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Date of publication:2002年   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:An Liang series   Pages:301   Words:221000  
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The first chapter introduction a developmental biology developmental biology research content and significance of the two developmental biology of three developmental biology. Current situation and Prospect of the four developmental biology in medicine. The second chapter discusses the basic concept of development of a cell interaction and development of the basic process of third chapter two germ cells of spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis occurred the two sperm ultrastructure of three eggs, four sperm oogenesis of gene expression and regulation in Chapter fourth, early embryonic development of cleavage and blastocyst a fertilized two three germ layer formation and differentiation of the four early embryonic developmental gene regulation in Chapter fifth embryonic cell differentiation of embryonic cell differentiation induced by a two sixth chapter embryo morphogenesis cells a cytoskeleton and cell morphology changes of two cells and embryonic form three embryonic development and programmed cell death Second Medical Education Biology seventh chapter organ development mechanism of the development of the nervous system in two eyes of three limbs of four development development of immune system development the eighth chapter dysplasia and abnormal developmental differences The formation mechanism of developmental genetic factors in ninth chapter two abnormal developmental abnormalities and tumor often...... Article third the early development of common methods used to study the biology of tenth chapter of medical experimental animal embryogenesis of the eleventh chapter "test tube baby" cultivation technology and new method of chapter thirteenth chapter twelfth transgenic animal cloning technology and fine chest nuclear transplantation @##@ vocabulary The book tries to reflect the achievements and the developmental biology of the latest research, to the front edge of the medical research in the field as a breakthrough, the main contents of teaching material has three parts: 1, the general part of common problems; developmental biology, medicine, 2; 3 biology experiment and research methods commonly used. Mainly introduces the developmental biology experimental and research methods of germ cells to readers. Mainly introduces the reader to the occurrence of germ cells, the early embryonic development process, the embryonic development of gene expression and regulation, differentiation of embryonic stem cells, embryonic morphogenesis cells, organ development mechanism, developmental abnormalities, tumor and transgenic animal, cell nuclear transplantation cloning technology and related medical problems of developmental biology. This book seeks to highlight a "medicine" and a "new", namely has the following characteristics: 1, prominent developmental biology medical range, through foundation in the basic theory that the developmental biology, materials will mainly focus on the problems of developmental biology and medical related discussion; 2, emphasis the latest progress in the field of developmental biology, so as to enable students to broaden their horizons, improve the interest of learning.
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