction: the theory of dilution of teaching content, strengthening skill training with the training goal of higher vocational education and the curriculum's nature as the basis, and strive to break the original subject system, the theory of dilution, strengthen practice, fully reflects the guidance characteristics and operational. "The medical application of science writing",

  • 2007 China Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College Yearbook

    "2007 Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: Peking Union Medical College Yearbook" 2007 "China Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College Yearbook", the book includes: Liu Depei school in 2006 college work conference, in 2006 of 2006, the research work in the university,

  • Medical terminology

    "7: orthopaedic medical terminology, medical aesthetics and cosmetology medicine, dermatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation (Science) (in English control)" is part of a medical term publish audited National Committee for terms in sciences and technologies, including plastic surgery, medical aesthetics and cosmetology medicine, dermatology, physical medicine,

  • The spirit of the medical vocabulary

    The spirit of "medical vocabulary (English Chinese and Chinese English)" the main content: science without borders, along with the continuous development of the spirit of medicine in our country and the world mental health, mental health and related scientific workers and foreign scholars exchanges become more frequent, often need to read and translate foreign spirit of medical literature. Therefore,

  • German Chinese Practical Medical Dictionary

    "German Chinese Practical Medical Dictionary" is divided into two parts, French french. The first part is the French part, included a large number of medical vocabulary books, including a disease, the name of the medicine, medical name, most Chinese interpretation with a concise explanation; the second part is the French part, previously part appeared in Chinese vocabulary,

  • Dictionary of Medical Laboratory

    "Dictionary of medical laboratory" seeks to introduce the reader to the basic knowledge, medical examination the clinical blood, biochemical, immunology, microbiology test and diagnosis technology and method, the important data and new progress. Focus on advanced and practical in the content, including biological, medical dictionary, chemical, electronic,,

  • Medical information retrieval and management

    "College Students' Information Literacy Series planning materials, medical information acquisition and management" is divided into eleven chapters, focuses on the medical information in the abstract and full text information retrieval, citation information acquisition, network academic and special access to information and document information management and utilization of the skills and methods etc.. The main features of large,

  • Medical information collection and processing

    "Medical information collection and processing" is concise, clear, readers can through the book learning medical information search and use all the knowledge, to grasp the knowledge system and knowledge dimensional, through the professional, detailed and typical search case, help readers to test knowledge control and ability to search and interpretation,

  • Medical information retrieval

    "Medical information retrieval (Second Edition)" retained the framework and characteristics of the first editions of textbooks, according to the development of medical information retrieval technology and modern library resources and service changes, for many the updated content, improve, adjust, increase. The main contents are: the basic information retrieval, the use of library resources, the library academic,

  • Interpretation of functional specification and grade evaluation standard of electronic record system

    "Interpretation" function to standardize medical record system and grading standard electronic tells the story of the electronic medical record system refers to the acquisition, storage, access and online help electronic medical record information within the support of medical institutions, and around improving medical quality, ensure medical safety and improve medical efficiency and provide information processing and intelligent service function,

  • The people's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia (2 volumes)

    The twenty-first Century is the century of life science, change rapidly progress in life science, life science and other disciplines cross continuous innovation, biological technology has become one of the three core of new technology revolution, is one of the fastest growing discipline. Biological technology is a comprehensive subject, which relates to the gene engineering and technical upstream,

  • Guide to use of modern pharmacy literature

    "The modern medicine literature using guide" is based on the editors for many years engaged in the modern pharmaceutical literature search experience, through extensive consultation with professional pharmacist's advice compiled. "The modern medicine literature using guide" the classical pharmaceutical retrieval tools to penetrating elaboration, comprehensively reflects the different periods,

  • Evaluation criteria of traditional Chinese medical record writing standard and quality

    "Medical record writing standard and quality evaluation criteria" according to the Ministry of health, State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued the "basic norms of medical records", "electronic medical records of Chinese medicine basic norms" and "prescription management method" and other relevant documents spirit, elaborates TCM medical records, prescription writing, all kinds of examination and treatment,

  • Guidelines for biomedical information retrieval on the Internet

    "The Internet biomedical information retrieval guide" mainly introduces the medical information resources on Internet retrieval and utilization. Divided into two parts, the first part introduces the retrieval system on the Internet, including literature retrieval system, medical data and fact retrieval system and medical professional search engine, introduces the scope and,

  • 2008 Chinese Health Statistics Yearbook

    "2008 Chinese Health Statistics Yearbook" included the national and 31 provincial, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and public health undertakings development currently residents health statistics, as well as the national statistical data in historically important years. ,

  • Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary

    "Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (thirty-first Edition) (English Edition)" (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary) has been the world medical language in the book and the most authoritative masterpiece. The new "thirtieth edition" for medical workers,

  • Avicenna medical

    Avi Sena (980-1037) is known as the "Middle East Sheng", "Arabia medical Prince" reputation, is the representative of the highest achievements of medieval medicine and pharmacy of Arabia medicine. With F Pokela Di and Galen and known as the three great masters of western traditional medicine. Avicenna "canon of medicine" is the medical achievement,

  • How to write medical workers stand

    The medical books and thesis writing skills, "medical workers how to wrote - medical books and thesis writing skills", written in this book introduces related knowledge of medical papers and medical books, writing skills and writing method. Focuses on the whole in the outstanding book editor, directiveness and maneuverability at the same time, also involves publishing commonsense knowledge,,

  • Concise English Chinese Dictionary of Huangdi Neijing

    Concise English Chinese Dictionary "Huangdi Neijing", this dictionary is the first Chinese English "Huangdi Neijing" (hereinafter referred to as the "Nei Jing" dictionary "), included in the" basic words, terms, concepts and the classical language of more than 15000. The author summarizes the translation work in recent years research and practice, and,

  • Chinese English Dictionary for acupuncture and moxibustion

    "Chinese English Dictionary" acupuncture is solution of Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine experts summed up the training experience of domestic and foreign students into the first Chinese English dual solution acupuncture tool book. Receiving acupuncture terms 4 thousands, including main and collateral channels, acupoints, diagnosis, treatment, acupoints, needling and moxibustion, acupuncture therapy of various diseases such as definition, quasi,

  • English Chinese Medical Dictionary

    "English Chinese and Chinese English Dictionary (Medical Sciences Nursing Science) (Second Edition)" is composed of two parts of English Chinese, Chinese english. There are three characteristics: one is "full", two, "new", three, "quasi". The so-called "whole", the first refers to complete a full set of dictionaries, including Department of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology discipline, children,

  • Requirements of pharmacy and examples of writing paper

    Chen Guang, Cai Cuifang editor of "pharmaceutical professional thesis writing requirements and paradigm" is one of the lab book, mainly introduces the various pharmaceutical research in style, such as journal articles, Pharmaceutical English theses, dissertations and pharmaceutical contract and patent, writing methods, matters needing attention, also provides a number of examples for reference. ",

  • Practical Medical Dictionary

    "Practical Medical Dictionary (Second Edition)" 20000 words 7 thousands, compared with the L version increased nearly 1 times. The content includes the motherland medicine, basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, pharmacy, nearly 60 of the basic disciplines, vocabulary, especially to increase the molecular biology, medical genetics, neurobiology, medical center,

  • The new English Chinese Medical Dictionary

    "The world's new English Chinese Medical Dictionary" is to "Dolan's English Chinese Medical Dictionary" in the latest edition of the reference "is modeled, Stedman Medical Dictionary", "Dolan's Pocket Medical Dictionary", "Churchill Livingstone Medical Dictionary", "dictionary", "Henderson biological terms concise dictionary of biology" and other words scott,

  • Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Union Medical College

    "Yearbook China Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Union Medical College (2009 Edition)" is an important activity for China Academy of medical science, scientific research, education, medical and health work, industrial development workers, personnel training and construction, discusses the international exchanges and cooperation projects. ,

  • English Chinese and Chinese English Dictionary (Medical Sciences of surgery)

    "English Chinese and Chinese English Dictionary (Medical Sciences surgery) (Second Edition)" is composed of two parts of English Chinese, Chinese english. There are three characteristics: one is "full", two, "new", three, "quasi". The so-called "whole", the first refers to complete a full set of dictionaries, including Department of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology discipline, children,

  • A concise handbook of English records

    "Concise manual English records (latest version)" in order to write medical records, the contrast between English and Chinese writing, detailed, clear, the form is novel, applicable to the Department of Cardiology physicians, clinicians, other disciplines personnel going abroad, interns and medical college students. ,

  • Chinese Medical Encyclopedia dictionary

    "Chinese Medical Encyclopedia Dictionary: Department of internal medicine, volume (volume first)" to "Chinese Medical Encyclopedia" as an example, based on extensive access to books and journals at home and abroad, to determine the level of disciplines, two disciplines in parallel, in principle is a professional disease and medical terminology as the basic entry, try to incorporate the latest medical terminology,

  • The latest medical English Abbreviations Dictionary

    "Doctor of medicine of the latest medical English abbreviations dictionary" by the foreign USA and Japan with scientific research, clinical, management experience of collection and compilation. Its contents include basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, psychology and so on, into the latest medical English abbreviations dictionary and Chinese English Dictionary of two parts, design students,

  • Management of hospital infection and practical guide

    "Practical hospital infection management handbook" by Liu Liangbao, edited by Zhu Huayun, is based on long engaged in nursing practice, nursing research and management of hospital infection, by combining up-to-date literature written. This book mainly from the control standards, norms, guidelines, diagnosis, disinfection and isolation in hospital infection,

  • The Chinese medicine health reform and development related documents

    "The Chinese medicine health reform and development of relevant documents (2011-2012 year)" in order to make the majority of medical and health workers in working practice, to understand the reform of national medical and health policy. "The Chinese medicine health reform and development of relevant documents (2011-2012 year)" the main,

  • Chinese dictionary.

    "Chinese Dictionary" (Volume 1) contents of basic theory of TCM, TCM diagnosis, the classical medical books, literature, medicine, pharmacology, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese instruments, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, Department of internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, male science, pediatrics, ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology, needle,

  • The utility of drug is synonym dictionary

    "The drug is synonym dictionary" in the name of the drug, English collected a total of more than 47000, including Chinese name, English names, synonyms, pharmacological action and other content. "The drug is synonym dictionary" contains extensive contents, convenient query. With the development of our country's Health Science Medicine, in recent years the drug product,

  • Medical statistics and computer experiments

    "The Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China recommended medical graduate teaching books: medical statistics and computer experiments (Fourth Edition)" a total of three, the first is the basic concepts of statistics, the second article of multivariate statistical methods, design and analysis of the third article of medical research, a total of 33 chapters. On the basic concepts of medical statistics and commonly used,

  • The medical record writing

    "The medical record writing" is the author in reference to the latest clinical data and to solicit the views of hospital and professional and technical personnel prepared. Contents include medical record writing outline, record type, format, content and hospital medical records example, prescription, examination application, examination report writing, frequently used data and,

  • Resident inspection manual

    "Resident inspection manual" is divided into 40 chapters, systematically introduces the clinical hematological examination, testing, chemical testing, humoral immunological tests and molecular biology laboratory. Each test included "collection", "normal value", "significance". Writing straightaway, clinical practice,

  • Medical manuscript written details

    "Medical manuscript written details" introduced a system of medical manuscript written in detail, basically according to the manuscript writing sequence, i.e., sealed cover (title), abstract, preface, catalogue, order, text, references, appendix, postscript, index. Its content to concise, accurate, practical, with "enough" for degree,

  • English Chinese glossary of medical terms

    "Chinese glossary of medical terms" in 1976 first edition in 1982, the second edition revised and enlarged, was printed 6 times, a total of 532100 books, ranking China the word book printed in crown. Now a major revision, edition contains two thousand word article. "Chinese glossary of medical terms" editors and word choice has its unique,

  • The utility of modern medical literature retrieval

    "Practical" in modern medical literature retrieval system, use the method introduced in the printed foreign retrieval tools, mainly introduce the medical literature database and database (New Edition) retrieval method and Internet medical information resources utilization, and introduces the,

  • China nonprescription drugs Yearbook

    "China nonprescription drugs Yearbook" start editing since 2001 April, which lasted for about two years, published in 2003 April. "China nonprescription drugs Yearbook" is divided into ten parts and an appendix. The first part is the historical evolution, the second part is to promote the formation and development mechanism of drug classification management system,

  • Tutorial of medical information retrieval and utilization

    "Medical information retrieval and Utilization Course" outlines the meaning of information quality and cultivation methods, introduces the basic knowledge of information resources and information retrieval, introduces, in foreign language information retrieval tools commonly used. On this basis, in accordance with the special characteristics of medicine, introduces the network of medical resources, medical information analysis and,

  • South of the Five Ridges medical examination

    "South of the Five Ridges medical books compiled" the examination form, book arranged according to type and time, and index. The book consists of medical classics (luck), visceral manifestation, diagnosis, typhoid fever (including golden, febrile disease, plague, herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion), Party (1 ~ 7), the medical records (including medical, medicine, health, theory), series,,

  • Seasonal febrile disease dictionary

    "Febrile disease" for professional dictionary dictionary of epidemic febrile disease of TCM basic theory discipline, the load seasonal febrile diseases, etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, pathology, pharmacology, preventive medicine, doctors of medical books etc.. A total of 2747 contained. Dictionary of the first general definition after all, interpretation, and to indicate the source,

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