Pathogen biology

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing Department   Author:Shi Youen   Pages:618   Words:870000  

This textbook closely around the training target, should reflect the ideological, scientific, advanced, enlightening and applicability, from China's actual conditions, to maintain high academic standards. The book structure made bigger adjustment, the general is the key, the basic theory of human parasitology generalizing the original "" and "" medical microbiology and basic knowledge of the theory; according to the complexity of the size and structure of pathogenic organisms in writing, pay attention to the development of modern medicine such as molecular biology, immunology, ecology and other relevant theories, new technology, and close contact with the medical and health work. Be concise and to the point of writing this book, and strive to do with pictures, text size typesetting, contribute to the expansion of knowledge, to help readers self. In addition, a bibliography of English Chinese noun and the professional, easy to access. This textbook content is complete, novel, the use of higher medical colleges and universities, both undergraduate and junior college students of the textbooks, but also for the staff to clinicians and health and epidemic prevention reference book.
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The first chapter general introduction chapter 1 pathogen biology, to the scope and content of section second biological symbiotic relationships between the third parasites, parasites and host fourth pathogenic biology development prospects of the second chapter of pathogen and host interaction section of pathogen and host. In the second part the pathogen to host role the third section host to pathogen of external environment on the fourth day of pathogen and host relationship chapter third pathogen infection and immunity first pathogen infection second anti infection immune immunity against infection of third section type fourth chapter pathogen disease laboratory diagnosis first day of etiological diagnosis of second immunological diagnosis fifth chapter pathogen transmission and disease epidemic section pathogen epidemic and basic links section second influence of pathogens of epidemic factors of third pathogenic organism disease epidemic characteristics chapter sixth pathogen infection control and disinfection and sterilization of the first section disease Control in problems second pathogen of disease prevention and control measures of disinfection and sterilization of third section second of chapter seventh of the first section morphology and structure of bacteria second bacterial physiology section third heredity and variation of bacteria fourth bacterial pathogenesis eighth chapter aureus Staphylococcus first day second day third day of Streptococcus spp. Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis (section fourth of chapter ninth) other Neisseria Enterobacteriaceae section of Escherichia coli second Shigella third Salmonella fourth other bacteria of the genus Vibrio first section of tenth chapter second section of Vibrio cholera vibrio parahaemolyticus eleventh chapter Corynebacterium diphtheriae first day second other the twelfth chapter of rod rod bacteria Mycobacterium first festival second festival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mycobacterium non tuberculosis mycobacterium leprae thirteenth chapter third section anaerobic bacteria first anaerobic Clostridium second non sporing anaerobes...... The third chapter mycology fourth virology fifth medical parasitology sixth medical Helminthology seventh medical entomology appendix pathogen infection diagnosis technology mainly reference book English Chinese NOUN
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