Outline of Pathogenic Biology

Date of publication:2005-2   Press: Science Press   Author:Liu Jingxing   Pages´╝Ü356  

"Outline of Pathogenic Biology (Bilingual Edition)" is according to the Ministry of education indicates the spirit, prepared to meet the needs of bilingual teaching at medical colleges and. The whole book to English as the main body, language specification, smooth. The English words or phrases and language is more complex, professional content strange sentences, paragraphs, the Chinese translation, formed the special English Chinese bilingual textbook. In the compilation of textbooks and reference the national planning practitioner qualification exam outline, content includes the basic theory of medical microbiology and Parasitology medical science and knowledge. Mainly for higher medical education, clinical basis, prevention, oral, nursing professional 5 years undergraduate and teaching 7 year, 8 year students of pathogenic biology purposes, can also be used as a reference for the professional teachers.
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Introduction 1 Structure and morphology of bacteria 2 bacterial physiology 3 disinfection and sterilization of 4 5 phage genetics of bacteria 6 bacterial infection and immunity of 7 bacterial infection detection and prevention of 8 coccus 9 Enterobacteriaceae 10 Vibrio 11 anaerobic bacteria 12 Actinomyces and Nocardia 13 Corynebacterium 14 mycobacterial 15 animal source bacteria 16 other bacteria Mycoplasma Chlamydia Rickettsia 17 18 19 20 helix 21 medical mycology 22 major pathogenic fungi of 23 basic characters of 24 virus infection and immunity of virus 25 virus detection and prevention of respiratory virus enterovirus 28 26 27 29 30 acute gastroenteritis virus hepatitis virus flavivirus 31 hemorrhagic fever virus 32 herpesvirus 33 reverse transcription virus 34 other virus 35 prion 36 medical parasites nematode introduction 37 38 in 39 of 40 medical arthropod Animal Science (Entomology) bibliography English-Chinese
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  •   A good book, be concise and to the point, let you quickly grasp the concept of the core.

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